The Colin Kaepernick alternative facts continue to percolate

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When it comes to politics, my three primary issues are these: (1) I don’t want to tell anyone else how to live their life; (2) I don’t want anyone to tell me how to live my life; and (3) I don’t like being lied to.

When it comes to Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing unemployment, I feel like I’m constantly being lied to.

The evidence continues to mount of an effort by NFL teams to push false narratives about Kaepernick. And they’re working.

In March, as the lack of interest in Kaepernick became more glaring, someone told Dan Graziano of that Kaepernick wants both a salary in the range of $9 million to $10 million per year and a chance to compete for a starting job. The truth was, and still is, that no one knows what Kaepernick wants, because the conversation has never progressed to the point where anyone has asked Kaepernick or his agents what he wants.

The truth doesn’t matter, because nearly two months later the perception lingers that Kaepernick wants both a salary in the range of $9 million to $10 million per year and a chance to compete for a starting job.

Then there were the concerns about Kaepernick’s diet, which were articulated even as folks were marveling at Tom Brady’s avocado ice cream obsession, with no fear that he may be missing out on the protein and nutrients necessary to thrive on a football field by not scarfing down steaks and burgers and ribs and other assorted man meats.

More recently, Peter King of cited unnamed 49ers sources who believe that Kaepernick “might actually rather do social justice work full-time than play quarterback.” That notion was quickly shot down, but in post-truth America, facts don’t matter. What matters is equipping those who see the world a certain way with something tangible to which they can point to support those views, regardless of whether it’s accurate.

As some in the media continue to express confusion and dismay at the notion that quarterbacks with far inferior track records and accomplishments (most recently, the player who was benched for Kaepernick last season got a job), the target keeps moving. Others in the media are legitimizing the bull’s-eye shi(f)t.

Consider this recent tweet from Albert Breer of “The No. 1 reason Colin Kaepernick is unsigned: He’s not considered a starting-caliber player by any NFL evaluator anymore. Work from there.”

OK, I will. For starters, it’s hard to believe that Albert has canvassed every single NFL evaluator for an opinion on whether Kaepernick is a starting-caliber NFL player. Moreover, it’s impossible to rule out that any, some, or all of them are telling something other than the truth, especially in light of this assessment from a guy who proved in a very short time that he knows how to thrive in the NFL.

“I’ll tell you the same thing I tell them,” Michigan coach and former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh told me in March regarding what advice he would give to NFL teams. “I think he’s an outstanding player and I think he’s a great competitor who has proven it in games and has the ability to be not only an NFL starter but a great NFL player. . . . He’ll have a great career and be a great quarterback, win championships.”

In a league where there aren’t nearly enough good quarterbacks to go around (as this year’s free-agency signings prove, there aren’t enough bad quarterbacks to go around, either), how is that not enough to get Kaepernick a single phone call, visit, or workout?

That’s the key thing to remember here. Kaepernick hasn’t even gotten a chance to talk to a team, to throw for a team, to run for a team. It’s fairly difficult for any NFL evaluator to conclusively determine that Kaepernick isn’t a starting-caliber player without that information.

Which is probably why he hasn’t had a phone call or a visit or a tryout. Teams aren’t interested in acquiring any evidence that may change the narrative on Kaepernick, since the current narrative fits better with the unspoken notion that he’s regarded as undesirable by any/every given team because: (1) animosity from fans over his National Anthem protest may alienate paying customers; (2) he’ll bring distractions to the team; and/or (3) the owner disagrees with his politics and refuses to risk Kaepernick using the platform of an NFL roster spot to advance his agenda.

For the various teams that have a need a quarterback, the truth behind not even calling Kaepernick resides in one or more of those three reasons. Whether those are legitimate reasons for shunning Kaepernick becomes an issue that can never really be addressed because of the stream of pretexts behind which teams have been hiding. The mere fact that teams feel compelled to conjure a reason other than the truth for ignoring Kaepernick suggests, however, that they realize admitting the truth will create complications and consequences far worse than being periodically called out for basing Kaepernick’s employment on alternative facts.

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  1. Huge difference concerning the diet issue is Brady looks the same as he did before and his play never declined. Kaepernick went from a looking like a superhero to where his clothes hung on him so loose he almost looked ill AND his play went south at the same time.

  2. What’s not an alternative fact is that Kaep elected to offend a significant number of people – not with his message but with the WAY he communicated his message.


  3. Mr. Florio,

    That is a well written and carefully thought out analysis. While I agree with everything you wrote, I still despise the man. Good riddance.

  4. Here’s what I know: At the end of the day, it’s all about the bottom line. You say it when Cincy drafted Mixon and for the same reason, if Kaepernick’s game were worth the controversy he brings with him, he’d already been signed. That may not be convenient for your narrative, but the truth and the facts usually aren’t.

