Daryl Washington prepares for his next NFL chapter

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Linebacker Daryl Washington has become a free agent. As he launches the next chapter of his NFL career, he has expressed appreciation to the only team for which he has played.

“I want to thank the Cardinals organization, especially Mr. Bidwell and Steve Keim for drafting and believing in me, and their continued support,” Washington said in a statement provided to PFT. “We’ve had some really positive and productive discussions this week, and at the end of the day we mutually agreed it was best for both sides to get a fresh start. I’m in the best shape of my life, and very much look forward to the next opportunity, where I will again play at an All-Pro level and help my team make a championship run.”

The Cardinals decided to release Washington after discussions with the player and negotiations with his representatives did not result in an agreement between the two sides. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Cardinals had interest in keeping Washington, but his anticipated role in light of the additions the team has made (including most recently the decision to select linebacker Haason Reddick with the 13th pick in the draft) prevented the two sides from identifying an arrangement that was suitable for the team and the player.

Washington instantly becomes a free agent, available to sign with any team. Although he’s now 30, Washington has only four seasons of NFL wear and tear, two of which resulted in Pro Bowl and All-Pro recognition. In a league of 32 teams that are constantly looking to improve, it’s hard to imagine Washington not getting a fair chance to show what he can still do, whatever that may specifically be.

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  1. In other words… I’m a turd…. But continue to pay me 3 years later…,what world do these guys live in?

  2. Mr. Washington, I’ve got Mike Brown from Cincinnati on line one…

  3. Bengals should snatch this guy up — seems to have the type of character that team has sought for the past 15+ years. Pair him up with Mixon and Jones and the possibilities are truly endless.

  4. Any team taking a flyer on him is foolish. He met with Cards front office many times and told them ‘I’m not using drugs.’ Over and over …busted by the NFL 4 times for drugs and 2 times for beating women.
    Think about that before you say….team on line one.

  5. Failed 4 drug tests KNOWING he was going to take them
    2 times arrested for assault on females…one including the woman holding a baby.

  6. Every defensive coordinator in the league (including the Cardinals coordinator) is drooling right now

  7. this was strictly a Bidwill decision. No way Arians or Boecher let him walk

  8. Keep an eye on the Cowboys. Im not just saying that for the obvious reason that Jerry Jones has no standards when it comes to the character of the players on his roster and treats his franchise like a 15 year old would. Which is if he knows the guys name that must mean hes good. So he should go out and sign him.

    None of that has anything to do with why I think theres a good chance he signs in Dallas. I just think theyre the best fit for him.

    The Cowboys defense is horrible. They need talent everywhere. Arguably their worst position group is linebacker. Every single person besides Lee is below replacement level, and even though Lee was good last year the odds of him not missing at least 5-6 games this year are extremely low.

    The only other person who might help that unit Jaylon Smith, but even though is nearly Impossible to be a bigger injury risk then Lee, the Cowboys some how found someone and brought him on the same team at the same position.

    So obviously that unit is desperately undermanned. They need help. Only problem is they are up against the cap. So any available free agent they can bring in for the money they got isnt gonna be any better then the players currently on the roster.

    Well unless an all pro caliber player whose had multiple off the field problem, so many in fact that no team is gonna wanna risk investing much more then the league minimum into acquiring him in his first year back from a multi year suspension, some how comes available.

    So yeah besides the obvious reasons of why the Cowboys are a natural fit to sign Washington. There are actually just as many on the field reasons why they should be considered the favorite to sign.

  9. I think it all came down to a contract issue. He probably wanted to keep his old contract and refused to take a pay cut reflecting his advanced age and lack of playing time the last 3 years. The Cards probably didn’t think he was worth the risk for anything over the vet’s minimum, one-year, prove-it deal, especially since their LB Corp is much improved over the one they had last time this guy saw the field.

    This guy had every chance to get back into the League for 2+ years and he continually failed to do so. The NFLPA didn’t go to bat for him once during a time when they would love to hammer Goodell on anything perceived as unfair.

    I’m pretty sure the only reason DWash is back now is because his money ran out and he wants another payday.

    Find another sucker.

  10. Major distraction keeping him around. They have a FULL LB room that includes Hassan Reddick who is exactly the same type of player and they don’t want that guy hanging around their rookie 10 hours a day. Keeping him would cost 5million against the cap. Ohhh and he’s 30 years old and hasn’t played a snap in 3+ years. That’s setting aside the drugs and domestic violence and battery.

  11. Glad he is gone. Time to move on. Funny that he thanked Arians & Keim. They had NOTHING to do with drafting him or coaching him.

  12. Somebody is going to hit the lottery when they sign Washington and I hope it’s Seattle or the Patriots. There are many old timer Card fans who wanted him back, as well as the players but Washington probably will be the winner in this drama. He’s in great shape, has a great football IQ (something you don’t lose) and is hungry to win! Good luck Daryl, you have lots of fans in Arizona who will be cheering you on as you move to the next chapter of your career!

  13. Any team taking a chance best not expect much. He missed and failed several drug tests and then had a DV incident. It took 3 years to get back in to the NFL and when given a fair shot at discussions and a redemption story as a prodigal son, owner Mike Bidwill who was a practicing state attorney didn’t buy what he was selling. This owner is used to interviewing people with character issues, and chose to take a pass even when they had the most knowledge of any team about the guy. The Cards are on a one or two year shot at doing something with Palmer and Fitz and I’m sure if they thought he could help the team he’d at least be welcomed to training camp. As it is, he is a FA facing one more strike and he’s out of the NFL forever.

  14. cabsf415 says:

    Daryl Washington, who has not played in 3 years, will be signed before Colin, take a knee, Kaepernick.


  15. No wonder he got released. He can’t even spell the owner’s name correctly in his statement.

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