Hue Jackson wants to see DeShone Kizer learn a sophisticated offense


NFL coaches often say rookie quarterbacks have a lot to learn after playing in college offenses, and Browns coach Hue Jackson is no different in his comments on DeShone Kizer.

“He’s very bright, that’s not an issue,” Jackson said of Kizer after the first rookie practice. “You have to remember he was a young man playing in the shotgun probably 90 percent of the time and had not played under center and had not played really in a sophisticated pro-style offense. He did some really good things today, but you have to do it again and again and again. The consistency of playing quarterback in the National Football League at a high level is a challenge. We will see if we can get him there. Today is just the first day.”

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly might disagree that the offense he ran wasn’t sophisticated, but Kelly made similar comments about Kizer before the draft, saying that he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to be a pro starter.

Jackson has said repeatedly that Kizer’s physical tools give him the chance to be great.

“He’s a very talented player,” he said. “He’s a big guy with a big arm and very bright. He has a lot of upside, but he has a lot of work to do and I think he knows that. . . . It is just one practice. We’re not going to get too high or too low. . . . He just has to keep working at it.”

Kizer has four months to learn the offense if he wants to win the Cleveland quarterback competition and start on opening day.

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  1. Getting sick of hearing about QB’s “not playing under center”. Some of the better QB’s in the league didn’t necessarily play “under center” in college

  2. On paper– the Brown’s by far are the most improved team in football.

    The major investments in the OL make them….gulp dare I say…a contender in the AFC North…acquired giant talent with very high ceilings on draft day

    Defense may be this teams ultimate issue, in particular the DBs

    But the Browns are moving forward in a big way—-and I am a Bengals fan

  3. Have not we learned from the mistakes of Couch, Quinn, and Manziel? DO NOT RUSH these guys. Roll with kessler or Brock and let Kizer learn as much as he can. I didn’t watch many ND games so I don’t know anything about him but he is interesting as a prospect, but don’t throw him to the wolves before he is ready! I am SICK of the QB carousel in Cleveland and I bet many fellow Browns fans are as well.

  4. I think this will be a great experiment to see if a coach can actually turn a raw talent into a good QB. Kizor physically reminded me of Andrew Luck. He even had a couple good drives where he looked like a future pro bowler, but those were rare. Most of the time he looked pretty bad, but the highlights are enough to give an optimist hope. Hue Jackson is a good coach. It will be interesting to watch the progress, but I’m not going to rush to judgement. I’ll give the kid 3-4 years or more. The Browns might not be the team for a young QB to come in and immediately thrive, but Kizor is fortunate to have Hue Jackson coaching him. The good thing is Browns’ fans have learned patience. Another good thing could happen if they play Kizor this year. They’ll likely be picking #1 again, and there are a couple blue chip QBs coming out. That could mean the Kizor experiment might not happen in Cleveland. Could also mean Hue Jackson won’t be around to make the next pick.

  5. Hue Jackson was an 8-8 HC with the Raiders, in his only season as a HC, so that makes him a good HC? Hue Jackson is overrated! His offense was a joke last season, he did nothing to help his QB s. What I didn’t like about Hue and the Browns front office in that they did not shoulder the blame for the 1-15 record last season. The Browns let two all-pro offensive lineman walk out the door and even with their free agency signings the OL will never be as good as it could have been with center Alex Mack and right tackle Mitchell Schwartz. The Browns QB s did not have a snowballs chance in hell of being successful last season.

  6. “Kizer has four months to learn the offense if he wants to win the Cleveland quarterback competition and start on opening day.”

    That isn’t anyone’s goal from what I’ve read. He supposed to sit for at least half the season.

  7. Kizer won’t be ready. His Notre Dame coach confirmed he need to mature a lot. Osweiler will be a massive improvement for the Browns in the QB position. The coaching staff and more importantly the team has to get behind him.

  8. How many coaches have to say this same thing and how many NCAA QB’s have to flame out before the NFL invests some of their billions in a developmental league.

    The reason the same teams pick at the top of the draft every year is not that they can’t draft since teams like the Browns generally get high marks from draft experts regularly for getting value in their picks it’s that most of the guys in the first round are maybe 2 or 3 seasons away from being good players on teams that need them to be good players yesterday.

    Still waiting on Andrew Luck to have two productive seasons in a row and he’s supposedly the greatest QB pick up of the millennium.

  9. These aren’t Montana’s and Theisman’s Fighting Irish.

    These are the Fighting Irish of Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, and Ron Powlus.

    Notre Dame hasn’t been the same since they dropped their academic standards.

  10. How many coaches have to say this same thing and how many NCAA QB’s have to flame out before the NFL invests some of their billions in a developmental league.


    No development league needed. Coaches, GM’s and owners just have to learn to develop their QB’s within their own system. Brady, Favre, and many others sat and learned. There is absolutely no reason to play Kizer in game one with Osweiler on the team. Patience fans, patience.

  11. He couldn’t learn ND’s offense and he won’t learn Cleveland’s offense. He’ll be lucky to make it through the end of his first contract and Cleveland will be in the cellar the entire time.

  12. Browns fans want Hue Jackson to learn a sophisticated offense, but that hasn’t happened yet, either.

  13. To the guy who said “write it in crayon”, yeah because Norte Dame, one of the best schools in the nation, just lets anyone play football for them.

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