Myles Garrett stands by his Ben Roethlisberger comments


After the Browns made defensive end Myles Garrett the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, he engaged in some fairly boring trash talk regarding Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Garrett has now doubled down on his fairly boring trash talk.

“I think that was kind of blown up, but I stand by it,” Garrett told reporters on Friday. “We are looking to get after it. Why should I be afraid of saying those kinds of things? That is what any team would say or any player would say. You are trying to make a name for yourself. You are trying to go out there and win games just like they are. They are not going to shy away from the challenge and neither are we.”

He’s right, as to every point he made. But when the first overall pick in the draft says he wants to make Roethlisberger the first quarterback the No. 1 pick sacks, it’s going to create a headline in this never-ending NFL news cycle.

It’s still a far cry from Gerard Warren’s “kill the head and the body’s dead” remark regarding Roethlisberger when Ben was the rookie, way back in 2004. If Garrett had said something like that, it definitely would have been blown up.

Garrett still has four months to fire off some Gerard Warren-quality threats against Ben. Since the only truly dead spot on the NFL calendar is looming, few in this business would complain if Garrett does.

31 responses to “Myles Garrett stands by his Ben Roethlisberger comments

  1. I would hope that Roeth is the guy Garrett would want to sack first – they play Pittsburgh week 1 – if he said any other QB, then I’d be worried…

  2. Myles needs to realize he is showing disrespect for the best QB to ever play in his division. Fact is Ben is just as big and probably a lot tougher than this rookie linebacker. So Myles may need to go into the shop for repair after his “first sack”.

  3. good news for cleve is they have officially been replaced as the factory of shame by chicago and buffalo

    but that’s about it

  4. I keep seeing people point out that attitudes of “millennials” are definitely different that attitudes of those of the past.
    There is absolutely no question that this is true.
    It is the norm now to spout off about anything which comes to your mind and not worry about the consequences. They do it with their mouths, and they do it on social media.
    For anyone who thinks this isn’t true, go back and read Jerry Kramer’s book about the 1967 season of Vince Lombardi’s great Packers teams called, Instant Replay. Kramer talks about rookie players coming in and gives a no holds barred view of how the veteran players on that team thought of them and how they should act.
    The millennials have grown up with ESPN and all the other sports networks featuring trash talking on the field and in their tv studios as a big part of their promotions. These young players have no idea what sportsmanship and humility are.
    So — it is not surprising at all to hear things like this from Myles Garrett or anyone else. If you watched any of the draft telecasts, they featured many of the players talking in to the camera spouting off about how great they are.
    Garrett will learn that it’s a lot easier to talk than do it on the field.
    The Vikings had a rookie NT in 2000 named Chris Hovan when Brett Favre was still at his peak playing for the Packers. This kid had Favre’s picture hanging up in his locker. When reporters asked him about it, he stated matter-of-factly that Favre had better be ready, because he was coming after him. Favre was asked about it and when told the kid’s name, he said, “never heard of him”. The kid never really got close to Favre when the Packers played the Vikings in his 5 years with them, and he finished his career with the Bucs. I saw one list where he was rated the 8th all time biggest bust for the Vikings. Favre has probably still never heard of him.

  5. Myles has an even bigger target on his back now. The Steelers always try to take out good young players in the division.

  6. odds are, at least he won’t have to worry about facing le’veon bell more than once a season, if at all.

  7. steelcurtainn says:
    May 13, 2017 10:23 AM
    Nobody is afraid of the rookie. He’ll be carrying Big Ben’s helmet after the game.

    Perhaps he will be but the way Garrett sees it if he is then Ben’s head will still be in it. Nothing wrong with that, there’d be something wrong if he didn’t. The issue most people have isn’t with him seeing it that way just with him talking about it. Steelers could use some more competition from the bottom of that over rated cupcake division. 26 total wins from the AFCN last year is just pathetic. Even the Jets were .500 against them.

  8. RandyinRoxbury says:
    May 13, 2017 10:55 AM
    Who in the world is Gerard Warren??

    Chipster if you were a New England fan instead of just pretending to be one you would know who he is. After all, he played 2 seasons for the team you are pretending to root for.

  9. Ravens fan here, Ngata put Big Ben’s nose on the side of his face and we still couldn’t keep him out. Don’t think it’s gonna happen rookie.

  10. Note the author’s first-name reference to the Steelers’ QB. Fanboy being fanboy. No other NFL QB would get the fanboy treatment here, unless it was the Steelers backup.

  11. Once again I mention that the Browns play the Steelers in their opener. Who should Garrett mention, the QB in game ten? This is what passes for sports journalism nowadays, nothing but click bait. He was asked a question and he responded with an honest answer

  12. Myles should watch tape of when the Pats play Ben. They seem to manage to routinely turn “Big” Ben into “Little” Ben

  13. I would love to see Garrett smash fatso’s big mouth in the dirt!
    then we will see if the drama queen gets up and dusts off his dress and plays or if he will sit his fat butt on the bench.

  14. In my 43 years of life, I’ve witnessed a long line of rookies who’ve said worse…way worse and somehow wound up with stellar and even HoF careers. To be bent out of shape over a guy answering a question…wow. It’s not a millennial thing, you’ve just gotten accustomed to laying everything on someone born after 1999. Who raised those kids? We did. Rewind to one Deion Sanders and you’ll call it showmanship. Seems like us non-millennials have just as thin of skin as the ones we’ve been criticizing.

  15. Myles should watch tape of when the Pats play Ben. They seem to manage to routinely turn “Big” Ben into “Little” Ben
    How’s that, Big Ben doesn’t play defense. Big Ben didn’t have the luxury of playing at home minus key players. So I guess when shady brady comes to Heinz Field with Big Ben starting this year and gets smacked around we’ll call him little shady brady. Dumb point!

  16. “But when the first overall pick in the draft says he wants to make Roethlisberger the first quarterback the No. 1 pick sacks, it’s going to create a headline in this never-ending NFL news cycle.”

    It shouldn’t be. He only said that because the first regular season game they have is Steelers at Browns. Of course when a pass rusher is taken #1 overall he wants to get a sack his first real game.

    If the game was against the Pats it would have been Brady, New Orleans it would have been Brees. All he’s saying is he wants a sack his first game, that should be a given not a “headline”

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