49ers deny report they’re trying to trade NaVorro Bowman


Any time a team changes leadership, you can expect plenty of changes.

But the 49ers took an unusual step to make it clear they weren’t trying to get rid of veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman.

It all started when former league executive Mike Lombardi said on a podcast the 49ers were trying to move Bowman, who signed an extension last year which binds him to the 49ers through 2022.

That prompted 49ers General Manager John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan to issue a joint statement to NBC Sports Bay Area denying the report.

The report that we have been shopping NaVorro Bowman is completely false,” the statement read. “From the time we joined the organization, NaVorro has been the consummate professional. It is evident he has been working very hard to prepare for the upcoming season and we have been impressed by what we have already seen on the field. We are looking forward to NaVorro’s future contributions to this team.”

There are valid reasons to think Bowman might not be part of their long-term plans. He’s an older player (turns 29 next month) on a team getting younger, he makes a lot of money ($7.5 million this year, $9.45 million next year) and suffered a torn Achilles last year and has a history of knee problems.

But the response suggests that they still see value there.

16 responses to “49ers deny report they’re trying to trade NaVorro Bowman

  1. Mike Lombardi is a joke. He makes up so many stories it’s ridiculous. They aren’t going to trade their cornerstone. Lombardi, report truth sometime.

  2. As a Niner Faithful I have nothing but love and respect for Bowman. In my opinion he and Willis were the best LB tandem of this decade.

    But if he were to leave for whatever reason I wouldn’t be surprised. His injury history along with our drafting a true Mike LB means the writing is on the wall. Still, would like to have a high character vet remain as we have few of those left.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. Teams often deny things that are true… But Lynch has been pretty straightforward with these situations thus far.

  4. Bill Walsh got rid of guys BEFORE their skills diminished. Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Tom Rathman, Roger Craig, etc. This regime doesn’t seem to follow the Bill Walsh moto. Kaepernick and Bowman. Kaep opted out from them and they rewarded Bowman with more money and longer deal rather than letting (aging,injured lost 2 steps) go and investing in the future.

  5. They are not going to trade him because his leadership and work ethic fit perfectly into the team they are trying to build. He may or may not have lost a step, but its his mind and his passion that you want on a young team. Lynch has been almost too open at times. If he says they have not tried to trade Bowman I believe him. Now, that does not mean another team did not reach out to see if he might be available. That very well might have happened and been the start of this rumor.

  6. He is a 29 year old, signed through age 34, coming off a second ACL tear. I think they would be lucky to get Brock Osweiler for Bowman and a 4th round pick. Yes, he is a great talent, but so was Yao Ming at this stage in his career.

  7. Bowman had a horrendous knee injury in the 2013 NFCG, but before that he had no history of knee injuries. They drafted Reuben Foster, who is a tackling machine that plays the same position as Bowman, and that may have started the rumors. I think Foster may not be ready to go because of shoulder surgery, plus there is no guarantee that he can replace Bowman. I think at this point they are thinking of Foster as insurance and as backup for Bowman, because Bowman missed an entire season in 2014, and he did not finish 2016 because of the Achilles heel injury. in the future, if Bowman is not playing up to pro bowl level, then they may think about moving him and letting Foster start as ILB or MLB.

  8. Hope this guy heals up and gets back to Pro Bowl status.
    Didn’t get to watch him much at Penn St but 2012-14 he sure raised hell for the NFL ,Wilson and my Hawks and was fun to watch.He is easy to appreciate/ root for- tough injury he battled back from.
    This guy will be a great sounding board for RFoster to lean on as he learns the ropes too.
    Good luck to “LaVarro”

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