Jabrill Peppers: I’ve never taken the drugs I was accused of taking

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Browns first-round pick Jabrill Peppers met with the media at the team’s rookie minicamp on Friday and answered questions about allegations of drug use that surfaced in Cleveland recently.

Sabrina Parr has been dismissed from her job at ESPN Cleveland after saying on the radio that Peppers won’t make it in the NFL because he uses the Lean (a cough syrup and soda mixture also known as Purple Drank) and Molly, both of which are banned by the NFL. On Friday, Peppers denied those allegations.

“I’m not even going to get into that. Whatever drugs she said I’ve done, I’ve never done in my life,” Peppers said, via Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com. “No one’s going to spoil this for me.”

Because of a diluted sample at his Scouting Combine drug test, Peppers is in Stage One of the league’s drug program and is subject to enhanced testing that leaves him subject to suspension if he hasn’t just been saying no.

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  1. No one believes his excuse, and I don’t think most people really care if he failed a test due to a diluted sample. The problem is not being smart enough to lay off whatever he was trying to hide.

  2. …Whatever drugs she said I’ve done, I’ve never done in my life,” Peppers said.

    “Whatever drugs” Yeah to which I say, WHATEVER. He should have been more forceful. He knows exactly what she said, all his people know exactly what she said. He should have called her out and specifically used the drug names, etc., to bury this thing.

    Seems like a bit of a brush off on his part. If he wants to move on he should have done more here especially with Josh Gordon looming over the team and all his issues.

  3. Excuse me, Jabrill. Did you or did you not take drugs?

    “I did not take those drugs that she specified. Also, that depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.”

  4. “Whatever drugs she said I have never done”.

    Turns to his attorney “what drugs did she say I used?”

  5. And the kid from OSU never touched her….. until the DNA kit was explained to him and now it was “consensual event”.

    When players just keep changing their stories about EVERYTHING – we can’t believe ANYTHING.

  6. I don’t know nor do I particularly care if he did or didn’t use any drug but it’s amazing how quick everyone is to say people are guilty of things with very little evidence. He had a diluted sample. Does that mean you can accuse him of anything you want with no evidence?

    I guarantee you if you were randomly accused of something you would want people to produce some real evidence before convicting you, either in real court or the court of public opinion.

  7. Guess you could say Peppers and Parr are now both under the microscope thanks to that diluted sample. He has already done a better job landing on his feet in it’s aftermath. Odds are good he will also do better under scrutiny

  8. Jstamper, if this were a court of law you would be 100% correct. However, there is evidence. It is the diluted sample. It is well known, and has been for years, that one way to potentially beat the test if you are dirty is to dilute your sample by drinking excessive amounts of water. That is why the NFL had to institute the also well known rule that having a diluted sample is considered a positive test. Is he dirty? We will never know 100% Did he fail the test? Yes he did. Therefore, he is guilty. Case closed.

  9. From the transcript I read this woman sounded like raging lunatic that was pretty much saying everyone and their mother was on drugs and she was fired because everyone on the air with her felt she was out of line.

    He shouldn’t have even dignified it with what little response he gave.

  10. So then you are confirming that you have taken other drugs besides those you are being accused of taking? I guess they don’t teach critical thinking at Michigan.

  11. From someone who can’t stand the wolverqueens I’m inclined to believe him. He doesn’t seem like a drug user. Most athletes of his caliber aren’t. It makes sense that he would drink a lot of water to ensure he was hydrated for the combine and he probably just overdid it

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