Derek Newton’s placement on reserve/PUP ends his season

Getty Images

The placement of Texans tackle Derek Newton on the reserve/PUP list has sparked differing interpretations among the media regarding the consequences of the move. Is he shut down for the year, or will he miss only the first six weeks of the regular season?

According to the Texans, Newton will be done for the full season.

Those of you who have been following the Teddy Bridgewater contract situation in Minnesota now may wonder whether this means Newton’s contract will toll for a full year. It won’t, since he’s not in the last year of his current contract. (If he were, it would.)

So Newton, who tore both patellar tendons during the 2016 season, won’t play in 2017. The only good news for Newton is that he will make his full $4.75 million salary.