Malik Jackson: Doug Marrone’s “not taking any BS”

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It’s a new era in Jacksonville, where the players have talent but the talent has yet to produce many wins. Regardless of how it goes from here, the new coach is bringing a new approach.

“[Doug] Marrone’s not taking any B.S.,” defensive lineman Malik Jackson recently said (via the team’s website), “and I think that’s the way it should be. He’s handling this with an iron fist, and guys are conforming, enjoying the time and understanding that we need to win some games.”

Marrone’s promotion to head coach was augmented by the return of former Jaguars coach Tom Coughlin, who is now the executive V.P. of football operations.

“[G]uys are turning it around,” Jackson said. “It’s a lot more serious. It’s a lot of a get-in-or-get-out aspect of it.”

It seems like guys are getting in, for now.

“Going 3-13 is not acceptable, and whatever we need to do,” Jackson said, “we’re going to do what Doug says.”

When he tells them to go win more than three football games, it may not be so easy to comply. But knowing that they’ll have to answer to Marrone and Coughlin if they fail could give the players the extra motivation to do what the new regime demands.

15 responses to “Malik Jackson: Doug Marrone’s “not taking any BS”

  1. Yeah i wanna believe you, Malik but Bortles is still your QB and your coach was on the same staff that went 3-13 last year. At leat you got all that money.

  2. So, basically the players were running the asylum last year. Sounds about right, Malik.

  3. Oh, you guys are gonna love what Marrone brings…and it’s not what you are thinking.
    Bills fan…

  4. And people tell me that tough coaches are a thing of the past. It’s hogwash.
    If they’re willing to be tough, the good players will respond to it and the ones who don’t you don’t want on your team anyway.

  5. Haha will be at least 7-9 this year. Power running game with a solid defense. Mark it

  6. The Jags drafted 3 very gifted defensive studs in recent years. Fowler, Ramsey, and Jack. This year they added a few really key offensive guys. Bortles has shown that he has the ability to be a decent QB. He’s still very young, but he’s gaining experience. If those defenders can stay healthy, they’ll turn it around quickly. Look at Cam Newton’s career. When Carolina’s defense played well, it totally took the pressure off Cam, and he played really well too. It’s the same deal with most young QBs.

  7. Yeah, these “grown men” will get tired of that after a few weeks and start pouting like third graders about how Marrone is so mean.

  8. TC is gonna have this team running like well oiled machine in short order – book it!

  9. A good draft … a few good signings … they should better last year’s pitiful mark. Then everyone can worship Coughlin. It will be funny.

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