Jabrill Peppers doesn’t practice because he hasn’t signed a participation agreement

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Browns safety Jabrill Peppers met with reporters at the team’s rookie minicamp on Friday to deny allegations of drug use leveled against him recently, but he didn’t take part in the team’s practice.

A team spokesman said, via multiple reports, that Peppers did not take part in practice because he has not signed a participation agreement on the advice of his agent. Those agreements are designed to provide some protection for players who have yet to sign contracts in case of injury and the other Browns draft picks signed them, but coach Hue Jackson didn’t sound overly concerned about Peppers’ choice when he met the media.

“I think there’s one of these agreements — participation agreements — that need to be signed,” Jackson said. “We’re in the process of getting that done. Those things happen, they happen around the league. I think we’ll get that squared away.”

Jackson said Peppers has been in meetings and that he’s confident they’ll be able to “get him up to speed” despite his absence from the field on Friday. 

14 responses to “Jabrill Peppers doesn’t practice because he hasn’t signed a participation agreement

  1. I would literally bet my house that this guy is going to be a bust. Too small to play linebacker and one career interception at safety in college. Their best bet is to move him to offense but that’ll probably work out about as well as it did for the last overhyped Michigan player who switched positions once he got to the NFL. Has anyone heard anything from Denard Robinson lately? Is he even on a roster? The media treated him like the second coming in college and he was a quarterback who couldn’t complete a pass to save his life.

  2. ‘Spartanlegend’ – don’t let those obvious GREEN eyes color your opinion of anyone from your superior in-state rival

    He’s an exciting multi-talented young player; Hugh Jackson will hopefully figure out how to showcase him
    (then again we are talking the Browns.. sigh)

  3. Easy to throw the bust label at someone from your office chair. You know who dosent think he will be a bust? The organization that has millions tied into scouting players. He could very well bust but I’ll take their educated guess over yours. And needless to say stupid to even mention the B word before his rookie contact is up, nevertheless before it is signed.

  4. All I know is me, someone who never did drugs, I would sign it saying hey. not me, test me all you want as often as you want.
    On the other hand if I knew I did wrong, then I’m avoiding testing ya you betcha

  5. It’s not signed because if he did he would test positive for what ever his DRUG of choice is. This is not looking good at all.

  6. Denard Robinson finished his rookie contract with the Jaguars was not re-signed and is a free agent. I haven’t read whether he has talked with anybody or hooked on with anybody.

    He did virtually nothing with the Jags except be a good guy and fumble a few times as they tried to convert him to a running back (fail). Frankly, they should have just drafted a running back.

  7. He needs time and “special tea” to get stuff out of his system. They’ll drag their feet on signing the contract until he can pass the drug test. Watch.

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