  5. I don’t think his original intent was a refusal to stand because of his hate for this country. I think he was sitting because he was throwing a temper tantrum because he wasn’t named the week 1 starter. He sat on the end of the bench sulking, during the national anthem. It only became an issue after the media noticed and he turned it into a political issue. He didn’t start kneeling until after he was questioned about it after the game.

  6. Mike, you may not like it, but the answer is staring you in the face. He is not good enough for a team to put up with his activism. And whether you like it or not, his preferred method of “protest” is offensive to millions. So he doesn’t have a job because he isn’t going to start anyplace and nobody is going to pay him millions to be a PR black eye.

  7. He hasn’t gotten a phone call or try out because his present skill set doesn’t outweigh his baggage. End of story.

    It is that simple.

  8. STOP, everything is about him. WHY do I want a backup

    bringing baggage. If he was applying for backup status

    he might be okay. Your words were no one knows, cause

    no one asked. His agent should have told every GM or

    should have been fired. Cutler is better, Romo couldn’t

    get a seventh round draft choice.Find someone else to

    care about. Baggage last a long time

  9. It doesn’t matter. Being a mediocre, at best, quarterback, with “protest” issues against America…

    Well, that gets you on a virtual blackball list.

    If he were a top-tier QB, some team would obviously overlook it….

  10. Remove 2012 from the conversation and everything points to a mediocre at best QB. He was a one season wonder whos success came primarily from a creative run game and elite defense.

  11. Inability to read defenses has nothing to do with it??? Are you of the belief that Aaron Brooks was blackballed my the league too???

  12. “If he would’ve hit a woman or a child instead of taking a knee as his choice of non-violent protest, I think he would be signed right now. How ironic.”

    No he wouldn’t you doofus. He’s not good enough for anyone to look past anything of the sort.

  13. if a team thought he could help them win he’d be signed…end of story. This is a capitalist society. Kap doesn’t get a job just because he had a job.

  14. He’s a one-read/run QB who’s never been anything else. I never cared one way or the other about the political bs. I’ve never been impressed with his ability and am on record as stating that Kurt Warner should have given the money back after he failed to show improvement.

  15. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

    If I were Kaep, I’d say so long and good riddance. He’s made plenty of money.

  16. Oh my gosh, it’s not that hard to understand…he’s been blackballed from EVER playing in the NFL again. You don’t give the NFL a blackeye and expect no reprucustions.

  17. “Kaepernick hasn’t even gotten a chance to talk to a team, to throw for a team, to run for a team. It’s fairly difficult for any NFL evaluator to conclusively determine that Kaepernick isn’t a starting-caliber player without that information”

    There’s this thing that they call “tape”…

  18. Get over him already. Kaepernick has a right to do what he wants as long as it is within the law. The owners have that same right.

    And………. do you not think he would be employed now if he was any good? Teams would sign Charlie Manson if he could throw to a receiver streaking down field, something Kaepernick simply cannot do as he only makes one read before panicking and tucking the ball away or simply chucking it out of bounds.

  19. If you take away all the political and social stuff, and just look at football stuff. I see a player who declined after Jim Harbaugh left. He is not working out, and I don’t think he has the fire anymore. If he comes back at all, I’d think his best chance is with the Ravens as a backup to Joe Flacco. Jim Harbaugh may be able to sell him on the fact that this will be a rehabilitation year.
    Maryland is also pretty liberal and won’t hold his kneeling against him as a Texas or southern state would. That’s if you do consider social ramifications for signing him…

  20. realityonetwo says:
    May 11, 2017 12:38 PM
    Team cancer. That’s NO LIE.

    – – –

    Uh, yes it is.

    Kaep isn’t a cancer. He’s universally liked and respected by players around the league. Notice how many of them have shown support yet we haven’t heard any player criticize him?

  21. Fitzpatrick is still looking for a team. He’s a proven starter minus the baggage.

    Bob Griffith is still looking. Similar skill set to Kaep. He has as many, if not more, starts as Kaep. He’s a proven starter.

    Vince Young is trying to revive his career in Canada with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He’s not even the starter, but a backup for his team. He’s a proven NFL starting caliber QB and even won rookie of the year.

    Where is the angst for these guys? All three are just as good, if not better, than Kaep and they aren’t on any rosters, aren’t getting any calls, aren’t being brought in as potential backups.

    We get it. Kaep is the current windmill you want to joust at. But he’s not the only NFL starting QB looking for work.

  22. It’s not just that he is cancer and a distraction, he wants to be paid like a stater and he has a 60% completion rating. Who would want that on the team. He was fool to opt out.

  23. Florio, I think you are dead on from the standpoint of why he isn’t employed.

    The truth is he isn’t employed because he kneeled for the national anthem. (He isn’t good enough to overcome that baggage). And owners do not want to admit that because they will then be subjected to political correctness.

    No owner should be forced or coerced by democrats. In other words, democrats and media people will then be trying to “force the owner on how to live their life”, if they ever did admit the truth.

    The owners are just following YOUR principle.

