Tom Brady’s wife: He had a concussion last year, has had other concussions

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Officially, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has never had a concussion. Unofficially, it appears that he has.

Brady’s wife, Gisele Bundchen, appeared on CBS This Morning and had this to say to Charlie Rose regarding whether she wants her husband to retire from football.

“I just have to say, as a wife, I’m a little bit — as you know, it’s not the most — let’s say [it’s] an aggressive sport. Football, like he had a concussion last year,” she said. “I mean, he has concussions, pretty much, I mean, we don’t talk about [it] but he does have concussions. I don’t think it’s a healthy thing for your body to go through like — you know, to that kind of aggression all the time. That cannot be healthy for you, right? I mean I plan on having him be healthy and do a lot of fun things when we’re like 100, I hope.

If he had a concussion last year, he apparently hid it from the teams and any/all doctors and/or athletic trainers responsible for spotting concussions and keeping concussed players out of action until they have recovered. While the knee-jerk reaction will be to claim that the Patriots lied on the injury report, the truth very well may be that the team didn’t know and the doctors didn’t know and the athletic trainers didn’t know — and that Brady successfully hid the symptoms to allow himself to continue to play.

The Patriots have not immediately responded to a request for comment. If they ever do comment, they’ll likely say they have no knowledge of any concussion that Brady ever suffered. The real question will be whether Brady has had concussions and what he has done to hide them, or whether his wife is simply misinformed or making bad assumptions.

Either way, the issue presents a complication for Brady that he’ll need to fully and completely address, sooner than later.

177 responses to “Tom Brady’s wife: He had a concussion last year, has had other concussions

  1. No problem. If you’re doing all sorts of shady things a short memory is a good thing. He’s probably already forgotten why he destroyed his phone. I know the Pats fans have.

  2. Before every game he slams helmets with half the team. I believe Ben Watson once said he got concussed from Brady. She probably saw that and thought concussion.

  3. he doesnt have to address anything. If he and his wife think he may have suffered a concussion , but he didnt report it to the Patriots, then that is his choice, he is a big boy, he knows his body, He owes nothing to the media, or the league

  4. Gee, another Brady click bait story to get CryBabyNation fired up and posting?

    Somebody is lying here…….anyone surprised? Wait…wait.. just the haters….there I got it started.

  5. What a Brazilian supermodel defines as a concussion is not particularly noteworthy. I don’t think she has had a lot of medical training.

  6. If this was any team other than the Patriots you would be out on your player safety concussion crusade against that team, but since it’s the Patriots you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Funny how that works.

  7. No chance that TB12 isn’t 100% legit. I mean, could you imagine a world where he or any other football player isn’t honest all the time? Crazy talk.

  8. Who cares if he played the whole season with two broken legs? Injury reporting is such nonsense.

    The NFL should take a page from the NHL when it comes to reporting injuries.

  9. Unless and until the NFL does something about the Colts and the fact that they hid Andrew Luck’s injuries, nothing can or should be said or done about anything the Patriots may or may not have done.

  10. cue the haters…… goes on in everyday in football on every team in every game. These guys know the risks, let them play if they want to play. Look at every press conference after every game and show me where he exhibited concussion like symptoms.

  11. Maybe she gave him a concussion? I mean it would be easy to lose all control with a women like her and bash your head against a bed post or three?

  12. When I saw him with that Trump hat last year, I suspected CTE. Remember when he used to smash his helmet into a lineman’s helmet several times before games. Ouch. How smart was that? GOAT?

  13. I’m not a Patriots fan nor do I like the Patriots, but we cannot start the Patriots covered this up stories either. The fact of the matter is I would be a high percent of wives of players would say their husbands hid concussion symptoms from the team in order to keep playing and out of fear of losing his job. That’s what has to change, but I don’t see how as the first thing every team says when someone gets hurt is “next man up.”

  14. Brady and possibly the Patriots caught lying/cheating yet again. What else is new.

  15. Obviously, she is lying. No one in, nor associated with, the Pats organization would ever “flex” the truth nor bend any of the rules. I cnnot believe that Brady, the paragon of virtue, would even associate with a person who voices such obvious falsehoods against him.
    On the other hand, probably 75% of the concussions in the league are hidden by the players and teams in the interest of winning games.

