Eddie Lacy’s agents say he weighed in at 253 pounds


Running back Eddie Lacy’s contract with the Seahawks calls for regular weigh-ins with money coming his way each time he comes in below the maximum weight prescribed by the terms of the deal.

Lacy had the first of those weigh-ins on Monday with $55,000 heading his way if the scale showed he’s carrying under 255 pounds on his frame. According to his agents, Lacy can start thinking about things to spend that money on.

Lacy’s agents at SportsTrust Advisors sent out a tweet on Monday letting the world know that their client weighed in at 253 pounds.

Lacy will have his next visit with a scale in June and he’ll need to trim at least three pounds in order to hit his next goal of 250 pounds. August will bring the same limit and the Seahawks want him at 245 pounds for four monthly weigh-ins during the regular season.