  24. tylawspick6 says:
    May 11, 2017 12:26 PM
    run based qbs are failures

    the only one who was relatively good was flutie
    and he played in the cfl to get to that point
    – – –

    LOL. Flutie was relatively good? Than how do you describe Randall Cunningham? Fran Tarkenton?

    Flutie was never a year-in, year-out starter like those guys were. Vick had more personal and team success than Flutie.

  25. YOU reported that Kaepernick was asking for $9-10M a year. It’s not like the source of the report is some great mystery…

  26. For the record Colin Kaepernick had a huge contract offer this year and opted out of it. So the only reason Colin Kaepernick is unemployed is Colin Kaepernick..! Move on people..!

  27. What system did Kaep run in 2012? Because his only value would be to a team that ran a similar system. Unless you expect a team to bring him in and change their entire offense for him. And yes Romo and Cutler were two clearly better QB’s that were not picked up either. Some people only see what they want to see.

  28. A team would rather sign an untested QB who pled guilty to disorderly conduct after brawling with police than they would someone who stands up for social justice. Just ask John Elway about Mr. Irrelevant.

  29. You can’t feel sorry for someone that isn’t looking for work. He could have shown up at the veteran’s combine. His Agent has the phone number for all the GMs and certainly has the ability to make sure that everyone knows he’s looking. If he’s not a starting caliber QB and wants to be in the NFL, consider changing positions and put in the work to make it happen.

  30. It’s your right to kneel. It’s your right to protest. It’s your right to offend. You also have the right to be judged based on your actions. You represent a multi billion dollar corporation, and you are paid millions for it. You better be able to perform if you are going to be an agitator. That goes with anywhere you work. His mediocrity doesn’t outshawdow the feathers he ruffles.

  31. Maybe a year or two in the CFL would work out for him.

    But right now, no team wants the PR hit involved with signing this guy – and his perceived talent level isn’t high enough to overcome that problem.

  32. “When it comes to politics, my three primary issues are these: (1) I don’t want to tell anyone else how to live their life; (2) I don’t want anyone to tell me how to live my life; and (3) I don’t like being lied to.”

    Then how are you so liberal?

  33. There is no denying or alternative fact(s) that he disrespected the country, flag, veterans, history, tradition, police, ect… all over an egagerated and controversial false narrative. He dug his own hole which will be near impossible to get out of. Along with marginal talent he has shown very poor judgment.

  34. You can get drafted with a sexual battery conviction, but don’t you dare sit down during arguably the most boring song of all time.

    The people who are upset about Kaepernick are such precious snowflakes, they must be protected

  35. I’m a little surprised the Raiders haven’t singed him, if nothing else as a middle finger to Goodell.

  36. I just have a hard time believing an NFL GM or owner would pass on a competent NFL QB simply because he kneeled during the national anthem. I can see that with a guy that commits a crime, particularly an act of violence. The only logical reason is that they don’t think he is a competent NFL QB.

  37. Cutler is a better qb than crapernick, he doesn’t have a job either. Where is all the snowflake outrage over that??

  38. Could have something to do with the fact he hasn’t had a winning record since 2013 and he is 5-16 in the last 2 seasons.

    In that same 2 seasons, he has thrown for 22 TDs and has 15 turnovers.

    Are his numbers alone enough to get a look in the current QB market? Possibly, if you consider the losses to not be his fault. However, add the massive distractions at the QB position, and he becomes not worth the headache.

    If your RE is being a knucklehead and doing things that could isolate your fan base or even members of the locker room, that is one thing. You can shift the focus and hide him a little more. When you QB and face of your franchise and leader of your team is doing it, it becomes a headache that most coaches and GMs would just rather not deal with.

  39. Just another pointless article about Kaep. I don’t care what his options are. The reason there’s sympathy for him in the media is that they hate America too.

  40. Here are the truths of this situation…

    1) You are not wrong – his mediocre talent certainly warrants him being on a roster as a back-up. He’s surely better than most #2 QBs and probably all of the #3 QBs.

    2) However, the baggage that comes with him is not worth taking on for a back-up player. Reminds me of the Lawrence Taylor situation with the Giants – he would miss practice, be late for meetings, etc. But, he was so great, it was worth putting up with that. Trust me, if Colin Kaepernick was putting up CONSISTENT starter numbers, he would be signed.

  41. “I voted for a man who dodged military service, insulted Gold Star families, who owes hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign banks, mocked disabled people, threatens the freedom of the press, and who has a recorded history of ripping off people who have done work for him…but at least he didn’t kneel silently during the National Anthem before a football game at the same time half of the people in the stadium were taking a leak or getting a beer.”

    We live in some weird times.

  42. If he were the best quarterback in NFL history and willing to take minimum salary I still wouldn’t want him on my team.

  43. I wouldn’t take anything from Harbaugh’s comments. He first was very critical of Kapernick and then reversed his field because of how his stance would look as he tried to recruit black students to play for him….phony.

