Brandon Beane says there will be no “czar” in Buffalo


We now know who will run the football operation in Buffalo. It will be . . . drum roll, please . . . no one.

New G.M. Brandon Beane said during his introductory press conference that the Bills will have no “czar,” and that decisions made moving forward will be collaborative. Ideally, that’s the way every team should operate; if coaches and General Managers are pulling rank and blindly exercising veto power, it will be impossible to have the kind of organization where people truly work well together and avoid disharmony and dysfunction.

Still, there’s likely a disconnect between what Beane’s contract says and what he said on Friday morning. Offering a front-office executive under contract with another team a G.M. position that doesn’t entail G.M. powers will allow the candidate’s current team to block the move. Unless the Panthers were willing to let Beane leave for something less than G.M. powers, a collaboration isn’t enough to hire him away from Carolina.

Someone’s contract surely makes him the “czar,” in theory. The challenge in practice will be for the czar to not act like the czar. Otherwise, the czar eventually will be overthrown. As most czars usually are.

27 responses to “Brandon Beane says there will be no “czar” in Buffalo

  1. I can’t be any less excited about the bills hiring a GM who emphasizes that we are a cold weather city and in order to be successful we need to be able to run the ball and stop the run.

    I’m on to the next GM already.

  2. I remember reading about the Adventures of Brandon Bean in my childhood …

    I have such fond memories of him battling the Pumpkin People and befriending the Panda Bear people of Doolilly ….

  3. This sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Every business needs someone to be the decision maker. The trick is finding a good, strong leader, that’s still willing to listen to those under him.

  4. lol i always get confused…are these bills fans with the negative comments or fans of other teams that are….wait…jealous of us not being a good team? Doesn’t make much sense…and again predictions of records lol…love those…oh man Brandon Beane studdered once and his hair was sorta messed up THAT GUY SUCKS! HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!! and lets add even more years to the draught….what is it 49 years now ? lol…if your a bills fan talking like this go be a patriots fan and let us Bills fans continue our loyalty…sorry your teams “aren’t as bad as us? or havent had as long of a draught as us? guy is a GM for a couple days and he sucks already? Brilliant…But if the guy has success all the negative commentors will be saying ” i knew this guy had it when he was hired”

  5. The Bills hired Leslie Frazier. The Bills considered Brad Childress for the OC position. Now they seem to be going with their own version of the Triangle of Authority. As a Vikings fan, I’ve seen how this ends and it’s not pretty.

  6. It’s kind of the opposite. You have to have a final decision maker. As a leader, you cannot always cannot always build a consensus. And even when you get a consensus, leaders sometimes still must go against that consensus for the greater good.

    Sorry, but if you’re my GM, I hired you to be that leader and to make those tough decisions.

  7. I bell-ieve in Beane. Teams win together, not when one guy calls all the shots. #GoBills #BillsMafia

  8. The Bills just won the division, seriously. Tom Brady on the cover of Madden? I thought the guy was smart, but I should have known better after the destroyed cell phone fiasco. Pats are done, we just took the Beane out of Bean town.

  9. Carolina is a relatively stable and sanely run team. It’s likely they didn’t want to hold back an aspiring GM-to-be on the account of “following the letter of the rules”. Blocking his move would only breed animosity within the Carolina front offices, and they are smart enough to know that that is not a good situation. It was likely handshakes all around & well wishes.

  10. I’ve been very critical of the Bills the last few years but I have to say these two hires, McDermott and Beane, are moves that have given us hope.

    8-8 this year. 11-5 next year…and back to respectability once again.

  11. All the other NFL owners not in the AFC east should be focusing their contempt on the AFC East teams not named the Patriots as it is a given that New England will be at the very worst 5-1 in their own division each season.

  12. @mclennon99

    I liked this I’ve been very critical of the Bills the last few years but I have to say these two hires, McDermott and Beane, are moves that have given us hope.

    8-8 this year. 11-5 next year…and back to respectability once again.

    i stay away from predicting records but as a Bills fan to another you obviously have been a real fan for quite some time now to see what changes are made and what you see could be changing here. Thank you

  13. Love it that Joetoronto is so jealous of Buffalo he has to continually try to bash them.
    And all because Toronto couldn’t get 30,000 fans to come watch an NFL game, London and Mexico city did much better then they did.
    Of course they always have the CFL!

  14. Would you pay $200 a ticket for a team long out of playoffs? Come on nflfan4now, it was nothing more than a money grab by Rogers and Bills.

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