Cardinals shifting D.J. Humphries to left tackle, Jared Veldheer to right side

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The Cardinals didn’t sign or draft a new left tackle this offseason, but they have designs on someone other than Jared Veldheer manning the position.

The team has shifted Veldheer to the right side of the line and plan to have D.J. Humphries take over on the left. The 2015 first-round pick said there’s been no awkwardness with Veldheer about the change as the veteran told him they’re “going to be good” in their new alignment.

That doesn’t mean the shift is a seamless one. There are habits to break with a move to a new position, something Veldheer called “kind of scary at first.”

“I wouldn’t categorize it as easy or hard,” Veldheer said, via the team’s website. “I think it’s just getting to the point where you can get that muscle memory. Your body, after doing it for years and years on one side, wants to take that position when you’re telling it to go block somebody. So it’s just that process of getting those reps down. We’re going a little faster in this phase, and it will probably be different again [in OTAs]. Then it will be different again in training camp, and it will be different again in the preseason, you know what I mean? There’s that curve of getting there. I understand it’s a process. There’s nothing to say it can’t be done. You’ve just got to do it and put in the time.”

If the process proves to be too much for the Cardinals, they can always go back to the old alignment but it looks like there will be old faces in new places come September.

5 responses to “Cardinals shifting D.J. Humphries to left tackle, Jared Veldheer to right side

  1. Yeah, Veldheer was pretty horrible in pass protection last year. I criticized the Raiders for letting him walk, but a couple of years as a decent, not great LT was nothing to overpay for.

  2. This doesn’t sound good; seems like the Cards haven’t fixed the O-line but are again trying to patch things together without spending any money. They may need all five QBs they have currently to get through the season!

  3. The KEY to the success in the Cards offense this year will be the OL…. And this move is actually a great tactical move by the coaching staff.

    Why? Jared will have to be much more “present” in order to adapt to his new position. There is a tendency to become somewhat complacent when repetition takes place over the years. Of course there is natural (human) tendency to resist change, but he is an outstanding athlete and will adjust and excel in this new capacity just fine….!

    This tweak to the OL folks could be the KEY to an outstanding year & SB run!!!

  4. Arizona is going to have an Elite monstrous Top-10 O-Line that ranks as one of the best in the NFL with everyone back healthy!!
    1st round pick 6″5/330pd LT DJ Humphries has been playing at an Elite level ever since AZ moved him back to his natural spot @ LT, Humphries is an excellent pass-protector and a monstrous run blocker ranking as one of the best run blocking OTs in the NFL!!! 6″8/330pd Mauler Jared Veldheer himself is an Elite OT who at LT ranked as a Top 10 OT Via Pro Football Focus at LT every single year perennially pretty much!!! At RT Jared Veldheer will be a Pro-Bowl level OT fairly easily, I’ve thought he was a Natural All-Pro caliber RT.
    Arizona’s Interior Offensive Line will be extremely strong. At LG Arizona has Elite Top 5 6″5/330pd LG Mike Iupati one of the best OGs in the NFL. At Center AZ has a far above average starting Center in 6″2/318pd A.Q Shipley who Pro Football Focus ranks 12th of 37 ranked OCs though last years 3rd round pick 6″3/310pd Center Evan Boehm will push Shipley hard for the starting Center position and Boehm is a beast with Pro-Bowl caliber talent/potential.
    At RG Arizona massively upgraded this off-season drafting one of the best OGs in the draft in drafting the 2nd ranked best guard in the draft who had a late 1st round to mid 2nd round grade in 6″5/311pd RG Dorian Johnson who is an elite run blocker and an excellent absolute technician of a pass blocker!!! Johnson is a flat out beast with All-Pro caliber kind of potential. AZ now has a TON OF BACK-UP DEPTH as well along the line in case of emergency.

    Arizona is going to have an excellent dominant Offensive Line this next season allowing Palmer to play at an Elite All-Pro level again as when u protect Palmer, he can play at a top 5 level all day .

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