Jay Gruden not worrying about Kirk Cousins past 2017

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There’s been nothing new on the potential contract that would keep Kirk Cousins with Washington beyond the 2017 season, and there probably won’t be until much closer to the July 15 deadline for a long-term deal, if then.

So coach Jay Gruden has chosen to not worry about the fact he may not have his quarterback beyond this season.

“My approach, really: I’m not gonna be concerned about it,” Gruden said, via Liz Clarke of the Washington Post. “I know he’s gonna be here this season, and that’s all I care about.”

After being franchise-tagged, Cousins will make around $24 million for this season, which is good money, but far from the security for Cousins and the cap flexibility for the team a longer-term deal would allow. But rather than worry about those things (or the fact they don’t have a General Manager), Gruden’s staying focused on the present and thinking Cousins will improve.

“Whatever happens, happens with him and his agent and our organization,” Gruden said. “He has got two good years under his belt in our system, and I think it’s gonna be very good for him. You’re gonna see major growth from him again. . . .

“This is the year I’m worried about.”

Cousins followed a playoff season with 4,917 yards and 25 touchdowns last year, but struggled late in the season. Keeping him playing at the level of the last two years is Gruden’s concern, rather than the possibility that it could be his last with Cousins before he hits a free agent market with many interested suitors.

9 responses to “Jay Gruden not worrying about Kirk Cousins past 2017

  1. The organization is a dumpster fire.

    The Washington Redskins died in May of 1999.

  2. If RG Knee put up Kirk’s numbers they would have fallen all over themselves to over pay him…what a clueless franchise and fan base…

  3. >>“This is the year I’m worried about.”

    Translation: Cousins has us over a barrel. We are paying him top QB money and aren’t a playoff team. We should have traded him, or worked out a long term deal. He’s gone after the season, and we get a compensatory 3rd round pick.
    Or we’ll have to pay him as if he’s the best QB in the league, better than Rodgers and Brady. 27MM/year at least.
    I wonder if I’ll get fired next year when we have Colt McCoy start 16 games and go 4-12.

  4. Almost, we almost made it through the day without seeing the never, ever used term “dumpster fire.” Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

  5. Washington plays New York (twice), Seattle, Arizona, Denver, KC.

    All nasty defenses that get after the quarterback. If Kirk survives this season without getting hurt, and still manages to put up numbers despite losing his OC and top two receivers, he may finally get the contract he desires.

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