  16. This is most likely Brady’s last year now. This is the most passive aggressive way for his wife to tell Tom that it’s time to hang up the cleats. I think with what’s going to transpire, it will be tough for him to play another year

  17. It’s up to the NFL sideline medical spotter to put a player into the concussion protocol, haters. Try brushing up on the rules first.

  18. Every NFL player likely deals with multiple concussions through out the season, the degree of severity of any concussion varies, anyone can get a concussion and not even notice that they have one.

  19. My God this is pathetic.

    The guys on this site are so desperate to see the Patriots dethroned they’re now hoping to beat the them due to injuries since they clearly have no shot to win an actual game.

  20. Seems to me that the only way Brady can successfully hide a concussion is that it just wasn’t that bad. He played last year at a very high level so any impact from this kind of injury was only minimal. If he can play like that despite a concussion then he belongs on the field so just leave him and the Patriots alone. There was no cheating.

  21. I’m sure that there are a large number of players, every season, that have their bell rung. Some mildly and sadly some severely. Football, hockey, and even to a degree soccer are contact sports and concussions are an unfortunate byproduct.

  22. Wow. So Brady had a concussion last year and still played at an MVP-caliber level? The dude really is the GOAT. Can he do anything wrong?

    Cue all the haters pretending this is the first time anyone has played through injury. Remember, there are “independent” spotters at every game for this exact reason. Likely, there was no diagnosed concussion.

  23. Just another opportunity for the haters to contradict themselves about how “soft” he is. Did he look concussed to you while stomping on the Falcons’ throat?

  24. He plays with a concussion better than the other QBs play without one. Maybe he is the greatest of all time.

  25. Funny that most of the Patriot fans are more concerned about her saying anything about undiagnosed or unreporteed concussions than the greatest player in their team’s history long term health. I’m pretty sure that makes you horrible people, but we pretty much already knew that about most of you. Also, pretty sure Brady can’t have a “sit-down” to muzzle her. News flash, she makes waaaaay more than he does.

  26. Also the fact that she said “We don’t discuss these things” is a clear case of hiding these from either the team or the media or both. Plus just like the Richard Sherman case, hiding this stuff is not tolerated by the NFL.

  27. Pathetic Pats haters “WAAAAAAAAAAAA mean ol’ Pats mean ol’ Belichick mean ol’ Brady WAAAAAAA”

  28. Yeah can’t believe this wasn’t on the injury report like Leveon Bell, Richard Sherman and Andrew Luck in the last couple years. Oh wait.

  29. It makes my day with all the cheater talk from the haters. Just because your team stinks you need to vent. Get over it children. I do agree with you the whole Patriots success is a system thing. Look at the fact of cheaters and Patriots are not the leaders.

  30. Mark Sanchez suffered a serious head injury running into Brandon Moore on Thanksgiving night in 2012 but he has never complained about it.

  31. “[T]he truth very well may be that the team didn’t know and the doctors didn’t know and the athletic trainers didn’t know — and that Brady successfully hid the symptoms to allow himself to continue to play.”

    Fair. Also keep in mind…Gisele is not a doctor.

  32. Anyone that has played in the NFL has had a concussion. Do they report it on every player?

  33. If this is true, then sadly it doesn’t surprise me at all – and I say this as a lifelong Pats fan. That being said, IF this is true, then I think it is far more likely that Brady hid his symptoms than it is that the Pats didn’t report them. Brady remembers how he got his job and I’m sure he would do anything and everything in his power to stay on the field – just like any other player.

  34. Yes! Keep the whining, name calling and accusations going. Your pre-teen tears are delicious. The best part is I don’t have to hear you. I just have to read it. Don’t forget caps lock to really push your point home, haters. lol 5 rings and counting….

  35. Based upon her quoted statement, there’s nothing to worry about. She should be shown the bank statements and the door and make a choice.

  36. I dunno. He goes on Weei the next day after games at like 7am and speaks fine…. course he says the same stuff every week so he can prob fake his way through it.

  37. The real story here is the GOAT is being leaned on by his wife to retire soon. I’m selfish and don’t want him to but if that’s the case it’s been a real honour and privilege to watch the GOAT work his craft on the football field. I know I’m going to enjoy what he has to give us whether it is a lot or a little but more.

    On behalf of all intelligent fans who appreciate the game- thank you Tom!

  38. I remember Payton Manning saying how he purposely did bad on the baseline test so if he was concussed it wouldn’t show up as easily. This is the one thing that Brady is accused of that the NFL will not dig into. They don’t need any public talk of concussions…

    Besides, listen to it in her broken English and it sounds like she has no idea what a concussion is.

