Bears hope getting healthier on defense makes big difference

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It’s not that the Bears didn’t need help on defense, after using all but one of their draft picks on the other side of the ball.

It’s primarily that they hope getting last year’s additions back on the field and healthy will make a bigger impact than any degree of rookies would.

That was the theme defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was stressing after minicamp, particularly hoping to see progress from outside linebacker Leonard Floyd (who missed four games with concussions and other injuries last year).

He’s got a foundation of a year behind him, and he was only available about half the time last year,” Fangio said, via John Mullin of “He had a bunch of those little injuries that interrupted his progress throughout the season. Hopefully with the year under his belt, getting in better shape, better condition, and take off. If he stays healthy, I feel good about him.

“He had a nice stretch there. I don’t remember the exact games, maybe it was like Game 9-12 where he was practicing and playing and you could see him coming. Then he got dinged twice in the last two games, or the last four games and it interrupted again.”

Floyd had seven sacks and showed plenty of promise. But he’s going to need help.

One guy who might not provide it soon is linebacker Danny Trevathan, after the free agent acquisition suffered a ruptured patellar tendon last November, and Fangio admitted he might not be ready for training camp.

But with other additions and returns the Bears could be looking at six new starters on defense from the group that finished the season, including nose tackle Eddie Goldman coming back and the addition of cornerbacks Prince Amukamara and Marcus Cooper and safety Quintin Demps.

9 responses to “Bears hope getting healthier on defense makes big difference

  1. “Hoping” is not what you want to hear in the off season or, really, anytime concerning the team’s future. I guess that’s what we are left with after an F+ draft.

  2. I’m not holding my.breath here. The number of player games the Bears have lost to injuries goes back more than just last season and is more than bad luck. There are fundamental problems with the approach to strength and conditioning in Halas Hall. But since mgmt didnt see fit to make changes in staff this offseason I guess they are going with hope as their strategy. Good luck with that.

  3. Lenard Floyd injuries worry me that we might have another Kevin White although he has already produced more than White.

  4. One year with bad injuries, I’ll give you. Two years is really bad luck. Three years is a pattern. We get three years of massive decimating injuries On both offense & defense, and I think the Bears organization needs to seriously look at what it’s doing wrong in terms of injury prevention.

    If there is a third injury plagued year for the Bears, the “bad luck” excuse is gone. Heads will need to roll.

  5. Amukamara and Cooper are journeymen CB’s , they aren’t help they are disasters. Demps is 32 years old and his old team didn’t want him off his nice year. Pace went dumpster diving in free agency AND the draft, so why do people expect the Bears to do any better

  6. Seriously, start by firing the grounds crew. Maybe I’m missing something as I don’t know all the details but why not use a field setup identical to Green Bay? It works in a northern climate without looking like 13 steeplechase races occurred the night before.

  7. Injuries have devastated the Bears to the point where you can’t tell who the starters are anymore. That’s how bad the injuries have been. The Bears don’t need new faces they just need the old faces to stray healthy.

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