Eagles’ workouts have players “competing like crazy for a T-shirt”

Getty Images

The Eagles have discovered that millionaire athletes will fight tooth and nail for a T-shirt worth a few bucks.

At the team’s offseason workouts, competition is the name of the game, whether it’s tug of war between linemen or agility tests between receivers. And winning those competitions is a big deal, even though the winners get relatively modest prizes like shirts, priority parking spaces and the right to choose the music in the weight room the week after they win.

“The guys are really buying into it and getting after it. There is a great desire to compete, and when there is a prize at the end, the guys really want to win,” Pederson said. “Our prizes are weekly T-shirts and parking spots along the front row in the parking lot. Those things mean a lot to the players. They are competing like crazy for a T-shirt and a better parking spot, things we take for granted. But the players want to win and they love it. Everybody has that drive in him to win and it’s the competition that motivates the spirit to win.”

The Eagles are hoping those competitions translate to wins on the field in September.