  44. Where there is a defenseless athlete who has been catered to his/her their entire life, you will find everyone’s favorite lawyer turned media entrepreneur turned wannabe lawyer – The Florio. He pitches tent when he can write about things that makes middle America cringe… his pseudo puff pieces on Hernandez, Kaepernick, and college kids not being paid are driving me away from this site.

  45. Also…

    Here are the truths of this situation…

    3) On your assertion that nobody knows what he is asking for because nobody has bothered calling him – you do NOT know that. Teams may very well have contacted his agent gauging what he is looking for. We just had a situation with Johnathan Hankins (a talented young DT) sat on the Free Agent pile for over a month – and the reason was his asking price. We aren’t privy to all those calls. So it’s very possible some teams have called his agent, found out what he wanted, and ended the discussion there. For you to make the assertion that: “The truth was, and still is, that no one knows what Kaepernick wants, because the conversation has never progressed to the point where anyone has asked Kaepernick or his agents what he wants” is very irresponsible because you simply do not know that.

  46. Are you Kaepernick’s agent? Give it a rest. Why aren’t you concerned about Cutler, who is a much better QB than Kaepernick? Your politics are showing.

  47. simple analogy..who is better for your football team kap or josh mccown? that’s all you need to know to figure this out. good article tho..

  48. That’s it, I’m done. I’ll have to go back to espn. This is ridiculous. I hope more people follow. How many other qbs don’t have contracts for this year that are better than him? Yet you push ten articles a day crying about why life isn’t fair to Kap. It’s a shame, I’ve been getting my news here since before NBC came into the picture.

  49. False narratives, you say? That’s funny. Kaepernick’s whole social justice protest was based on a bunch of false narratives.

  50. I would like to say that first of all these Organizations need to be honest with the politics of this. Kap is a decent enough QB for about 10 of these teams. Next if he would have called someone a negative word or wore a white sheet he would already have a team that’s the truth!!! I’m a niner fan and I don’t get why we didn’t resign him. So i am not saying that my team is right either. But if Gabbert can get signed….ooooh boy yessir there’s a problem…..

  51. He does not have a lot of bargaining power today, but that could actually get even worse.

    Suppose the season begins, and ratings, attendance, and merchandise sales are all higher than last year. Kaep could get the “blame” for last year’s economic issues, making him even less likely to be signed.

    Correlation is NOT cause, but Kaep would surely be cited by many as the key difference between 2016 and 2017.

  52. “I don’t want to tell anyone else how to live their life” — sounds like you’re telling owners who to hire.

  53. Honestly, who cares if this guy plays or not. He shouldn’t be guaranteed a job for what he chose to do after he was a bench warmer last year just like he shouldn’t be denied one. He isn’t that great, plus he has baggage. What overwhelming reason does anyone have to sign him?

  54. I’m a bit stunned I agree with Florio. Kaep being worthy of another football role or not is not the point. The real issue is that the truth no longer matters in our country.

    If you have enough sway (team owners, oil barons, presidents with ties to Russia) you can make up basically anything you want.

    If enough people have “faith”, they don’t really mind the lies so much. It has worked to the benefit of religions for millennia…

  55. Chad Henne has a job and Kap doesn’t. I think they call that “white privilege,” because Henne is straight garbage.

  56. Kaepernick five months ago: “Comey is a bad man and should be fired!”

    Kaepernick today: “Comey was fired??? This is just terrible!!!”

    Translation … go to France, you dimwitted clown. No one cares about your social issues.

  57. If Aaron Rodgers took a knee last year, guess what? he would still be the GB QB. If they cut him, teams would be fighting to sign him. You can try and make it into a race issue all you want but at the end of the day it is about talent. If Ray rice was 25 when his DV incident happened, he would still be in the league.

    This is the same thing with Michael Sam, if he played like Von Miller nobody would care. Instead he sucked and played the discrimination card

    Bottomline is that CK looked good his first year and has sucked since, that is why he is unemployed(plus he looks like Squidward with Bob Ross’s hair)

  58. I for one want to thank Kaepernick for bringing to light what everyone wanted to keep in the dark. There’s no chance in he’ll the cop in Texas who killed the teen would’ve been fired and arrested without Collin and othersee protesting and putting a spotlight on it. They’ll never let him play again for it, but it’s o.k keep doing your charity work and giving back. Hopefully he’s out the league quick enough that 20 years from now his body still functions properly. You got my support.

  59. Slow news day so the issue of a mediocre, radioactive QB gets resurrected. The article proceeds from an erroneous underlying premise – NFL teams do not run the same offense that Kaepernick ran in San Francisco. As a backup he needs to adapt to the offense a team plays. He is only suited to run an offense that is played by Carolina, Seattle, Buffalo and Kansas City. KC has a new QB rookie so they do not need Kaepernick. Carolina is owned by Jerry Richardson – wanna try to sell Kaepernick to him? That leaves Buffalo and Seattle. Why not ask those franchises or coaches why they are not interested in Kaepernick instead of indicting the 32 separate organizations that make up the NFL? I think the answers would stop any future questions.

