Jerry Jones has no current plans to honor Tony Romo, for one intriguing reason


When Tony Romo walked away from football for a career in football broadcasting, some wondered whether he’d return. While he hasn’t used the term “retirement” (he says it has 90 different meanings although in truth it has like two), his placement in a plum assignment at CBS makes a decision to abandon a gig he’d likely never get again highly unlikely, at best.

Still, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t ready to rule out a return from Romo. Via the team’s official website, Jones said Wednesday that the organization has “no succinct plans” to honor Romo publicly at the current time.

“Is the idea that recognizing him for what he’s done for the Cowboys likely? Yes,” Jones said. “I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves at all on what we might do. At this juncture there has been, just by the nature of how Tony’s career has evolved at this point over the past year, it’s had a lot of recognition. We will look to the future on timing as to when we might have some more recognition.”

So why has Jones publicly honored linebacker DeMarcus Ware, who recently signed a ceremonial contract and retired as a Cowboys?

“DeMarcus retired and Tony hasn’t,” Jones said.

Those five words say plenty. Although Romo has indeed not used the word “retire,” Ware is arguably more likely to make a late-season cameo than Romo, primarily since Ware wouldn’t be giving up the No. 1 chair at CBS to do it. It would be a shock if Romo plays again — unless he does indeed “stink” as a game analyst and decides to abandon the gig as quickly as Joe Montana did.

Frankly, it feels like Jones is trying not to jinx himself by treating Romo as retired while there’s still a chance he could come back. Jones undoubtedly doesn’t want Romo to play for someone else, and Jones undoubtedly had at least a mild hand in engineering CBS’s offer to Romo that he couldn’t refuse.

So why tempt fate by declaring Romo to be retired when Jones realizes that it took one of the biggest jobs in sports broadcasting to get Romo to choose not to play for the Texans or the Broncos? It’s far better to assume he’ll be back and have him never return than to tell the world Romo is done, only to see him eventually hoist a Lombardi Trophy with a team not named the Cowboys.

19 responses to “Jerry Jones has no current plans to honor Tony Romo, for one intriguing reason

  1. As a close friend of the organization let’s be real here and realize that nothing was ever really won with Romo. Matt Ryan has had more success in this league.

  2. It’s smart to keep Romo accessible just in case. Hypothetically if Dak gets injured late in the season. Romo would be a great add to pluck from the broadcast booth to help the team if they are in playoff contention. I’m sure there is a wink-wink/hand shake deal here just in case Romo is needed as a taxi squad, late season add.

  3. I usually disagree with many of GM Jones’ decisions, but in this case I totally agree. If Romo chokes at the TV gig and down the road ends up playing for another team, imagine the circus event if that team played a game in Dallas and Romo’s name was on their ring of honor, or whatever they call it. The Cowboys need to wait until he is past playing age, which is certainly not unreasonable.

  4. Total non story

    Romo hasnt officially retired yet and ‘may’ try to be back in the NFL if theres a bad injury to a starter.

    Obvious they wont do this yet until he really does retire.

  5. The guy hasn’t even done his first game and people are talking about honoring him. Can’t we wait until a bit, 2 or 3 years. Are people worried he’s going to hit his head on a camera and get concussed again and never remember his name?

  6. Can we please move on from Mr. Romo. I think he is the most overrated QB in the history of the NFL. The Cowboys are in very good hands with Mr. Prescott. He is the man that will take them to the promised land.

  7. What does Jerry Jones being weird have anything to do with this? But yes he is very weird when talking and handling Tony Romo. Almost like he is his son of sorts

  8. You really realize how stupid and non impartial most football fans are when it comes to a Dallas Cowboy/Tony Romo article. With my god like football intellect and strength for calling it down the middle, reading some of these comments are on the level of a 4 year old’s outlook.

  9. CBS kept Phil Simms around because they know Tony will go back if Dak is hurt. They’ll just slide Simms back into his old slot until Tony returns to the booth next year.

  10. Romo will be honored for his position as a leader in yards, win percentage, victories, td’s and all those other meaningless stats. Of course it isn’t for playoff wins.

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