Isaiah Crowell signs tender with Browns

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Running back Isaiah Crowell signed his restricted free agent tender with the Cleveland Browns on Wednesday. His agency announced the signing on Twitter.

Crowell was given a second-round tender by the Browns prior to the start of free agency in March. The tender brings a contract value of $2.746 million for the 2017 season.

Crowell rushed for a career-high 952 yards and seven touchdowns with the Browns last season. The tender given to him by Cleveland would have entitled the team to a second-round draft pick in compensation should Crowell have left in free agency by signing an offer sheet with another team.

Despite some reported interest in Crowell, no one apparently wanted to lose a second-round pick in an attempt to sign him to a deal.

8 responses to “Isaiah Crowell signs tender with Browns

  1. guessed we will find out if he was sincere with his monetary donation after his incident, or if it was an entire smoke screen to try and hush people up

  2. Yeah, who wants a guy who tweets drawings of cops being killed?

    Another SJW trash.

  3. I like Crow, but his agent needs to learn and help him understand, Running Backs do not get huge paydays anymore, with a number 2 tender and still no offers they both should understand by now and accept the long term deal the Browns offered.

  4. Keep him there Cleveland, and build some continuity! He had a career high last year running thru a line made of swiss cheese. Imagine what he could do behind the solid line they’ve assembled during the offseason.

  5. I am a long time browns fan and refused to watch the team because of this guy last year. It seems the browns prefer to stand behind a guy who thinks police officers should be beheaded ISIS style.

    If and when the browns come to their senses, I will start watching again.

    Not like I am missing much anyway, the team is still a dumpster fire.

  6. Almost, we almost made it through the day without seeing the never, ever used term “dumpster fire.” Well, there is always tomorrow.

  7. You are a life long Browns fan that refused to watch the team but still spend your energy coming here to check the news and provide negative comments?

    You sound like a delight.

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