  60. Dude, your political views in your articles tell people how to live all the time.

  61. How is Colin Kaepernick the worst person to ever throw a football? Is America so childish that a magical song trump’s all reason?

    This place is goin freakin’ nuts.

  62. I think if Kaepernick was able to put up 4500 & 30TDs, you’d have GMs and owners talking about the right to free speech and blah blah.

    It’s not about angering fans. Stop being so naive. The league and its teams don’t care about what you think.

    The reality is you can do just about anything and come back from it (See: Leonard Little, Ray Lewis, Joe Mixon)

    Kaep didn’t murder anyone, didn’t drink and drive, didn’t assault or rape… regardless of how you feel about his actions, if he could win a Super Bowl for someone he’d be employed.

  63. I feel like nobody really wants to just say it like it is. He’s not smart enough to learn and grow at the position.

    Once he loses his speed, he’s done. Guess what, he lost his speed.

  64. Ddin’t the media say the same thing about Tebow? If he was not openly religious he would be a starting QB in the NFL. And then Russ Wilson and Derek Carr come along and are BOTH openly religious and are BOTH starting QB’s in the league. Religion is not the reason Tebow did not get a starting gig in the NFL. Kneeling is not the ONLY reason Kaep is not starting anywhere. Bad QB’s got jobs before him because they will play for the league minimum. If Gabbert got benched and Kaep came in and lit up the league you would have a different story. Instead, Kaep came in and did not play lights out better than Gabbert. He did have a better TD / Int ratio, but didn’t really have many more yards per game. Kaep played well enough to be a low end starter in the league. Gabbert got signed to play third string. Is that what Kaep wants? I highly doubt he would settle to sit behind Palmer and Stanton. If you see a QB go down in pre season or early in the season Kaep or Fitzpatrick will get snagged and this story can hopefully stop running 3 times per week.

  65. Kaepernick did what he did for the benefit of black people. There are a lot of black NFL players, and together, they have a lot of power. They could all decide to strike. But so far, none are doing anything. Suppose the next guy comes along with some concerns about black people. Do you think he’s going to stick his neck out, if even the black people aren’t going to have his back? Here is an opportunity for black people to help themselves by supporting Kaepernick. Are they willing to help themselves?

  66. Among QBs who attempted at least 200 passes last year, Kaepernick ranks 18th in QBR. QBs ranked below him include Tyrod Taylor, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, Jameis Winston, Eli Manning, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, and Carson Wentz. And he was on a truly crappy team.

    So yeah, it’s not about performance. Not even remotely.

  67. Are we supposed to be upset about this? He had to have known the potential repercussions of his actions. Time to let go of the tired argument that he is somehow owed an opportunity to play in the NFL. Just like the 32 NFL owners don’t get to tell Kaepernick that he can’t protest, you don’t get to tell the 32 NFL owners who to hire.

  68. The reason he’s unemployed is because players who are a PR risk aren’t elite players, they aren’t worth it to a team. He’s definitely not a starting quality player, and the less attention your backup QB gets the better.

    I don’t think there is a huge conspiracy here. Just no team thinks that the upside to signing Kaepernick is worth the media circus he’ll bring.

  69. Also, as has been mentioned, he opted out of his own contract. Why are we treating him like a victim? He opted out of his contract, he wasn’t cut.

    Waah, waah, waah.

  70. Hey, the NFL is in the business of entertainment. Regardless of his talent, if a team thinks he’s going to cause headaches and cost ticket sales, they have every right not to sign him.

    If a talented actor were controversial enough that casting him in a big role would have a negative impact on the film’s box office numbers, he’s not getting the part.

    Kaepernick’s right to free speech doesn’t extend to the team having to take the hit for his views. No one is guaranteed a career.

  71. Those people are the ticket buying public

    Those people are allowed to voice the fact that they disagree with his sitting

    Those people many of which lost loved ones who were defending that flag

  72. When Kap wins 4 Super Bowls he can have some Avocado ice cream. Brady does eat meat. They have different body types, Brady doesn’t rely on muscle like Kap does.

  73. People are making it way more complicated than it needs to be.

    He had a right to protest. That came with a consequence which he knew.

    Teams have a right how they want to construct their team.


  74. Someone estimated “low-end starter, high-end backup” money to be 9-10 million and the media ran with 9 – 10 million. I posted the reference information and of course, you deleted my post. Keep your false crusade going.

  75. He used his freedom of speech now he deals with the consequences
    Pretty simple.

  76. He’s not good enough to be your starter. He can’t run a conventional offense, and no one wants a backup who needs a completely different set of plays.

    Oh, and also he is hated by a huge portion of the potential employers’ customers.

    Can’t believe he isn’t getting a job.

