Devonta Freeman: I’m patient about contract, focused on being best I can be

Getty Images

Falcons running back Devonta Freeman’s contract became a talking point during Super Bowl week when his agent opined that it was time for Freeman to get a new, more lucrative deal with the team.

Freeman hasn’t gotten that deal from the team yet, but he said Tuesday that it isn’t causing him too much of a sweat. Freeman said a holdout isn’t a consideration and that “you can’t walk around and act sad and have an attitude,” leaving him to say that he’s just going to keep his mind on his game for the time being.

“I spoke to other guys about being in similar situations that I’m in right now,” Freeman said. “The main thing I can do right now is focus on my business, and my business is being the best Devonta Freeman I can be. Business will get taken care of outside of what I do and what I bring. I just focus on me. When it happens, it happens. It’s going to be a surprise. I’m just patient.”

One of the things Freeman said he’s going to focus on is being a more “disrespectful” runner this year by running through more tackles than he did last season. Should he accomplish that before securing a new deal, it should make for an even richer surprise when Freeman does turn his attention back to contractual matters.