Eagles not talking about Brandon Graham’s contract situation

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Conflicting reports emerged yesterday about whether Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham wanting a new contract. Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman is declining to weigh in on those reports.

Asked on PFT Live this morning whether Graham is unhappy with his current deal, Roseman answered, “That’s a better question for him. I don’t talk about contracts of our players. Those are personal.”

Roseman added, however, that Graham has attended most of the Eagles’ voluntary offseason workouts and has worked hard.

“I would say every day that Brandon’s been in here, and the only days he hasn’t been in here are the last couple, he’s had tremendous attitude, tremendous work ethic, and all our conversations with him have been tremendously positive,” Roseman said.

So why did one report say Graham is so upset about his contract that he might skip not only voluntary workouts but perhaps mandatory minicamps as well, while another report said Graham is just taking some time off voluntary work to be with his family? Roseman said he’ll let the conflicting reporters sort out the conflicting reports.

“This media-on-media crime, I just like being a bystander to it. It’s kind of fun to watch,” Roseman said. “I may have a rooting interest in who I’m rooting for.”

Presumably Roseman is rooting for the report that Graham is just spending time with his family to be the one that’s correct. If Graham is considering holding out of mandatory team activities, that’s a headache Roseman will have to address, even if he’s not ready to address it just yet.

9 responses to “Eagles not talking about Brandon Graham’s contract situation

  1. This is one of those agent fueled miss calculations that defy logic unless he is looking to get cut and “paid” from some other team. That won’t happen Branden.

  2. This is a non-story brought on by the lack of post draft news. Graham is making $6.5 million at age 29 with 2 years left on his deal and the Eagles are at the cap limit. He’s in no position to hold out and his contract makes an extension that would give him more $$ hard to do. Oh and the Eagles just drafted a DE with their first round pick which further reduces his leverage.

  3. ugghhh.. dont do it man. holding out with 2+ years left on a deal is not a good idea and never works out well. if you hold out and miss lots of time and even some of Training Camp, if Barnett takes your spot and lights it up you’ll get cut and be LUCKY to land another deal making anything close to $8 mil per.

    no one made you sign your contract!!
    and you put up 5.5 sacks last year! just because Curry makes more and vastly underachieved as well doesnt mean you deserve more!!

    dont be a TO. it wont end well.

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