  77. My personal belief:

    1. He has been a lousy quarterback who knew even early last season he was on the way out;

    2. He started kneeling to create a racial issue when he finally got cut;

    3. It backfired on him, and he became toxic to a large portion of the niners fan base and to tv viewers;

    4. Not that many teams have a desparate need for a quarterback;

    5. Those that do don’t want to have a non-pocket passer (i.e. a quarterback who runs the ball a lot) because:

    a. There’s a greater injury risk; and
    b. They’d have to adjust their offense to him, and they don’t want to do that for one of three quarterbacks on their roster; and

    6. Because he has become so toxic and polarizing, virtually all GM’s don’t want to pay good money to someone who’s mere presence on the team will likely erode (or at least polarize) their fan base.

    No lies here, just logic.

  78. He’s not that good a player. He very well might still be signed as a backup if a starter or backup on some team goes down and his demands are reasonable. That could happen if he keeps in shape.

  79. So I guess Florio was alongside either Kaepernick or his agent the whole time to know what conversations took place or didn’t take place.

    And someone must have called in a huge favor or something for Florio to write an article like this for a QB who was mediocre at best under a really good coach. Obviously Harbaugh don’t want to burn any of his past players so he’ll say Kap is a great player, bla bla bla.

  80. Oh, one other reason:

    Know how the Patriots minimize distractions? Kaepernick created them, and now he is the embodiment of a huge distraction for any team, in any locker room. Who needs that?

  81. Breer went into my clown to ignore column when he said in the face of Red Sox players and the Red Sox organization apologizing to baseball Adam Jones (the not crazy one) being racially harassed by fans at Fenway that he’s never seen it when he’s been there for a game, so he was skeptical of it happening. Made me realize that dude is an idiot and is one of the corporate tools who prints whatever the owners tell him to.

  82. It appears obvious to me that Kaepernick is being blacklisted by the league.

    The surprising thing is how many of the fans seem to openly be supporting this.

    Others seem to be clinging to “alternative facts”, like he wasn’t good enough, he opted out of his contract willingly, he’s a locker room cancer, etc.

    My guess is that history will look at Kaepernick for what he truly was; a talented football player who made a controversial public statement about his beliefs, and paid for that statement with the termination of his career.

  83. “When it comes to politics, my three primary issues are these: (1) I don’t want to tell anyone else how to live their life; …”

    Says the guy who won’t utter the word “Redskins”, who relentlessly pushes articles about Michael Sam, Colin Kaepernick, paying NCAA athletes, legalizing marijuana etc…

    Come on man.

  84. “…he’s regarded as undesirable by any/every given team because: (1) animosity from fans over his National Anthem protest may alienate paying customers; (2) he’ll bring distractions to the team; and/or (3) the owner disagrees with his politics and refuses to risk Kaepernick using the platform of an NFL roster spot to advance his agenda.”

    Sounds about right. In what job would you expect anyone to carry these three labels and remain employed? In the real world there are other positions where you can seek refuge after a conflict like that. In the NFL there are 32 slots, all under intense scrutiny.

    Whether he intended to or not, he burned every bridge by setting a standard of behavior that rich folk don’t like.

  85. HA HA!!! You commenters that actually believe that false crap that Kap has not been signed based on his talent are nuts….Kap took a team MY team to a Superbowl and came within a play from winning and the next year to the NFC Championship. I look around and see some “good” QBs that are backups in this league I wouldn’t trust to throw to my 8 year old. That’s the point that some of you are missing. He’s CAPABLE. Get your head out of the sand and realize you are in denial. But ya’ll keep sleepin on it.

  86. I see the media is out having to prop up last year’s social justice warrior.

    Coaches don’t want the distraction.

    Fans don’t want the distraction.

    Owners have no use for the distraction.

  87. Good grief the left wing media sure wasn’t cheer-leading Tebow like this when nobody wanted him. Kaepernick is hated by fans and is a toxic locker room cancer. If my team signs him I won’t watch or attend a single game all year

  88. With all the Kap hating, easily offended snowflakes commenting on this post, I highly doubt there could be winter anywhere in the world right now.

  89. “(1) animosity from fans over his National Anthem protest may alienate paying customers; (2) he’ll bring distractions to the team; and/or (3) the owner disagrees with his politics and refuses to risk Kaepernick using the platform of an NFL roster spot to advance his agenda.”

    He showed disrespect and contempt for a tradition that most of the paying customers hold sacred. Does there need to be another reason? That said, a diminishing skillset for this aging qb (who relied on athleticism) supersedes all these reasons given. Again, where is the defense of RGIII or Cutler? The article has a conspiratorial tone, but I highly doubt owners and/or Goodell are getting together to stop him from getting a job if someone wants to take his talents and baggage.

  90. That’s what happens when you bring the truth of the ugliness of this country to limelight. You get ridiculed and exiled. He seems to be doing just fine to me. I’m still proud of him and are even more fond.

  91. So there are 32 teams that would pass on a viable starting QB over politics? mas que nada.

    To the guy who thinks he’d be playing if he hit a woman instead of protesting, Ray Rice disagrees but you’re welcome to your own facts.

  92. Is Kaepernick’s agent giving you cut if you get him a job?

    Stop already! You’re becoming tiresome. He stinks. Get over it.

