NFL plans to let two players come back from injured reserve

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The NFL is continuing to loosen its injured reserve rules.

In 2012, the league began allowing each team to designate one player for return, meaning he could come back from injured reserve after eight weeks. Last year, the league altered that rule and didn’t require teams to identify that player in advance. And now the league may allow teams to bring two players back.

Judy Battista of NFL Network reports that NFL owners are expected to pass a proposal to allow a second player to come off injured reserve during the season. The owners are meeting on Monday in Chicago.

The NFL seems to be gradually moving in the direction of loosening restrictions on rosters, and it wouldn’t be surprising if in the next few years we see other moves, such as an expansion of the 53-player regular-season roster or the 46-player game day roster. Changing injured reserve rules is a baby step, but it’s a step in that direction.

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  1. Thank goodness they are loosening the rosters. As a Pats fan, it’s been difficult seeing them struggle to maintain success with the “parity” rules in place.

  2. Right on a baby step, but at least in right direction. If the $$ grabbing owners don’t want to increase 53 man roster, why not expand practice squad? & allow teams to call up players from it (due to injuries from the 53) without risk of losing the player(s) to other teams (similar to MLB’s late season call ups).

  3. This is a good thing and long overdue give the number of injuries that occur each year for every team.

  4. I like it. I don’t see why a player should have to miss the entire season, including maybe the playoffs and maybe super bowl, just because they suffered an 10 week injury in the preseason.

  5. Why doesn’t the NFL implement a system like MLB where they use a Disabled List? Give them similar options. MLB has 15 day, 30 day, and 60 day designations. With teams playing once a week, 60 days on the DL is potentially 9 games. Teams aren’t going to just arbitrarily use that designation to play games with roster spots. I never really understood the NFL’s rules about Injured Reserve meaning your season is over, in some cases with PreSeason injuries, its over before it even starts.

    I’m sure the smart people involved with the NFL can come up with the rules regarding those injury designations, to make it fair. Maybe you can only have a limited number of players for each designation at any one time. But it will likely also require adjustments to the practice squad as well. I don’t claim to have the answers, but I’d be interested to know if they have investigated that kind of thing, and if they have, why didn’t they go that direction? Because of Thursday Night Football, Mon Night Football, Bye Weeks, etc, maybe they don’t make it a number of days, maybe they make it a number of games (instead of 15 days its a 2 game DL, instead of 30 days its a 4 game DL, and instead of 60 days its a 8 game DL)? That way it is fair to all teams, and the schedule oddities (regarding days between games, as in Sun to thurs is 4 days, sun to sun is 7 days, thurs to the following mon is 11 days) aren’t factored in.

  6. Long overdue. The league has a hard cap, there should be no restrictions on returns from IR. Making teams choose who can come back when players have snap count or game day roster incentives invites chicanery when a team is out of contention.

  7. What about the NFLPA? The current 1-man rule was negotiated with them so I doubt the owners can just unilaterally change it.

  8. This is a good step. Most fans don’t understand that players who end
    up on the DL can suffer financial penalties. It can also effect their pension and accrued benefits. This can be especially harmful to
    younger less tenured players who suffer a 4-6 week injury yet are out for the year.
    I believe what led to the restrictions was abuse in the past where a 6 round offensive lineman ” broke” his hand and was put in injured reserve for a year, when actually it was a ” redshirt ” year.
    Now independent doctors can see medical records more easily to stop
    that kind of abuse of the rules.

  9. a step toward 18 game schedule?
    I’d bet going to 53 game day roster is next…

  10. Isn’t some of this stuff part of the collective bargaining agreement? If so, neither side is going to give up much without something in return.

  11. Just protect the players, from too soon due to lack of total recovery to avoid paying bonuses with lack of clearance, etc. And, the doctor(s) doing the clearance can have no connection with the team or league; not even season ticket holder. Sending them to one of the major national clinics should reduce the “mickey mouse” evaluations one might expect.

  12. let’s not forget that this isn’t about players, it is about money. Owners have a lot of money tied up in players who get hurt. Getting them playing is a better return on investment than letting them sit home and collect their pay. I actually agree with this new rule but we want to understand what is driving it.

  13. The reason the “no return” from IR was instituted years ago was due to teams stashing players on IR to keep them available and, thusly, increase the roster size.
    At one time, players were cycled to and from IR on a weekly basis depending on the offensive/defensive game plans for each weekly opponent. I see teams doing the same thing again if allowed.

  14. Great – break out the HGH -we can get those torn Pectorals back in no time at all.

  15. Great – break out the HGH – we can fix those torn Pects in no time at all

  16. Can’ t believe they’ll do this without a quid pro quo. It makes too much sense. Like the idea above about disabled lists of varying lengths. Let 53 dress. Only if the last 7 play do they get game checks

  17. The mighty NFL and Goodell are always working around the edges when the core Brand is disintegrating with owners like the Spanos/Frabriani mob, the Davis raiders criminals and the “build a monument to myself” kroenke/Walmart Kabaal. The next move is Buffalo to San Antonio. Buffalo fans don’t have the billions to build a new covered dome stadium. They live in New York State where citizens are hugely over-taxed….like Cali, the Brokee state. Hmmm….the San Antonio Bills…sounds good.

  18. The weekly inactives is the absolute dumbest rule. Teams pay these guys why in the hell are they inactive? Seriously what is the point of having players inactive for games? dumbest damn rule in the NFL

  19. A step in the right direction. I see no reason to have any limit to how many can come back, as long as you put a minimum number of weeks they have to be on IR (6, 8, 10, ?). Sure, if you make it 2 weeks, teams will play games with it. But, if you make a guy sit out there for 8-10 weeks, they will only use it for guys that legitimately cannot help for two months. If they then get healthy, there should be no reason to not be able to bring them back.

  20. Obi Wan Jablowme says:
    May 17, 2017 9:12 AM

    Why doesn’t the NFL implement a system like MLB where they use a Disabled List? Give them similar options. MLB has 15 day, 30 day, and 60 day designations.
    Actually, the 30-day DL went away several years ago, and the new CBA that went into effect this year reduced the 15-day DL to 10 days. The 60-day DL is still there, any players on that DL don’t count on the 40-man roster.

    Yes, this is a good rule. Others that are needed with regard to rosters:
    1) As others have said, no game day inactives. Stupidest rule EVER.
    2) Bind practice squad players to their current teams. No more signing other teams’ practice squad players with no compensation.
    3) Following old MLB model, 3 levels of IR – 30 days, 60 days and 200 days (which would effectively be season-ending). No limits on how many players on any tier. Those on 200-day IR don’t count toward 53-man roster.
    4) Increase roster to 60.

    Do these things and you can increase the season to 18 games without dramatic increase to injury risk.

  21. As the fan of a team who had 19 players on IR at the end of last season, I am fully in favor of this change.

  22. Rosters should increase to around 58 active players, with all available on gameday. Practice squad should be 6-8 players and a team should be able to move four players back from IR once they have been on IR for at least four weeks.

    The teams have the money for this.

    I would also like to see the whole “supplemental” draft picks system done away with and just add another round to the draft.

  23. The sixers I mean Eagles better not hold Jones out for the whole year with all this at their disposal just to be safe. If hes able to play by October then play him.

    Im sick of the just to be sure crap. Mostly bc it doesnt work. If guys r gonna get hurt they will. U cant heal anymore then 100%. Ask Embiid, Simmons, and Okafor.

    It was all extra caution, and minute restrictions, and they all got reinjured.

    Dont Colangelo this thing Howie.

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