Sebastian Vollmer announces his retirement

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Former Patriots tackle Sebastian Vollmer is learning how to be a broadcaster this week — even though he’s not a quarterback.

And unlike Tony Romo, he’s willing to say he’s retired.

Via Mike Reiss of, Vollmer said in an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio that he was retiring. He’s going through the league’s broadcast boot camp this week in New Jersey.

Vollmer, 32, missed all of last season with a hip injury, and the Patriots released him this year. He said he’s already down 75 pounds from his playing weight of 320, which makes his declaration kind of a moot point anyway.

20 responses to “Sebastian Vollmer announces his retirement

  1. Thanks for the memories Seabass, you were not expected to be much in the NFL but you contributed greatly to the team effort. Good luck for your future.

  2. Good for him dropping the lbs and potentially getting into the booth. He had a good career and leaves with some rings too.

  3. Thank you for your time as a Patriot, Seabass.

    I’ll never forget when, as a rookie, an injury forced you to move over to Left tackle and take on Dwight Freeney in his prime. You proceeded to shut him out of the game entirely.

    I wish you all the best in retirement.

  4. 6’8″ and 245 lbs.

    At that height and weight he’s svelte.

    Sad to see him go. He was a great player for the Patriots for a long time.

    Goodluck Seabass!

  5. Amazing how these guys shed so much weight after playing. I remember Matt Birk , among others, also losing 75 pounds after he retired. Makes you wonder how the body functions.

  6. A true Patriot. Thank you for your service to New England in protecting Tom Brady. Best wishes for further success in the media.

  7. So many great memories champ. Enjoy retirement and hope to see you around Gillette a lot!

  8. There wasn’t really any doubt back when he was released that he was retiring. Remember how concerned we were when Light retired with Vollmer coming off injury and headed into a contract year? One more example of how with this team we can get caught up worrying about the wrong things.

    He had a damn good run and I wish him well in the future.

  9. Thanks Seabass, I remember when you were drafted and everyone thought it was a reach. Thanks for a very solid career and how nice is it to walk away with two rings?…Good luck

  10. He should ask Brady for some Brazilian and Italian HGH and he will gain back weight and extend his playing career few more years.

  11. Anything to release that Patriot’s choke hold on the Super Bowl championships. Hopefully some other team will get a chance. Best of luck, guy!

  12. I think you had your best games against the Bills. I remember one play where you flat out annihilated Kiko Alonso during the first game of the 2013 season. I was surprised Kiko got up.


  13. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    May 16, 2017 4:41 PM
    He should ask Brady…

    And some time soon the chipster will once again be claiming this id belongs to a Pats fan. You really just aren’t very good at this.

  14. Seabass should be a play-by-play guy in Germany. They’re catching on to football over there.

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