  93. I would have a hard time supporting my team if he was the starting QB.

    Most GMs and owners understand this.

  94. “What matters is equipping those who see the world a certain way with something tangible to which they can point to support those views, regardless of whether it’s accurate.”

    This comment section is proof of the validity of this article.

  95. Setting aside the protest issue completely, I still have trouble generating sympathy. He was 5-16 in his last two seasons, and he still HAD a contract and walked away. He has millions banked and is still in good body shape. Maybe he will stay for a chance as a backup, which he may get, or maybe it’s time to do something else.

  96. Just let it go already, yes everybody knows your opinion about teams not giving him a chance because of politics. you tell us every other day.

    nobody cares, we are glad he is gone because we are sick of people bringing politics to the game.

    and the bottom line is this.

    IF HE WAS GOOD he would be on a team simple as that.

  97. It really isn’t that hard to explain.
    It is the “Tebow Effect”

    If you have baggage, the only way you play is if your talent outweighs your baggage.

    You may agree or disagree with his baggage, but it is baggage. His talent does not outweigh this. Don’t make it anything it isn’t.

  98. What a joke.
    Suggesting teams are passing on Kaep because of the potential PR hit while they are drafting woman beaters, thieves and drug offenders is hilarious. Pull your head out please.
    I’m so incredibly sick of this ridiculous position.

  99. The complete and exhaustive list of people who care about Colin Kaepernick’s problems: Colin Kapernick, his agent, Mike Florio.

    And, other than that Brady has started 7 Super Bowls and won 5, I have no idea why Tom Brady’s habits and routine’s aren’t derided like Kaepernick’s. You should have just finished the sentence and played the race card like you truly wanted to.

  100. The nfl does not like a player to have ANY agenda beyond football.

    ask tebow, kluwe, sam, and now kaepernick.

    political, religious, personal agendas outside of football are respectfully asked to be left at home.

    and when you are at work, and a troll asks you to comment about any personal agendas you may have, a player is asked to artfully deflect, and refocus such questions on football.

    also, kaepernick quit trying when his coach got fired, and that is a huge red flag to future prospective employers.

  101. The NFL is a business.

    The business is to win and make money.

    32 Employers do not think (for one reason or another) Kap can help them do either.

    Kap is unemployed.

    Why can’t it be that simple?

  102. I love Kaepernick, I hate cops, I love Fidel Castro. I am a huge liberal. Kaepernick has every right to insult our flag in the name of his agenda, and when he follows that up by not voting, he is not being hypocritical. Teams should hire him out of fear that the media will accuse them of not hiring him because of the media circus he brings.

    There, I think maybe now they’ll stop deleting my comments.

  103. ON his best day, this dude still outplayed and outperformed and was a much better athlete then that turd Russell Wilson for two years. He broke nfl playoff records haters.. and for all you haters, eat a bullet and walk off a bridge!

  104. This guy exercised his freedom of personal expression (while on the job and wearing his employer’s uniform) and now NFL owners are exercising theirs.

    Don’t understand why this is even a story.

  105. tonebones says:

    Kaepernick did what he did for the benefit of black people.

    And if a white player did something for the benefit of only people born with white skin we all know how that would end.

  106. It isn’t about the money he wants. He is a,subpar qb who is toxic. No keep your political views out of our lives. That is the number view that the liberal media like yourself always violate.

  107. 1. I wouldn’t doubt Kaepernick would want more than a team is willing to dish out for him, i.e the DEN situation (though he was going to lose money he;d end up in a better situation) which likely wouldnt be worth the stigma of trying to find out.

    2. Just because Brady diet works for him, doesnt mean Kaepernick has the same diet. He can be going it about it differently.

    3. Kaepernick isn’t worth the hassle, he’s a back-up at best with a specific system fit. It would be a media frenzy for a back up talent, you got teams lining up for player with troubled pasts because they have TALENT. The fact teams arent even biting in interest should tell you what you need to know.

    As for the typical teams ie CLE/NYJ people clamor should take a shot at him. Theyre rebuilding I dont think they’d want Kaepernick at the forefront of their new image, CLE already tried with RG3 as well (wheres his post?).

  108. As 27 year military veteran I am hope the reason Kaepernick is not getting a job is because of his not standing for the National Anthem. He has a right not to, but his employer also has a right not to hire him if he is going to damage his product. Kaepernick has pissed off at least half of the customer base. It would be like a McDonald’s employee wearing a vegan button.

    I for one hope he never plays again until he apologizes for his actions.

  109. You can pick the ACT, but you don’t get to pick the consequences to that ACT.

    Kaepernick choose to kneel during the national anthem, the Owners are choosing to kneel regarding hiring him. Period. Full stop.

  110. Disrespected the flag and country.

    Wore socks depicting police as pigs only a few months after 5 police were murdered by a BLM supporter in Dallas.

    No other reasons needed when the money teams make comes directly from fans in the stands and eyeballs watching on TV.

