Bills give Brandon Beane final say over 53-man roster


The Bills haven’t made clear exactly who’s running everything in their front office, but one thing is clear: New General Manager Brandon Beane has final say over which 53 players make the regular-season roster.

Bills owner Terry Pegula said today that Beane, not head coach Sean McDermott, will control who makes the team.

“Brandon’s gonna have the 53. Him and Sean will obviously collaborate on any decisions,” Pegula said.

This year, that will present an interesting scenario in which Beane is choosing players he had no role in acquiring: Beane just arrived in Buffalo, so he had nothing to do with the Bills’ draft or free agency decision-making. What if Beane doesn’t think highly of a player the Bills just used a high draft pick on? Will Beane cut him, even though he’s supposed to be collaborating with McDermott, who called the shots in the Bills’ draft room?

Beane and McDermott have worked together previously in Carolina and are reportedly on the same page, but if there’s a player they disagree about, it’s Beane who has the authority to cut him. Even if McDermott isn’t on board.

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  1. Bills give Brandon Beane final say over 53-man roster

    Until they decide they prefer the very bald, very shiny skull of McDermott the most and Mr. Beane is relegated to hand holding the Pagulias and getting coffee and bagels in the morning.

    BB NEVER should have left Carolina, bide his time and take over there.

  2. Awesome – give final say of personnel decisions to a GM who was never a scout or personnel guy – makes sense to me…

  3. All these questions, yet the answered were addressed in the presser, no? He has the exact same characteristics he looks for as McDermott. High character, chews glass spits nails(love it), high compete level. He said he liked what McDermott did with the draft in trading down and had White rated simiraly on their own board. He was also direct, and didn’t tip-toe around the subject. I’d say the top-3 guys this year are safe regardless of “philosophical” differences or whatever you want to label it as, and well, the late round guys are just that, nothing is guaranteed. I also can’t see Beane cutting ties with either Jones or White considering the cubbards are bare at those positions, and he also said he builds through the draft and not to expect a FA splash.

    Where do I forward my resume?

  4. What was so complicated about this that they didn’t have it nailed down when they announced his hire? You can’t say the Pegulas didn’t dive right in. It took Snyder years to make this order of circus like atmosphere out the Redskins. As a Phins fan that has gone to more than a few road games against each of our divisional opponents over the years I can honestly say in spite of what you read from some of them here as a group Bills fans deserve better than this type of disorder. Pats fans are almost as hospitable to visiting fans. Although they had it pretty rough at times before Kraft in person they know how fortunate they are. Most of them freely admit no one deserves the great run they have had. Jets fans on the other hand are miserable hosts and deserve something even worse than they have been getting. Going to a Giants game there is a night and day difference. It’s almost hard to believe the same stadium can be that a good an experience for out of town fans. It’s hard in a kinship sort of way not to quietly pull for Bills fans just like as a fan of a team that’s had some pretty good runs I can respect but politely resent the Pats. What they have done is so impressive I can only manage to dislike them in a rivalry sort of way. I truly loathe the Jets and their fans. They deserve the Pegulas, Spanos, York, Snyder and Johnson all rolled into one with an order of Irsay on the side.

  5. All this GM vs Coach vs roster stuff is all a non-story. Either everyone gets along and works together and they have success, or they don’t and somebody gets fired. It pretty much works like that everywhere you go, unless you’re self employed. Can we give this kind of crap story a rest please.

  6. Of course, the only reason that Pegula had to clarify this is because Beane himself expressed *zero* awareness of it in his own first trip to the podium.

    Glad the communication lines are unclogged up there in Buffalo.

  7. If you did not understand what Beane meant when he spoke, may I suggest you return to high school for more education. No, I have no plans to explain his comments; most would wonder what language I was using.

  8. Under the Pegula’s, it seems that the Bills situation continues to be muddled, in terms of who answers to who, is senior to who, and so forth?
    McDermott was hired first, and it was reported that he would have influence in who was hired as the new GM, who, at least in theory, is his boss.
    Then Beane is hired as GM, and it’s reported that he will have final say over the 53 man roster, even though he does not appear to be a football talent evaluator. Doesn’t this strike anyone as a rather odd arrangement for a franchise that’s had it’s share of turmoil over the last few years?

  9. I was kind of hoping to hear that the Pegula’s had come to the realization that the 53 man roster should be up to the HC that works with those players on a daily basis, not the GM who pops his head in every now and then. That is what we just rid of with Whaley. Well, If McDermott trusts and believes in Beane then I can do the same… I Bill-ieve! Go Bills!!!!!!

  10. I run a department at my job. I have a boss and another boss above her. This whole story made me stop and think, do I have final say? Nope. But I never really noticed because we legit are all on the same page.

    I know working for the NFL is different, but come on, is it that difficult to see this working out just fine?

  11. It’d be great if people actually watched the press conference before taking one statement out of context.

    Brandon Beane went on to say it will be a collaborative environment, with him, the staff, coach McD and the Pegulas all working together. Said it several times he will work closely with coach McD.

  12. I really disagree with this whole thing this is gonna be hard on both the coach and the general manager… you got a guy that is walking in to a situation he had no say on.. and now your giving him final say on players he had nothing to do with.. what a bonehead move from the owner of buffalo..give control to McDermott for the year sence most likely he is the one who brought in the F.A. and he is the one who most likely did the drafting.. and then let the GM observe for the year and then he can make changes for next year and whatever he doesn’t like..

  13. fact is in Carolina Gettleman is Boss & he’s done some good & some bad BUT you’ll never hear Rivera cut him down Like in Josh Norman issue & NO FA and bad drafting by the GM after Panthers SB run & all Rivera said we Off season is handled by DG & we’ll see & we saw it sucked

  14. I really feel like Buffalo is putting their new GM in a bad situation already let whoever did the drafting in the signing of the free agents have control this year and this new GM can sit back and observe for the year and make the changes necessary for next year and bring in the free agents he wants or feels that will fit next year you can’t expect the guy to Jump Right In and take control on players he had nothing to do with it’s like you’re setting him up for failure already come on Buffalo.. really I mean really…

  15. plus Brandon has seen what happen when a HC & GM disagree behind close doors & in pubic …John Fox & Marty Hurney

  16. What is the problem with this? This is how functional franchises work. The Bills are finally trying to do the right thing.

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