Mets consider promoting Tim Tebow

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The Columbia Fireflies may soon be losing their cash cow.

Via the New York Post, the Mets are considering the possibility of promoting Tim Tebow from the Single-A affiliate. The move, if it happens, likely would occur after the All-Star Game in July.

Tebow, who hit two home runs in the first three games of the year but none since then, has a .849 OPS over the last 16 games. (I don’t know what that means but apparently it’s good).

He also has a slash line of .250/.330/.370. (I don’t know what that means but apparently it’s good.)

Tebow’s presence has been a boon for attendance at the games played by his team. The team that would next benefit from his presence on the roster is surely counting the days until they’ll be counting the money that comes from having him on the roster. (I do know what that means, and it’s definitely good.)

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  1. Wait! You kept telling me that there’s no way Tebow would be called up and he was wasting his time with all your articles trashing him. Guess a little faith goes a long way, huh? ☺. Good for you, Tebow!! Keep living your dreams!

  2. His batting average is not good. The MLB average last year was .255 and it normally hovers around the .260 mark. However, his BA has been on the rise. His OPS is good – Bill James would give it a B and describe it as “very good”.

    Not bad for a 30 year old rookie who hadn’t played competitively in over ten years. All I know is he’s doing better than people thought, he’s chasing a dream, and he’s punching numbers that 99% of the people on this board couldn’t even dream of, never mind do.

    But he still isn’t making the majors with that production.

  3. The more you struggle to explain away his success by being about just money and fan attendance and not his perfformance, the more stupid you look.

  4. The move would be to St. Lucie in the Florida State League. The FSL traditionally has awful attendance, so I’m not sure what kind of Tebow Effect there would be…

  5. That triple slash isn’t good for A ball. What it is is good for A ball for a player who hadn’t played since high school and decided to pick up a bat 10 years later. Had he stuck with baseball he might have been a prospect.

  6. No recognition of the fact that you called this all a publicity stunt, saying Tebow had no real shot at the majors and this was disrespectful to guys who could actually play ball? Usually you own these things…

  7. .250/.330/.370 is an average slash-line. However, Timmy and his supporters call it humble. They are also very proud to say that he hasn’t attempted to steal second, although they are a bit concerned that he has put out over once per game.

  8. any bets that the Mets bring Tebow up to the majors in September, to fill their coffers?

  9. His slash line is actually not very good. It’s decent for a career low minors player, but would not typically get him promoted unless he was 18 years old with lots of room for improvement.

    If he gets moved up, I would assume it’s because the team he would go to is having attendance issues.

  10. Good for him! I still have a hard time understanding why the bottom 1/3 of teams would not give him a shot…

  11. So, if you don’t know what “slash line” is, and as a reporter, you choose not to seek out what it means, then I suggest you choose a different career/hobby.

  12. He’s a good guy where there are a lot of bad guys and he’s a good story where there are a lot of bad stories. I don’t think too many athletes could make the transition that he has. Go getum Tim!!!

  13. Those aren’t great stats for a guys his age going against largely 19 year old players. No scout is looking at a 29 year old hitting below Single A average and thinking he is doing great. Just the media telling you what to think rather then just give you the facts.

  14. This is my point on why no one signed Kap. I know some media wants to make it out to be a race thing, it just so happens to have a race component. But let’s say Kap wouldn’t stand for the anthem because he was deeply religious and didn’t think it was right. the media follows Tebow everywhere and some teams absolutely don’t want that. Can you blame them all you guys are calling this a race issue. You are trying to prepare for a season and all you have to answer is question of how is he fitting in, how is your relationship with him, and then what happens if he wants to stand up for his rights again. Tell me honestly would you sign him. I bet not,

  15. Throughout an entire baseball organization, there are about 200 roster spots. Add in independent leagues and there might be as many as 7000 guys playing baseball professionally. All organizations don’t have enough prospects that are even remotely potential major leaguers and fill their minor league teams with fringe players. So I guess the 7001st best baseball player is losing out because of Tebow. My guess is that guy isn’t a legit prospect.

  16. Those stats (I don’t have the faintest idea what they mean either) probably show that he is very competent to hit against high school pitchers.

  17. He is going high A. Once he gets to AA things could get serious for him. I am Yankees fan but I love Tebow. The press has crapped on this guy because of his religious and his comments about his faith. Even the idea that he was trying to play baseball was a joke. This after we had men like Tracy McGrady and Michael Jordan play. The fact remained that Tebow played HS baseball in a tough conference that many major pros like Chris Sale and Trey Mancini etc. He was also an All-State selection in baseball. It was that is was Tebow the most polarizing person because he believes in God. Amazing to me that he became a lightning rod and others who don’t have near the character that he does get a pass. That is the media for you. Go Tim I hope you make it to the SHOW!

  18. Tebow’s presence has been a boon for attendance at the games played by his team…the Mets have made terrible decisions regarding the pitching staff and outfielders…this will still be another but attendance will definitely go up…

  19. This still a publicity stunt and money grab by the Mets. Tebow could had a much more productive and longer career in the NFL had he not allowed the sin of “pride” to derail him. He had several offers to switch to a position that better fit his skill set.

    Now I’m not a hater. In fact, I’d love to see him succeed. I just don’t agree with his over the top storytelling about magic beans and a guy who lives up in the clouds.

  20. No doubt the Mets are getting calls from their other minor league teams wanting the extra gate and attention Tebow would bring. It’s pretty rare for teams to talk about moving a guy up 2 months ahead of time because if he’s really playing well they’ll make the move right then.

  21. I think it is hilarious the people that take umbrage at this topic – “What does this have to do with Football???”, as if somehow every article here on here strictly deals with on field play….as opposed to a football player (which Tebow is) doing something away from football (which Tebow is doing)

  22. I hope so!

    Give the man a break. He’s chasing a dream.

    Maybe if half the people that complain about Tebow would get off their high horse and stop using all their time to complain about him would do something productive, the world would be a better place.

    I almost forgot, that’s what the internet and social media is for. Carry on.

  23. The BIGS is peppered with players that were less than spectacular in the minors, then had a career, better pitching, better quality of game. and now these stat freaks, bet they sat on the sidelines as a kid and watched, the guy is an athlete, something the majority of his critics will never be nor understand. he’s living his dream, I wish him well.

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