Who will run the show in Buffalo?

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When the Bills officially introduce G.M. Brandon Beane on Friday morning, question will be asked about power and control. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the expectation is that the answer will be that Beane has traditional G.M. powers, at least in writing.

The broader question is whether he’ll be exercising those duties. A widespread sense emerged in the aftermath of the firing of G.M. Doug Whaley that coach Sean McDermott will emerge with more power, and possibly with final say. That perception lingers, and the question of who runs the show will remain regardless of what is or isn’t said on Friday.

While it’s important for everyone to know their roles and the limits of their authorities, no properly functioning organization consists of people openly proclaiming “I have final say!” in order to get their way. The best approach is to work through all issues with a frank and candid exchange and, ultimately, the achievement of a consensus. If McDermott and Beane can do that, who has final say doesn’t matter.