Willie Colon, Peter King visit Tuesday’s PFT Live

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PFT Live returns to 30 Rock on Tuesday for another three-hour look at the NFL. Former Jets and Steelers offensive lineman Willie Colon will join me in studio for the final hour of the program. During hour two, we’ll hear from Peter King by phone.

Among other things, we’ll look at Tom Brady’s recent comments regarding his intention to play until he’s 45, and then to reassess the situation once he gets halfway to 90. If he’s determined to do that, the Patriots have to be willing to keep him. So that’s the focal point of the question of the day.

Will Brady finish his career with the Patriots? It’s a yes or a no, and if you care to equivocate do so in the comments. After, of course, enjoying the final installment of Monday’s visit from Barstool Big Cat and PFT Commenter to the show.

2 responses to “Willie Colon, Peter King visit Tuesday’s PFT Live

  1. I can’t imagine Brady not finishing with the Patriots.
    He doesn’t need the money.
    He wants to win.
    Where else would he consider going?
    Maybe Denver? Houston?
    For 1 year?
    Eh, why bother.

  2. Even if the Patriots don’t want him for some reason down the road, Brady is retiring as a Patriot. Being with one team and coach extends your career, and unless they break up badly and he feels he has something left to prove, I don’t see him seeking out a new team and doing all the work that comes with settling in as its leader at this point in his career. He’s already played longer than 99% of the players in league history, been paid more, and accomplished more than almost anyone, so there’s not much reason to keeping playing except for his own love of the game or if the Pats tick him off whenever it is they breakup.

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