Frank Clark would prefer that we not mention his domestic violence incident

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Two years ago, the Seahawks made defensive end Frank Clark a second-round draft pick despite a domestic violence that occurred incident while in college at Michigan. The Seahawks presumably didn’t like being criticized for it then. And Clark presumably doesn’t appreciate being reminded of it now.

Clark, apparently miffed because Natalie Weiner of Bleacher Report linked a two-year-old article regarding Clark’s domestic violence arrest to a recent story about Greg Hardy, reacted to Weiner via Twitter.

“People like you don’t have long careers in your field,” Clark said in the message directed at Weiner, via “I have a job for you cleaning my fish tanks when that lil job is ova.”

Clark, who later deleted the tweet and made the perfunctory apology to “anyone who felt offended by my tweet,” got things flipped around a bit, frankly. Careers in the media can last for decades; long careers are much more of a rarity for football players.

But the ironic inaccuracy of Clark’s tweet wasn’t the biggest problem with it. The willingness to call out someone who dared reference a documented incident for which Clark received not nearly as much national scrutiny (and arguably not as much punishment from the court system) as he should have borders on the bizarre. It would be one thing if Weiner had committed an intrusion on Clark’s reasonable privacy interests or had dusted off an unfair or inaccurate hot take about Clark. Weiner merely made a reference to something that actually happened.

For Clark, multiple things happened. He was accused of domestic violence while at Michigan, and he ultimately pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in a deal with prosecutors. However, the police who investigated the case disagreed with the conclusion by prosecutors that Clark did not strike his victim.

Clark also was convicted in 2012 on felony home-invasion charges, which caused him to ultimately miss one week of practice and a single game while playing for Brady Hoke at Ann Arbor.

So Clark got a pass from Hoke in 2012. And Clark arguably got a pass from prosecutors after that. And Clark got a pass of sorts from the Seahawks, who still took him in round two. And Clark largely has gotten a pass from the media. Instead of complaining when someone dares reference his past, he should use those occasions as a reminder of all the passes he’s gotten when it comes to the consequences of his behavior.

42 responses to “Frank Clark would prefer that we not mention his domestic violence incident

  1. Smh I’m going to have to take my fish tank cleaning guy out to dinner now due to his insensitive comments even thought it’s his 1st amendment right to say that.

  2. I saw the photos of the woman he hit on the internet after it happened, it looked like a tennis ball size swollen spot on her face. Considering the dust up at the time with Hardy and Rice, it got almost no national play, and the pick received very little condemnation from the media.

    The Seahawks got a complete pass and so did Clark.

  3. This was the same year they signed Nate Boyer as an UDFA right after they just resigned their current LS. Of course Nate was the darling of the draft that everyone loved because of his military background and story and was only brought in to take attention away from Clark. Basically Seattle used him to keep the media if their back. Of course players like Clark and now Reed are always welcome into this organization, Don’t forget they tried to hang on to Boykin for as long as they could.

  4. I’m not defending Clark but it is entirely possible that those police who had investigated the case have a better understanding of events than the media that are covering it. This is why people are convicted in courts rather than by public opinion. And Mike you should know this better than anyone.

  5. An undertone of the story is that you can see that Clark hasn’t learned how to control his anger and agreession towards women. At least he’s reduced it to harassment instead of physical violence I guess.

  6. Or after Clark’s football career is over maybe he runs for president. Stupid tweets and low regard for women seem to get one elected these days.

  7. Careers in the media may last longer, but I don’t think they make the millions that NFL players make over their short time in the NFL. Considering, what’s happening at ESPN those media careers may not last much longer.

  8. Or maybe this guy will be cleaning fish tanks if he ends up out of the league and broke in 2 years…

  9. If he said nothing, no one would be talking about his past. Good going.

  10. They were both wrong, but I wouldn’t expect anyone here to realize that…they sold out journalistic integrity a long time ago on this site in favor of giving a story a slant. It only makes sense they would defend one of their own…and the sheep here will bleat merrily along.

  11. For someone that has received as many “passes” as Clark, he should be a little more considerate. Otherwise he won’t have a long career in his field and his job will be making license plates when his time in the NFL is “ova”.

  12. Yesterday one of their players was being investigated for assault. Today we are talking about one who did assault someone else. What a disgusting franchise. Starting with their “fan base” to their owner, such a pathetic franchise.

  13. Mr Clark, this helps how? Exactly, when you react this way toward women who call you to acct, the msg it send is that you really don’t like women who challenge you. The best way to react is to speak only in fact and detail the differences between your circumstance on Hardy’s

  14. What a disgusting franchise. Starting with their “fan base” to their owner, such a pathetic franchise.

    Yeah, I mean Aldon crashing the pickup into that tree and Ray-Ray with all his DV issues…not to mention Ahmad Brooks beating up that guy who threw his keys or the HC with the DUI…really pathetic.

  15. Sounds like a threat directed towards her. Godell on line 1 to inform you of your 12 game suspension. #trash

  16. Yeah and Bill Clinton would prefer the media not mention Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey. Unlike what the media has done for Frank Clark, they’ve abided by the the former President’s wishes. Clark probably thought he’d get similar treatment.

  17. That’s the thing… this problem never goes away. All you can do is continue to atone for your terrible mistake and try to do better.

    This won’t help anyone.

  18. Seahawks are building their d-line from pillars of the community… Clark, Richards and now Malik McDowell who quit on his team with 4+ games to go.

  19. Hold up. If anyone actually read the article Weiner wrote two years ago, you would see why Clark is pissed.

    While the court did find him guilty of disorderly conduct, Weiner is quick to throw out rape statistics and find him guilty of more disgusting crimes than the court did.

    I’m not defending the man or his pointless tweet, but just as he is getting called out, sometimes the media deserves to get called out for abusing their power as well.

  20. Come to think of it… Seattle is Cincinatti of the Pacific. Clark, Reed, Percy Harvin, Marshawn Lynch (hit and run, DUI)… even Pete Carroll ran away from his dirty college program once he knew it was getting punished from the NCAA’s.

    Classless franchise that thinks Russell Wilson’s squeaky clean image shields them from public scrutiny of brining in women beaters and felons.

  21. LOL…if you had to guts to tell us your team…well, why bother…you don’t have the guts.

  22. We love Frank Clark! The guy is a BEAST on the field. I expect you haterz to hate! Anyone that’s good on the Seahawks you will hate. It’s what keeps us fans laughing at you all every year on PFT! You complain because your teams are not doing great it’s the nature of fans LOL Start loving the Hawks so you can at least have a winning team for a while. Better for ya.

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