CenturyLink extends naming-rights deal in Seattle through 2033

Getty Images

The world may look a lot different 16 years from now. One thing that will be the same is the name of the stadium where the Seattle Seahawks play.

According to SportsBusiness Daily, the agreement between CenturyLink and the Seahawks has been extended through 2033. The new deal, if approved by the Public Stadium Authority, commences in 2019.

Terms of the new deal aren’t yet known. CenturyLink currently pays $5 million per year for the naming rights.

The stadium initially was known as Qwest Field. It became CenturyLink Field after CenturyLink purchased Qwest Communications.

The news comes amid reports that CenturyLink would not be renewing the deal.

“Once we sat down and heard the initial presentation from the team, [both parties] knew we were in the ranges we would like to be,” CenturyLink spokeman Rich Karlis (apparently the same Rich Karlis who kicked barefoot in the NFL) said. “They did their homework. Everybody agreed we were close [on terms] and we got to a deal quickly. Both sides feel strong about where we landed.”

They feel strong enough to commit for nearly another generation.