Brandon Graham: I’ve never had an issue with my contract

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Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham was back at the team’s facility on Tuesday after being absent last week amid conflicting reports about whether Graham wanted a new contract from the team before he’d return to workouts.

Graham addressed those reports in a statement he posted to his Twitter account denying any dissatisfaction with the deal he signed in 2015.

“Back in Philly and I just wanted to clear a few things up for all of our fans,” Graham wrote. “I was never holding out. I was in Detroit last week spending some time with my family. I love playing in Philly, I love our fans and I love this organization. I’ve never had an issue with my contract. I don’t know where that news came from. I will be here at OTAs leading the charge and ready to get things started.”

Graham has base salaries of $6.5 million for each of the next two seasons and had 5.5 sacks while starting all 16 games for Philly last season.

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  1. yea I think he saw the backlash and realized crap at my production im lucky to be making 6.5 each year.

  2. So the Eagles last game was Jan 1 2017, but he had to miss the first week of OTA’s because he was “spending time with family”. What was he doing between Jan 1 and May 1? I guess the only time he could fit family in to his busy off season schedule happened to coincided with the first week of his JOB that pays him 6 million dollars per year.

  3. It’s amazing what kind of things click-hungry journalists will come up with based on conjecture. Probably saw Graham didn’t show up and decided the juiciest reason would be a holdout. According to his unnamed “source” of course (aka, his own rectum).

    Part of the reason why I stay off most of these sports blogs and don’t follow twitter “reporters”. Tend to mostly rumors and outright lies.

  4. His sack totals throughout the years have not reflected his actual production. I think it was either tow years ago or last year he led the league in hurries and was top five in hits, if I remember correctly. He does produce a lot of pressure, and while pass rushers are judged on sacks, creating pressure is valuable in every situation. He’s a good player, even if he’s not the first guy who comes to mind as a pass rusher.

    Refreshing to hear a player say he’s fine with his contract. Hope he’s being sincere, but either way, it’s refreshing to hear it.

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