See and hear Barstool Big Cat, PFT Commenter on PFT Live (part one)

Our good friends Barstool Big Cat and PFT Commenter may be barred from all NFL-related events. But they’re not banned from the only weekday radio and TV show that focuses exclusively (mostly) on the NFL.


Barstool Big Cat a/k/a Dan Katz and PFT Commenter a/k/a name withheld for reasons possibly related to an unfortunate incarceration, hosts of the award-winning-listener-driven Pardon My Take podcast, joined the program in person on Monday at 30 Rock in New York City. Here’s the first part of the three-part sit-down, which at one point became a stand-up so that I could prove to Big Cat that I’m not short.

We talked about the standard for retiring player numbers, whether Big Cat approves of the Bears’ decision to trade up for Mitchell Trubisky, and I rubbed some salt in PFTC’s still-festering wound arising from the loss of his favorite hockey team in seven games to the Penguins — an outcome which he in now way jinxed by proclaiming loudly and repeatedly that this was the Capitals year.

They’ll be embarking on their Grit Week tour soon, and swinging by the PFT compound for some food, some legal beverage, maybe some illegal smoke, and they’ll spend the night in the barn.