  39. Neither of them, like, knew that football, like, is aggressive, and, like, a person could, like, get injured, like, fairly easily.

  40. Given the Patriots stellar history of fairplay and integrity, I find even the thought they would lie on the injury reports disturbing. As Mr. Florio said, that would be a knee Jerk reaction to think such a thing. Surely, there is no chance of it being grounded in reality given the Patriot Organizations unblemished history.

  41. I would not be surprised if the Patriots win another ring this season Brady may retire as sad as that day will be for us Patriot fans.

  42. But what about Aaron Rodgers the cheater and his over-inflated footballs? Let’s sic Ted Wells on him. Or are 31 teams allowed to cheat and practice gamesmanship but when the Patriots are involved it becomes a federal case?

  43. Not a Pats fan at all, but realistically, had he been shut down for one or two games, I do not think it would’ve affected the out come of maybe but one of those games from a W to an L…. Still in playoffs, and still cleaning the Falcons clock in the SB.

  44. I don’t care if he, or any other player makes the decision to play with a slight concussion. They are grown men…no one is forcing them to play the “game.” They do it of their own free will, and for some, the reward to risk ratio is so high that they hide the symptoms. IMO, older era players deserve something for CTE, these guys today…no. Today they are fully aware of of the dangers of concussions, they decide to play…any future health issues are on them.

  45. Some of these comments are pretty amazing. It should be obvious that Gisele is seeing what is happening to other former players later in life and is concerned about Tom’s future. She is being a good wife here; imagine if she came out and said that she didn’t care how many hits Tom takes as long as the paychecks keep rolling in?

  46. Good grief, Giselle. Can’t imagine Tom Brady, Belichick, the entire Pats organization wanted that cat out of the bag.

  47. Anyone that doesn’t speak fluent sentences…may have had a coconut fall on their head and had a concussion, you know?

  48. Anyone who calls this cheating needs to look no farther than their own team for evidence of similar behavior. Most players will hide injuries from the team medical staff, so much so it would almost seem to be in their DNA.

    The real question here is how to change that culture in players and I have no answer to that. You can’t use suspensions as a penalty, too much grey area. Education may be the key, make the players realize it is in their best behalf to avoid another hit if damage has already been done but even that would not work on all players.

    The real scary part to me is the evidence showing repeated sub concussive impact can cause the problems also, how do you prevent that, impossible I’d think.

  49. Now the sideline concussion guys will be instructed to remove Brady the first time his head touches another player or the ground. Or there will be a 2 year investigation and loss of draft picks since ole Rog isn’t welcome in NE.

  50. The Patriots have been cheating on their injury reports for over a decade an a half. If it wasn’t obvious enough already by studying their injury reports and with fomer players admitting they cheat the injury reports, this just further goes to prove it.

    The Patriots will always have an asterisk next to their super bowl wins due to these type of cheating scandals. And I say this as a fan of a team that’s not even in their conference. I wouldn’t care if they wont legit, but they don’t. They cheat their way to championships.

  51. So you’re saying the Patriots are trying to cover up their blatant rule breaking? Shocking. ******

  52. I have to laugh at those of you saying Tom should show her the door (or similar comments). Are you aware that she makes more money than he does? She is estimated to have made 30+ million in 2016. Even with some endorsements, Brady likely falls a little short of that.

    That said, she should not comment publicly on Tom’s business. Brady and/or the Pats likely end up fined out of this somehow. At a minimum, Brady will now be watched even closer for the concussion protocol.

  53. LOL!
    1) She isn’t a doctor – her definition may not be sufficient to fail a test.
    2) The league watches this guy like a hawk, desperate for anything.
    3) It’s not up to him but to team and league officials to spot a concussion because they all know players usually try to play through them.
    4) If he was always getting concussions like she thinks, it would have been spotted by now.
    5) If he can play the GOAT whilst playing through regular concussions, then he’s superhuman.
    6) But don’t cry, haters, because I think I once saw him wear a nonregulation-color mouth guard – it could have just been my crappy TV screen, but don’t let that stop you…

  54. I hate to defend Tom Brady and the Patriots, but it seems pretty clear she’s using the wrong word. She is a Brazilian of German descent and her first language is not English. I think she may be using the term “concussion” not in the medical sense but in terms of a synonym for “impact.” Should be pretty easy to clear this up.

