Eddie Lacy has to hit the scales today, for big money

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Not only has Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy been sufficiently fat-shamed, now he gets to be fat-shamed on a regular schedule.

According to Field Yates of ESPN.com, Lacy’s first scheduled weigh-in with the Seahawks is today, and he  stands to make $55,000 if he weighs 255 pounds or less.

This is the first in a series of seven weight clauses in Lacy’s contract, and he can make more money by hitting prescribed targets in June, and then August through the end of the regular season (July’s a cheat month!).

While it’s borderline ridiculous, Lacy also created this problem by failing to keep himself the size the Packers wanted him throughout his career. This led to bouts of extreme workouts in the past, and he’s reportedly gotten even bigger than before signing in Seattle.

Fortunately he gets to taper, as he needs to be 250 in June and then 245 from August. It doesn’t seem like an unreasonable goal for an athlete, and this may be self-inflicted, but that doesn’t make it any less voyeuristic.

UPDATE 12:55 p.m. ET: He did it, everybody. According to a tweet from his agent, Lacy tipped the scales at a svelte 253 today to cash in.

30 responses to “Eddie Lacy has to hit the scales today, for big money

  1. Lemme see… Couple more wings, extra slice or two… Hell yeah, screw that 55 large… Unbelievable. If he fails…

  2. He was 230 when drafted, and pretty productive. Sounds like a bit of mixed info. Carroll said he wanted him “big”. Gotta be careful setting those expecatations

  3. I am a Packer fan, and when Seattle signed Lacy I told my Seattle friends that Lacy is the brother of Godzilla and they better be careful or he will eat all of downtown Seattle.

  4. Also have to say that up until this year the Packers haven’t invested much in RBs in the draft, and I was stoked when they got Lacy, but I was glad to see him go. He is hell on wheels when he is 100% heathy and motivated, but when he isn’t forget it.

  5. For your health and future success, I hope you make weight. Too bad you couldn’t be disciplined enough to keep you weight down in GB. The production was good when you were a little lighter but no so much when you ignored your weight. Good luck to you Mr. Lacy. I wish you the best of luck (when not facing GB) Oh BTW, I will be one of 70,000+ yelling “Feast Mode” when you return to GB week one.

  6. 255lbs now, 250lbs in June, and 245lbs by August….

    Makes one wonder how fat this dude really is. I’m guessing north of 270lbs. All those hours watching cartoons and eating Cheetos take a toll.

  7. You know the old joke that Eddie Lacy needs to butter his hips to get his pants on? He doesn’t need to do that anymore because butter oozes from his pores now.

  8. I lost 15 pounds last month by eliminating gluten from my diet and occasionally exercising. If he can’t meet these laughably easy weight goals he doesn’t belong in the league

  9. fumblenuts says:
    May 15, 2017 11:38 AM

    Word out of Seattle is he is working with a nutritionist and team (workout) trainer.

    Umm as Packers fans we heard that exact same thing the last couple of years. The problem for him is when he isn’t with his nutritionist and trainer.

  10. Could be as easy as the difference between living in the land of cheese vs the land of salmon.

  11. Reminds me of a Chad Daniels joke, where he makes fun of the entire concept of “The Biggest Loser” and being paid to lose weight.

    “How come there’s not a show called, ‘I’ve Always Been Skinny… Where’s My Damn Money?'”

  12. I’ll wade through all the unnecessary fat jokes to say Eddie Lacy can be a special back when he’s healthy.
    He’s nimble and has a burst for a big man and was a difficult runner to bring down once he got to the 2nd level of a defense.

    He was a joy to have around town and was extremely well liked in the locker room.
    Seattle made a nice pickup, provided he can keep his health in check.
    Ankle injuries have always been a problem for him and probably will still be if he can’t keep his weight around 230.

  13. So he has incentives now to try to manage his weight. I wonder what will happen when he is no longer in football. I hope the habits he is learning now stick with him.

  14. I don’t think it should be considered shaming when a person’s a professional athlete. If he were a sumo wrestler then a different body type would be expected. If he were a MMA fighter then a different body type would be expected. Even if he were a DT or WR a different body type would be expected. He’s a supposedly professional running back and there’s a specific body type that’s expected. In the offseason it’s his ONE JOB. You have to be able to be a professional year round if you want to keep making millions.

  15. This is like getting a bonus for showing up to work on time. He’s an athlete you’re expected to be in shape. I’m happy we dropped him- it’s laughable that he weighed somewhere in the 260’s while meeting with teams.

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