Cleveland radio personality loses job over comments about Jabrill Peppers, Joe Thomas

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The fact that Browns safety Jabrill Peppers failed a drug test at the Scouting Combine doesn’t justify rampant speculation regarding whether he takes drugs and/or which ones he may be taking. ESPN Cleveland personality Sabrina Parr learned that lesson earlier this week, by losing her position with the station.

Via Joey Morona of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the local ESPN Radio affiliate fired Sabrina Parr after she offered this prediction about Peppers on the air: “He’s not going to make it because he’s on the Lean and the Molly.”

The “Lean” is a concoction of cough syrup and soda, also known as “Purple Drank,” among other names. Molly is Ecstasy. Both as illegal, and both are banned by the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.

A debate erupted after the allegation was made, with hosts Tony Rizzo and Aaron Goldhammer, with Parr eventually claiming that left tackle Joe Thomas is “on the Lean, too.” (She later claimed she was joking about Thomas.)

The dismissal of Parr came just hours after the comments were made. ESPN Cleveland is an official partner of the Browns.

Peppers provided a diluted sample at the Scouting Combine, which counts as a positive test. Post-draft comments from Browns executive V.P. of football operations Sashi Brown suggest that the team thinks it was something other than a fluke occurrence.

Even if it was, Peppers should at a minimum be very concerned about understanding exactly how much water he can drink before generating a dilute sample and, in turn, a positive test. Especially since he’ll be subject to enhanced testing while in Stage One of the NFL’s drug-testing program.

27 responses to “Cleveland radio personality loses job over comments about Jabrill Peppers, Joe Thomas

  1. “Both as illegal, and both are banned by the NFL’s substance-abuse policy.”

    Correction Mike, both ARE illegal. Get a copy editor, will you?

  2. I listen to this show quite often, but less lately because all of them are becoming annoying, and she is not an on air personality.They only other time I’ve heard her is when they needed someone to pick NFL Roundtable games.

    I was listening when she went on this rant and I turned it off because it was obviously worthless crap.

  3. Kudos to the station for taking this swift action. Sports talk radio has gone off the rails. Used to be good back when it started. Like many things, we humans can’t seem to let a good thing stay that way. Always pushing til it fails.

  4. Seems a little irresponsible to suggest Peppers is a dope fiend with a dilute test as the only evidence.

    Hint: if you work at ESPN and aren’t paid to have “hot takes,” the current climate doesn’t favor making them.

  5. B$PN, The Worldwide Leader in Lies and Misinformation!

    Keep the firings coming! Shut that entire dirty, stinking cesspool down altogether!

    Time to bag that steaming pile of dog poo in Bristol!

  6. Nobody wants to hear the Truth in America!! Fact is, she is probably more right, then what all the liberals think!! She should be happy that she doesn’t work for BSPN, anymore! They will probably be out of business in one more year!! It’s worthless, if you are a sports fan!!

  7. There is a difference between speculation and slander.

    Looks like water will become the new adderall.

  8. It wasn’t a bright thing to say, even if it’s meant as a joke. It’s even less bright when you say it on a radio station that is a partner of the Browns. I don’t consider this a PC thing. I think it’s more of a situation where it was not a wise thing to say. I’m not big on PC. I think people are too easily offended but this was a pretty clear case of making speculations regarding drug use. I think she crossed the line and now she’ll have to live with the consequences of her words.

  9. all these morning NFL tv shows are horrendous, I cant believe someone who speaks like her can get a job speaking for a living, no one has standards anymore

  10. getyourownname says:
    May 12, 2017 8:40 AM
    Waiting for the first yahoo to claim First Amendment rights.

    Maybe the Kaepernick fiasco has finally taught them that freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee freedom from consequence.

  11. Why couldn’t they walk him around the corner for a blood test? If they suspected marijuana, what about testing the hair? Instead, everyone is left guessing.

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