  55. At least she speaks exactly like you’d expect a super model to you know, speak.

  56. Looks like a cover up. Any other player would be sidelined on the concussion protocol for 2-4 games, of course this is Brady so we can’t have that!

  57. I suspect they’ll keep making excuses right up until he drops dead…then they’ll switch to making excuses about that.

  58. The only person instigating the talk here is the wife so Pats fans need to stop trying to turn that around and deflecting by calling this hate on Tom. When you don’t do things legitimately, ultimately things will reveal themselves. She is a smart woman but not particularly bright in terms of discernment about the NFL. She will walk this back after a chat with Brady who will chat with the wife. The Pats have a great football legacy but they also have the legacy of cheater that it shows, even in what appears to be an innocent comment.

  59. Clown roger and his lapdog troy must be salivating; unproven allegations against the Patriots are their favorite.

  60. Geez Giselle, just because he forgot your birthday doesn’t mean he has a concussion.

    Tom Brady? You mean the Tom Brady who QB’s a system that is designed to get rid of the ball within 2-3 seconds? The guy who throws a hissy fit every time he finds himself on the ground as he looks for a flag with his arms in the air? The guy who plays in the era where the system is designed to protect QB’s unlike the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

    C’mon Giselle! The closest Tom has come to a concussion is probably one of your family time pillow fights.

  61. It wasn’t a concussion. It was a really, really bad headache from having to listen to all the whining and crying from Fraudger and the rest of the league.

  62. This is just the surface.

    You are naive if you think there aren’t players all over the league, elite level, the fate of the game changes on whether they play important players hiding concussions all over the league.

    The league can say they’re reporting more concussions and doing a better job holding players out, but holding a backup TE out is way different than Tom Brady.

    The league can say that concussions are being treated better and more education is out there, but there is still the overwhelming urge among the players to ‘not let the team down’ ‘be the leader you are’ and the desire to win that important game since everyone else needs them.

  63. Remember earlier in the offseason when there were stories about PIT not putting LeVeon Bell on the injury report and SEA doing the same thing with Richard Sherman? Fans of a certain team in the northeastern United States were clamoring for the NFL to punish both of these franchises for failing to disclose those injuries on the injury report.

    I wonder if those same fans think the NFL should punish the Patriots for doing the same exact thing?

  64. If he plays like that with concussions, he may very well be the GOAT. But if you listen to the old-timers, they always played with concussions too.

  65. Regardless of the facts of this situation, I am glad to be able to watch one of the greatest athletes to ever play the game of football, and he will be sorely missed by many, when he retires…

  66. With all due respect, there is no possible way that Gisele knows what she is talking about. She is just worried about her husband.

    However, pile on if you want. A 2017 rally cry was needed!

  67. The Brazilian term for “Super Bowl MVP” is “concussione”

    That should clear up the confusion.

  68. The hardest hit Brady takes is when he head butts Edelman during pre game. Never missed a play, never needed medical attention during any game. NFL will try and blow this out of proportion though.

  69. nflfan1blog says:
    May 17, 2017 10:20 AM
    And this makes him different that 98% of other players in the NFL because….???

    Ding, ding, ding , we have a winner!
    IF he was concussed no one, the team, the refs or the spotters caught it. With Garoppolo behind him Brady is just like 98% of other players now, he has someone nipping at his heels. He certainly hasn’t forgotten how he got the starting job when it was Bledsoe that had a hungry younger and cheaper player behind him.

  70. I always thought TB would retire a Patriot, but if Giselle is going to run her mouth, particularly about injuries, real or imagined, THAT is one thing BB will not tolerate and he’s prob rather go with JG than deal with more crap from the NFL for potentially not reporting things etc.

    This was a VERY STUPID thing for her to say

  71. Brady didn’t miss a post game interview last year.

    A player suspected of having a concussion, or clinically determined to have one, is not allowed to conduct news media interviews afterward and is instructed to avoid physical and mental activity. The player sees one of the league-appointed neurologists, usually two days after the game.

  72. Most corrupt organization in all of professional sports! When will justice be served on this shady team!

  73. NFLPA now looking into it. Roger will be next. I don’t think she knows what she’s done.

  74. If you are interested in protecting players from getting concussions, that’s great.

    Giselle, while she makes more money than Tom, is no neurologist, she is a supermodel who loves and cares about her husband.

    Tom, is a great QB, but also, not a brain surgeon. Players are not expected to self-diagnose, especially if they actually have a concussion.

