Bruce Arians: Blaine Gabbert’s never played with receivers like we have

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The Cardinals are bringing quarterback Blaine Gabbert to Arizona on a one-year contract that will give him a chance to compete to be Carson Palmer’s backup during the 2017 season.

It’s the third NFL stop for Gabbert, who failed to impress after being taken in the first round by the Jaguars in 2011 and started for parts of the last two seasons with the 49ers. His run as the starter with the 49ers ended when the team benched him in favor of Colin Kaepernick and the total package isn’t one that creates much reason to think Gabbert will thrive on the big stage.

In a perfect world, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians won’t have to find out because Palmer will be healthy and effective all year. If not, though, Arians believes the overall situation on a team impacts “whether [quarterbacks] fail or not” and that the Cardinals offer Gabbert more than he’s had around him in the past.

“When you look at the receivers he’s played with — I’m not knocking them in any way — they can’t touch ours,” Arians said, via the Arizona Republic. “He would have never played with the kind of receivers he would have here. And he fits our system.”

It’s unclear at this point how much time Gabbert will get with the top receivers, but if that doesn’t back up the notion that he was held back by overall situations he may not get too many other chances to prove himself.

26 responses to “Bruce Arians: Blaine Gabbert’s never played with receivers like we have

  1. Yeah let’s act like that’s why things didn’t work for Gabbert. I guess when you can only make one read on each play if that first guy isn’t open atleast 60% of the time you aren’t gunna look good.

  2. When a QB needs top talent at WR to look functional, then he isn’t a functional QB.

  3. What all-star wide receivers does Arizona have? A past-his-prime Fitzy and…???

    Floyd was probably their second best option before he got himself cut.

  4. And this isn’t even the dumbest thing Arians has said in the past month. That award goes to him saying it’d be impossible to burn out David Johnson by giving him too many carries.

  5. He has obviously never watched Sunshine try to throw outside the hashmarks LOL

  6. Gabs was bad because of receivers…

    not because of poor pocket presence?
    Or because he’s relatively not good?

  7. Live it up while you can…he starts throwing you under the bus any time after Week 1.

  8. Good QB play is much more dependent on having a good Oline than the receivers. Doesn’t matter who the receivers are if the guy is running for his life all the time.

  9. A lot of decent QB’s have failed because of the slugs they had to work with including offensive line. Tim Couch, Carr, etc etc. This is a nice pickup by a real coach.

  10. You at least have to appreciate Arians and how he evaluates position . Bruce knows what the heck he is talking about . most coaches would just think gabbert is bad but arians knows all the variables tho!

  11. Sorry NFC West, it’s over. Gabbert will lead the Cardinals to a new dynasty.

    Honestly, he was signed for the vet min. Nothing to see here.

  12. Gabbert is an OK Quarterback.

    The problem is he was a reach by the Jags when he was drafted. He should have never come off the board until round 4.

    Now the expectations have been abnormally high ever since. Not his fault.

  13. The window on Arians and the Cardinals championship hopes are beginning to fade…into what’s left of the Phoenix desert.

  14. So Bruce, Carson Palmer has played with your receivers and how’s that working out for you?

  15. No offensive line no running game no defense no wide receivers. I wonder why Gabbert was so terrible? Maybe he actually is terrible, however Aaron Rogers would have been terrible on the Jags and Niners too.

  16. He’s just a backup people. Cards will draft the QB of the future next year. You guys are acting like they traded draft picks and Patrick Peterson for him.

    depth doesn’t hurt

  17. I do not think the Cardinals OL will be able to keep the Statue upright all season – I suspect Gabbert will see playing time this season.

  18. The pass blocking wasn’t bad for Gabbert last year. Gabbert gets jittery from phantom pressure. His accuracy from beyond 10 yards is atocrious. Look at some of his deeper passes to a wide open Torrey Smith last year. Passed weren’t even close. Gabbert was inaccurate throwing swing passed. The games were unwatchable last year when Gabbert was playing QB. He would consistently throw a 3 yard pass on 3rd and 8 killing drives and fail to see open receivers downfield. It wasn’t the receivers that made Gabbert bad, it’s Gabbert

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