Broncos sign Chad Kelly

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Mr. Irrelevant 2017 has agreed to his first NFL contract.

Mike Klis of KUSA reports that the Broncos have agreed to a deal with quarterback Chad Kelly. Kelly was the 253rd and final pick of this year’s draft.

There were points during Kelly’s time at Ole Miss when it looked like he might go quite a bit earlier, but a torn ACL in his final season and wrist surgery this offseason helped knock him down the board. Kelly was also barred from taking part in the Scouting Combine because of a guilty plea that resolved a 2014 arrest in Buffalo.

Kelly was also dismissed from the Clemson team for conduct detrimental in 2014 and Broncos G.M. John Elway said after picking Kelly that the team is “full of confidence” that Kelly has matured after a vetting process that involved a conversation with Kelly’s uncle Jim.

12 responses to “Broncos sign Chad Kelly

  1. It seems risky to me. QB is the one position where you don’t want to have these kind of questions. That said I hope it works out for the Broncos.

  2. I’m fine speculating on a QB who dropped down due to injury


    >>Kelly was also dismissed from the Clemson team for conduct detrimental in 2014

    the QB is the team leader. This is now what I’d want from a team leader unless he was a super star.

    >> The Clemson head coach said Kelly showed “a pattern of behavior that is not consistent with the values of our program.”

    >>He let the coaches hear it at halftime. The coaches’ response was to bench Kelly for the entire second half, which he spent fuming on the sideline – even sniping into the fourth quarter at nearby coaches

  3. He has talent and moxie but up to now has proven to be too much of a punk to get out of his own way. He has a window of opportunity with the Broncos to clean up his act and show he wants to be in the league. The window is very small, though, and if he blows that chance, it’s over.

  4. If you look back Brett you know who had a really bad bad boy personal history and look how great he was. I’m a patriots fan but I think the Broncos may have something here.

  5. Why is the last pick still called Mr Irrelevant?

    Didnt the decrease to 7 rounds end the whole Mr Irrelevant thing, seeing that undrafted guys go to the pro bowl every year?

  6. He could be the NFL’s new Tom Brady-like story for the next generation, if he’s done being an immature punk.

  7. Browns fan here I’m rooting for kizer and chad kelly to start day 1 for there respective teams no osweiler though lol

  8. micknangold says:
    May 10, 2017 2:43 PM
    Do the Broncos plan on drafting a QB before the 7th round at some point?

    You mean besides the first they spent on Paxton Lynch LAST year?

    Try to keep up, Sparky.

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