Pete Carroll: Frank Clark “did not handle that real well”


Privately, the Seahawks expressed “extreme disappointment” to defensive end Frank Clark for his recent Twitter misadventures. Publicly, coach Pete Carroll was a bit more muted.

“Frank did not handle that real well,” Carroll told reporters at the team’s rookie minicamp on Friday. “And I think he has done a nice job to recognize and made his statement of apology. He has definitely learned from that, and sometimes that lesson for other people as well can be valuable, and I’m hoping that Frank will do a nice job communicating that to guys in the locker room. I’m glad that thing’s behind us.”

Of course, it’s not behind them if Frank Clark hasn’t communicated his contrition to the satisfaction of the locker room, which may not appreciate Clark’s aggressive message to a female reporter who dared link to a column from two years ago regarding his domestic violence incident. And it won’t truly be behind Clark until he makes himself available to questions from the media, which he’ll be answering in his own words and not via the second-take apology that someone else possibly wrote for him and instructed him to post on Twitter.

15 responses to “Pete Carroll: Frank Clark “did not handle that real well”

  1. Pete Carroll is the phoniest head coach in the NFL since Jim Harbaugh. I wouldn’t trust either of them if my life depended upon it.

    If the Seahawks lost all 16 games every year it wouldn’t be enough for me. Even if they lost all of their preseason games, too.

    Carroll is a weasel.

  2. Hawks had Perrish Cox on their team a couple times as well. I think a player pretty much has to murder, mutilate, and dismember to work himself off their list.

  3. Pete knows how to handle things with class… like when he walked away from the dirty program at USC once he learned about the sanctions. His method is pretend like nothing happened and never speak of it,

  4. Anyone who knows the Seahawks knows Kam Chancellor is the judge, and executioner in Seahawks locker room. Frank Clark got baited by a woman reporter who based her report on a falsehoods and is trying to make a name for herself. She herself dragged out a two year old report to stir the pot. She could be reporting on Brandon Marshall who smashed a woman in the face with a bottle or Mixon knocking out his pregnant girlfriend or AP whipping a four year old in the nuts, but instead chooses to go after Clark even though the girl admitted to attacking him while he was asleep. She lumps Frank Clark in with Hardy, but Hardy was convicted, and the cases aren’t similar at all. Girl reporters are the worst, they cant stay impartial, and separate opinion from facts.

  5. I can’t imagine anybody in the locker room caring about Frank Clark mocking a hack reporter from a 3rd tier website. In fact, I can’t imagine why the Seahawks even saw the need to bring it up.

  6. Just another case where the poor behavior of a sports figure becomes a tool for the PC power mongering media to use to enforce their freedom crushing agenda.

  7. hopefully Frank has learned that if he wanted to be left alone, he would have been better off saying a player should be castrated, or publishing a player’s private medical records .

  8. Loser in college and a loser in the pros, yet some myopic Hawks fans remain apologists for the guy. It is possible to remain a fan of the team and still call out the player.

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