Caleb Brantley’s battery complaint has been dismissed


The Browns drafted defensive tackle Caleb Brantley in the sixth round of last month’s draft despite a battery complaint resulting from an incident that allegedly included Brantley punching a woman.

The team left the door open to parting ways with Brantley if their research into what happened led them to believe that was the right course of action, but it doesn’t look like there will be a reason for the team to backtrack.

Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times reports that the battery complaint has been dismissed by the Florida State Attorney’s Office. The court records cite “insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction” as the reason for the decision.

“It is obvious that the State Attorney’s Office did a thorough investigation into this case,” Brantley’s attorney Amy Osteryoung said. “It should be equally apparent that we agree with his decision. I spoke with Mr. Brantley and he is both relieved and thankful this investigation has concluded. He is looking forward to beginning the next chapter in his life with the Cleveland Browns.”

Brantley said recently that he has a “chip on his shoulder” to show people who said bad things about him that they were wrong. Wednesday’s development should leave him able to do that with the Browns.