  111. Let’s agree that if teams are advancing false narratives (aka lying) about reasons for disinterest in Kaep, is it not still the right of the owner and team to pass on him for the three very valid “real reasons” laid out further down the post? And therein is the great irony of the post. The author chides the NFL for violating his political principle #3….while he himself violates his own political principle #1.

  112. Kapernick is getting what he DESERVES!!! Disrespecting our flag and kneeling like a chump. Hope he doesn’t play another game in the NFL and goes bankrupt.

  113. He was an exciting young qb. Then the NFL clarified the “read-option” interpretation. Instantly, he became a young qb with minimal value/talent. This is the very easy reality that everyone who is not connected to his agent understands.

  114. And let’s be honest….NFL owners are millionaire businessmen, who likely are politically conservative, pro-military and police, flag waiving capitalists. Choosing a form of protest that personally offends 99% of the owners in the league as well as turns fans away and hurts the bottom line wondering why you can’t find employment?

  115. He was pretty good with one of the best o lines in football and he was well below average with a so so o line. Alex Smith has been a better quarterback than Kaep and that’s on Harbaugh…whose going to invest in a guy that hasn’t shown any improvement over time?

  116. I mean I get that a ton of people hate on him.

    But this is the NFL.

    His point was poorly executed and completely misunderstood by ‘the average joe’

    I have always believed football was the no snowflakes allowed sport.

    Can a good-to-above average QB get a job in this league without getting a bunch of red blooded die-hard smash mouth in your face-someone is walking away limping – fans getting their f’cking panties all tied up in a knot?

    I don’t even like the guy but this Shiit is getting down right pathetic.

    If Al Davis were still around he’d hire Kap just to tell everyone FU.

  117. Kaepernick is not worth the hassle is like saying I am a gigantic f’n pu$$y.

    If you are a team without a legitimate QB.

    Some of these teams screw their fans every year.

    Bring him in and win and I guarantee the home team fans won’t give a flying F that he kneeled to defend his brethren.

    That said, there’s prolly no more than a handful of teams this would work for…..

  118. Kaep can end the charade today by announcing what he wants. But, no, he appears to enjoy the warm blanket of victimhood and the celebrity attention of the like of Spike Lee and the sympathy of left-leaning sports writers. “Waaagh, teams don’t want me because I’m black and political. Waaaaaagh!”

    Grow up. You see the like/unlike ratio on that first anti-Kaep comment? It’s like 1100-220. 5 to 1 against Kaep. Just shut up, pick a team and play, Kaep.

    For the record, I will watch any game with Kaep in it. I have seen Kaep nail superhuman throws that few other QBs would ever attempt. He was such a monster his rookie year, and is still a great weapon with his legs. He had a great year (Stat-wise) last year. I’d be fine with him coming to my team to compete for the QB job.

    Especially because that would mean this “I’m a victim and no one will hire me because I’m so dangerous and political!” Game would stop.

  119. I never pay attention to how many thumbs I get up.

    To kinky for me.

    But he did promise he was done with sitting in protest, b4 FA.

    What was it you said about him not being a good QB?

    Hey I just want another good sleeper to draft but if you have some kind of point to make….

  120. There are quite a few teams out there completely embarrassing at qb and they are gutless sods that they won’t toss this guy a try-out.

    Because he made an attempt to stand up for people who look like him.

    What a colossal crap head. The balls on him.

    At the very least the Browns should be able to respect his willingness to lose miserably while getting no respect at all

  121. abninf says:
    May 11, 2017 6:58 PM
    tonebones says:

    Kaepernick did what he did for the benefit of black people.

    And if a white player did something for the benefit of only people born with white skin we all know how that would end.

    Yeah, that’s been happening for 500 years. Sometimes, people not in the “big tent”, need a hand up. I’m sorry, if you couldn’t take advantage of over a half millennium of hand-ups.

  122. Its business.

    Risk vs Reward.

    Its possible the perceived risks involved are even being overblown, or may even die down as time passes, but theres still nothing on the reward side. Were talking about a backup QB for most of the league or a stop gap starter for the crappy teams.
    The simple and easy answer for GMs is “not worth the headache”

  123. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around how kneeling in protest is a sign of disrespect. People kneel to pray. I don’t know why they’re giving him such a hard time when there are lots of NFL players who have done way more harmful thngs than CP. It doesn’t make sense. It must be something else. His perceived transgression doesn’t even comeclose to things others have done.

  124. DugoutDirtbag says:

    May 12, 2017 at 9:36 am

    There are quite a few teams out there completely embarrassing at qb and they are gutless sods that they won’t toss this guy a try-out.

    Because he made an attempt to stand up for people who look like him.

    What a colossal crap head. The balls on him.

    At the very least the Browns should be able to respect his willingness to lose miserably while getting no respect at all
    That’s because he DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY!!!!!! He turned down the Ravens, Seahawks and Broncos.. Oh and he OPTED OUT of his contract.

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