Bills braintrust: Tyrod Taylor the “future,” but he’ll compete

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Now that they’ve found a coach and a General Manager who ought to be on the same page and can work together, the Bills now just have to go out and build an organization.

But they think one of the cornerstones may already be in place, with a few conditions.

During an interview with Peter King of, coach Sean McDermott had high praise for incumbent Tyrod Taylor, and while G.M. Brandon Beane reeled him in a bit, it’s clear Taylor’s the guy, for now.

Asked specifically if their quarterback of the future was on the roster, McDermott replied: “He is, in Tyrod Taylor. And then when you look at the competition we have behind him. We’ve drafted Nathan Peterman, we’ve added T.J. Yates, and then Cardale Jones in the draft a year ago. I’m not sure there is a team out there that has the depth that we do at the quarterback position. So we feel good about that. We’re anxious to see how Tyrod develops in his third year as a starter in a new system, a system that he has some familiarity with in terms of [new Buffalo offensive coordinator] Rick Dennison’s system in Baltimore a few years back with Gary Kubiak.”

The new G.M. then added the stipulations.

“We have open competition everywhere,” he said. “Obviously it is a quarterback league, but with Tyrod, . . . He has some tools, his speed, he is tough to game-plan for. He has some strengths and he is still a young starter in this league. It is going to be a competition for every position, to let them fight it out and earn the right to start on this team.”

McDermott came back to add: “I think that’s the key. Going back to your question, Can we guarantee he is on our roster right now? That remains to be seen and that is true at a lot of positions on our roster.”

While it’s not exactly a disagreement, it does show how the two will hopefully work together on other decisions. They have little choice but to go with Taylor at the moment, and there’s reason to think that might work. But after McDermott set the bar reasonably high for Taylor, Beane slid in with a dose of realism that no job can be truly safe in Buffalo, and the two were on the same page quickly.

It’s a small thing perhaps, and may not be as important as the salient question of whether Taylor is that guy or not, but their ability to work together to a similar conclusion will be a significant departure for a Bills organization that hasn’t always been quite so functional.

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  1. “I’m not sure there is a team out there that has the depth that we do at the quarterback position.”

    Buffalo fans……please dont take this personal….but…


  2. The main thing I didn’t get during the last draft was drafting Peterman. We have our starter (Tyrod), a solid back-up (TJ), and a guy with some promise to work with (Cardale). We have so many other needs, it seems like a wasted pick. Or it could mean Cardale is not in favor with new coach and he may only get a year here. Hopefully there is a practice squad spot for Jones or Peterman otherwise we wasted a pick in one of the last two drafts that we could have used for depth elsewhere.

  3. I realize Bills fans have been suffering forever but not even the Cleveland Browns are envious of Buffalo’s “depth” at quarterback. T.J Yates, Cardale Jones, Taylor and Nathan Peterman? Not exactly a murderers row of talent and skill. McDermott is starting to sound like Rex.

  4. The Bills just hired Joe Schoen to run their personnel operation. I don’t even know if he’s in the building yet, so I’ll cut these guys a little slack. Schoen better be able to bring in a good QB, or the Bills will be cleaning house again in 2-3 years. I suspect the coach and GM know that, but they can’t really come right out and say it.

  5. Pretty sure Bills will draft a QB in round 1 next season.

    As a Bills fan, I do not have faith in TT. This will definitely sort itself out this upcoming season.

  6. I can see going with Taylor this year while the younger QBs develop on the sideline, but if McDermott really thinks that Taylor is the long-term solution at QB, then he’s already on the wrong path, and the Bills will be headed for 20+ years with no playoffs. Taylor is a great runner, but he’s a bottom-of-the-barrel passer. This is a pass-oriented league, and the Bills won’t be keeping up if they stick with Taylor. When the Bills are in a must-pass situation, Taylor is absolutely awful.

  7. Taylor will revert to his M.O., of a quick glance downfield and then taking off and running. He can’t help himself. He can’t let a play develop, preferring to rely on his legs vs. his brain.

    I expect we’ll see Yates and/or Peterman before the season is over. And Jones is the last vestige of Whaley’s QB myopia. His chances of success are on par with my chances of winning the lottery.
    Peterman might be the future. I would not underestimate him.

  8. Tyrod led an offense that scored 25 ppg last year, and that’s with a very limited Sammy Watkins, a coordinator change mid-season, and a defense that could not get off the field nearly as much as we’d have liked. (don’t forget they didn’t let him play the last game against the Jets either, which turned out to be a genius move- the loss got us in the 10th spot and gave us KC’s 1st rounder next year)

    The guy is a leader, fun to watch, and had a better overall QB rating than guys like Big Ben, Rivers, Wilson and Carr last year. This year Dennison is building a system around him instead of plugging him into an existing ground and pound Greg Roman style offense.

    We were right to keep Tyrod. Watch him move this offense from 10th ranked last year to top 5. Now the question is can McDermott field a defense that can stop guys like Ajayi and Leveon Bell from getting 200 yard games against us? Last year with a decent defense and kicking game we win 10 games and a playoff spot. Lets go boys!

  9. I like Taylor and I am very content to let him manage things for a while, but this is some clear doubletalk. You don’t say a guy is your future, but also will have to compete for his job against some of the dregs of the league.

    FWIW, as a Bills fan I don’t mind the situation that much. Taylor’s game is fairly comparable to Alex Smith. If you look at their numbers over the past two years it bears out. Neither will typically make the big mistake. Both will have stretches of being very, very effective. Neither tends to be clutch in “the moment”.

    The difference between the Bills with Tyrod and the Chiefs and Niners under Smith is that Smith’s best days have come when he had a strong run game and a great defense while the Bills defense regressed under two years of Rex Ryan.

    I will take a season of “game manager competence” while they fix the D, and then with two first round draft picks in 2018 and another year on Tyrod’s contract to bring around a rookie QB.

  10. I think Peterman is in and Cardale Jones is out (practice squad?) by the end of training camp.

  11. Taylor is a worthless, inconsistent pretender of a QB – another one of the infamous Halloween QB’s who dress up in the costume but who are really running backs who think they can throw.

    With Tyrod as the future, Bills fans can’t be happy with all the misery he’ll continue to deliver.

  12. “The main thing I didn’t get during the last draft was drafting Peterman. We have our starter (Tyrod), a solid back-up (TJ), and a guy with some promise to work with (Cardale). We have so many other needs, it seems like a wasted pick.”

    They should be ‘wasting’ a pick every year until they have a proven stud franchise QB on the roster.

  13. Joma1969 – you’re right, we should keep drafting QBs till we find the answer. I think ive already talked myself into us using 2 1st rounders and whatever else to draft one of the California QBs next year so it seemed like a waste for this year,…. but if Peterman has a chance to be the guy we should keep trying.

  14. Do.Not.overlook.Peterman……he’”18″

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