Joe Thomas: It will be fun helping Myles Garrett develop


Left tackle Joe Thomas has spent a long time playing for the Browns and he’s seen a lot of high draft picks come through the doors over that span without seeing the team rise in the standings.

Thomas hopes things will be different with defensive end Myles Garrett, the first overall pick in this year’s draft and he likes what he’s seen of the rookie so far. Thomas said he’s “impressed with [Garrett’s] demeanor and his willingness to learn,” adding that he plans to do his part to help with the football education.

“He’s shown an interest in learning and I’m a player that really likes to try to help teach and impart any wisdom that I’ve gotten over the ages on some of those young guys, so it will be fun for me, too, to be able to try to help as best as I can and try to get him to think like an offensive tackle and hopefully turn him into the great player I think he can be,” Thomas said, via

Garrett’s arrival doesn’t solve the longstanding need at quarterback, although Thomas believes it is hard for quarterbacks “to have that success” without the right pieces in place around them. He’s certainly gotten enough evidence to support that theory over the years, so we’ll see if tutoring Garrett helps the Browns find better things in the future.