Titans players Tajae Sharpe, Sebastian Tretola accused of draft night assault of Nashville man

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Tennessee Titans receiver Tajae Sharpe and guard Sebastian Tretola are the targets of a civil suit led by a Nashville man who alleges Sharpe assaulted him outside a bar while Tretola served as a lookout.

According to FOX 17 in Nashville, Dante R. Satterfield filed the lawsuit against Sharpe and Tretola on Wednesday.

Satterfield alleges that he was asked to step outside the bar, Tin Roof, after commenting to Sharpe that he would likely receive less playing time with the Titans’ selection of Western Michigan receiver Corey Davis in the first round of the draft earlier that night.

The lawsuit alleges that Sharpe then beat Satterfield unconscious and left him with injuries that included a concussion, facial fractures, bruising and a perforated ear drum. The lawsuit states Satterfield was found by a passerby, who called 911.

The suit seeks $500,000 in damages.

“The claims are false and ridiculous,” Sharpe’s agent, Blaine Roche, said in a statement to the station. “Unfortunately this is a classic shakedown attempt. Tajae categorically denies any involvement whatsoever and looks forward to vindicating his name and focusing on what matters most – football.”

The Titans also said they are aware of the lawsuit.

Sharpe and Tretola were both draft picks of the Titans in 2016. Sharpe started 10 of 16 games for Tennessee and caught 41 passes for 522 yards and two touchdowns. Tretola appeared in just one game as a rookie.

12 responses to “Titans players Tajae Sharpe, Sebastian Tretola accused of draft night assault of Nashville man

  1. Defendants should be able to file counter suits in these frivolous suits for all associated costs.
    There is no doubt his attorney accepted the case on a high per centage contingency fee, and probably has an office in the back of a nail salon.

  2. Well, if this is true, he certainly will be getting less playing time since he’ll be sitting out the first 4 games or so on suspension!

  3. Do these guys that are (mostly) unknown names and faces run around mouthing off about who they are? Who even recognizes a 5th round pick in order to shake them down? Hell, even if someone recognized me and I was a 5th round pick, I’d deny it was me. There’s NOTHING GOOD to come of that.

  4. Guys don’t beat their own face in for a chance at maybe winning half a million dollars in a lawsuit. Either the guy was beaten or he wasn’t. And where are the police?

  5. Things I’ve learned from this article: Sharpe can’t handle smack talk and Satterfield isn’t smart enough to decline an invitation to step outside after p!ssing someone off.

  6. So the guy states the obvious and since Sharpe didn’t like it he beat him unconscious. That’s what you call classy.

  7. Yeah this is a weird story. Of course the guy didn’t beat himself. But why on earth would you step outside with 2 football players (one of whom is a huge OL) after arguing with them? No idea what really happened but something doesn’t smell right.

  8. Sharpe earns $540,000 before taxes this year. Now facing a $500,000 lawsuit. Will need to lawyer up. Where is that article about the dude who lived in his Chevy Tahoe with his wife?

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