Panthers DL coach: Julius Peppers looks like he did seven years ago

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Defensive end Julius Peppers returned to the Panthers as a free agent this offseason and that’s not the only trip down memory lane he will be taking in 2017.

Peppers’ position coach will be Eric Washington, who joined the Panthers in 2011 after wrapping up a run as the Bears’ defensive line coach. His final year in that job was Peppers’ first with the Bears and Washington told the team’s website that Peppers doesn’t look like he’s lost much over the intervening seasons.

“Julius looks like he did seven years ago when I had the first opportunity to coach him,” Washington said. “He still looks like he’s a dynamic player. The combination of his size and the ability to move – I don’t see a lot that’s changed with him. He’s aged extremely well.”

Peppers had 7.5 sacks for the Packers last season while playing a little more than 56 percent of the team’s defensive snaps and there haven’t been any signs that his days as a productive player are coming to an end after 15 seasons in the NFL. If that remains the case over the course of the coming season, his return to Carolina may be an extended one.

19 responses to “Panthers DL coach: Julius Peppers looks like he did seven years ago

  1. Sure. Great judge of talent there.

    The dude’s cashing paychecks. He was doing it when he was in NC. He’s been doing it since he walked away the first time. Banking money and doing his own thing. Other than a couple of mentions in a season, what the hell has JP done to warrant this adolation?

    Why the hell would he change now?

    BS. This guy is VP of Ticket Sales. JP comes home and does what JP does: Stand there and look great in a uniform.

    ZERO team.

  2. norseyapper says:
    May 10, 2017 5:23 PM
    If this is true, get the pee test cup out. Father time does not give in to anyone.

    We gotta start with Brady first though. Notoriously never had a deep ball but miraculously developed one entering his 40s. Not strange at all.

    I guess all Robert Griffin III and Brock Osweiler have to do to be a better quarterback is to eat their veggies and get 8 hours or sleep like Brady.

  3. Peppers body is in good shape because he did most of the hitting throughout his career. He is just a rare guy that comes along once every ten years or so that defies age. I know a guy that’s 67 that can run like a deer. It’s rare but it happens.

  4. I’m not going to fall for the idea that Peppers is the same player he was seven years ago, but this is certainly encouraging news for Panthers fans.

    Peppers is the cherry on top of a strong DL who were second in sacks last season. We don’t need him to play every down.

  5. norseyapper says:
    If this is true, get the pee test cup out. Father time does not give in to anyone.

    Brady, Brees, Woodson (out on his own terms), Vinatieri, Brett Favre (out on his own terms and still better than 60 percent of starting qbs), and gore would like to have a word. As would other sports transcendents (jagr, Joe Thornton, Bernard Hopkins, John Tavares(NLL), Tim Duncan (his own terms), and bartolo colon.

    Obviously not prevalent. But sometimes father time seems hungover after ending many careers and needs a break.

  6. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. Peppers is a great guy but he is a shell of his former self. He’ll make maybe one play a game now.

  7. Maybe he should go to Italy for 4 weeks too…I hear the “waters” there do wonders…

  8. Manning’s wife is still doling out those Chinese PEDs that Goodell approved of, which is why Peppers looks “so young”.

    I mean, my goodness is Goodell corrupt.

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