Mitchell Trubisky shows up for work in ’97 Camry

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The second overall pick in the draft showed up for his first day of work in Chicago in a second-hand car.

Via CBS Chicago, Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky made good on his promise to G.M. Ryan Pace to drive Trubisky’s current vehicle — his grandmother’s 1997 Toyota Camry — from North Carolina to Illinois for the team’s rookie minicamp.

“I don’t care if you have to change the engine, but you’ve got to keep the shell,” Pace told Trubisky the night he was picked.

The vehicle has 170,000 miles on it, and Trubisky doesn’t plan to get rid of it any time soon.

“I’m a very simple person,” Trubisky said. “That’s who I’ve always been, that’s how I was raised, to be conservative and stick to who I am. That’s who I’m going to be.”

That may change once the cash starts showing up. Then again, running back Alfred Morris kept his 1991 Mazda even after he became a star running back in Washington as a rookie. Morris never got paid the way Trubisky will, however, and it will tempting for Trubisky to take a stack of cash to a local automobile dealership and get a brand-new something-or-other, even if it’s not flashy or expensive or fast.

34 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky shows up for work in ’97 Camry

  1. He’s gonna have that many miles on his legs after his first full year if the Bears don’t fix their OL. And a lot more dings.

  2. Come on Soldier Field faithful… ya gotta live this guy’s humbleness. He’d probably keep the car and sell is grandma to give da Bears a playoff run. Great story Mike.

  3. Maybe some of that “conservative” will rub off on the people of Chicago.
    As for the car, it sounds like sports writers trying to invent a side story to reference throughout his career-win or lose.

  4. I have to think Toyota would pay him a few million more to keep on driving the thing as far as it will take him!

    This guy doesn’t need to be a choir boy – but taking the anti-entitled attitude approach is just a wise one from a marketing and likability standpoint no matter what

  5. goooooobrowns says:
    May 11, 2017 7:41 PM
    Go on kid, live a little, spring for a 2007 Tercel. We’ll give you $400 for the trade in.

    Kinda hard to do that when Toyota stopped making them in 1999.

  6. I doubt he will have to spend any money on a new car anyway. I am sure there are plenty of Chicago auto dealerships that love to give him car(s) to be able to use him in their ads.

  7. Didn’t the media make a big deal about this with the Kirk Cousins driving his pick-up truck in the early days?

  8. 170,000 miles on a Camry is about at the halfway point. Mine went for 350,000 (and I didn’t even take very good care of it).

  9. Well that makes him worth giving away the farm to move up one spot……….NOT
    see what I did there not Da Bears, But Duh! Bears
    Comedy Gold Jerry!

  10. Trubisky changed the engine prior to the journey, but half way there a tie rod blew out on a sharp curve and he was thrown from the aging vehicle. He’s expected to survive but will require surgery to both knees and the re-attachement of his right arm.

  11. Rather have a car ftom the 90’s. I have 2 still jamming. Both 99 lesabre dakota.

  12. I for one love this kids demeanor. It’s a welcome change from the negativity and throwing his teammates under the bus that Cutler did regularly.

    I was not upset that the Bears traded up for him, noone knows whether or not this was a good idea until hindsight proves true. Let’s give the kid a chance, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and seems to be quite the young man that other players can model themselves after in terms of maturity and humbleness. I am rooting for him!

  13. Keep it simple and you will do well in Chi-town. Buy a Bentley and you are headed for trouble.

  14. If he can throw 30 TDs a year for the next 10 years for my Bears, he can roll to camp in a Bentley or on a unicycle and I’ll be fine with it either way.

  15. That Toyota has plenty of miles left in it. My 97 4Runner has over 394K and still runs like a champ.

  16. Why do people seem to think he should be showing up in the latest tricked out luxury vehicle? He hasn’t even made the team yet! And he won’t know for sure he’s made it for weeks yet.

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