    If every woozy player is pulled from the game and put in the protocol, you will probably lose 10-20 players a game. Be careful what you ask for.

    If you want to rail on someone about concussions, it starts with Goodell and the NFL. and their doctors, who are keeping a lid on it.

    As far as Gisele wanting Tom to not suffer from CTE, who can’t admire that? Everything I see or read about her tells me that she is 100% classy, intelligent, and a great mother and wife.

  75. Lets be honest….if the NFL started pulling players after every hard hit…the rosters would have to be upped to 75 and it would get half the viewership. Average precautionary DNR’s in games would be 6-10 players and games would be decided by backups and third stringers. I’m not investing 3 hours of my viewing time to watch that.

  76. “But what about Aaron Rodgers the cheater and his over-inflated footballs?”

    That’s not cheating. Rodgers over-inflated the balls before inspection, not after, like Brady was punished for.

  77. jjfootball says:
    May 17, 2017 1:59 PM

    Most corrupt organization in all of professional sports!

    Yep. The NFL surely is. Worse than FIFA.

  78. As a lifelong Patriot hater there is nothing more than I love more than to see them lose. But not this way. I want my team, and any other NFL team to beat Tom Brady and the New England machine the old fashioned way. Straight up good old toe to toe smash mouth football.

    As is so often said, if you want to be the best you have to beat the best. And that’s how it should be. Beat him. If you can’t, reload and try again. The man has been incredible for a number of years regardless of the myriad of crap that’s been thrown at him.

    I want my team to win and I want them to win bad. But I want them to do it by beating the best Tom Brady and New England team possible. Only then can they truly call themselves champions.

    And if it’s true that he’s suffered all of these concussions without being caught or effecting his play, it just adds that much more to the mystique that is Tom Brady. Suck it up people. He’s just that good.

  79. It would be par for the NFL course for the Patriots to be the victims of yet more fakery, for doing something that everyone else has been proven to have done.

    That’s what happens when you are on top, though.

  80. Compare and contrast reactions here with the reactions to the revelation that Andrew Luck actually played with an unreported rib injury – an injury that significantly affected his play, and that Richard Sherman played with an unreported knee injury – another injury that significantly affected his play.

    Did Brady have an actual concussion? We don’t know. Do lots of NFL players play through mild concussion symptoms? Certainly. Was Brady’s level of play affected? No.

    Do haters look for negative stories to feed their animus towards Brady and apply standards to him that are applied to nobody else? Certainly.

    The Patriots have already been unfairly docked two draft picks for something that didn’t even happen. Haters, just shut up already.

  81. “Hmmmmmm…Patriots circumventing the injury report, eh? I’m thinking the forfeiture of additional draft picks is in order…Roger?”

    Oh yes, please go down that road. I’d love to see it. With evidence as great as a bimbo wife’s diagnosis and the fact that the Steelers and Seahawks got absolutely nothing for not disclosing injuries they were fully aware of, it will just further prove that there’s rules for the Patriots and other rules for everyone else.

  82. “That’s not cheating. Rodgers over-inflated the balls before inspection, not after, like Brady was punished for.”

    Wow…two assertions, neither of which there is any evidence for.

    Brady was punished because the idiots at the NFL HQ made accusations against him that were unsupported by the actual measurements, and then they decided that they’d be better off sticking to the false charges than admit a mistake.

    Anybody who continues to play along with the fiction that any footballs were actually deflated, or that there was ever any evidence suggesting such a thing, cannot be taken seriously as a person with any interest in the truth. Such a person is just a “it feels good, so I’m’ going to believe it” kind of person.

  83. It should read”the triumphant return of Lemmy Akyadis” says:
    May 17, 2017 2:21 PM

    Correct me if I’m mistaken but didn’t the NFL install a specified concussion evaluator for every game? Not a team guy but an independent league guy.

    They claimed they did, but the guy must be blind, because they never see them.

  84. wib22 says:
    May 17, 2017 10:35 AM

    My husband cannot catch the footballs and avoid concussions


    Haha, gotta tip my cap to this one

  85. If he had a true concussion, he wouldn’t be able to run the huddle. It wouldn’t be close.

    A hit is not a concussion, although it may look like one to a supermodel.

  86. Didn’t Sidney Crosby take a vicious hit in Game 6 vs the caps…. he wasn’t evaluated for one… even though he has a history of concussions and he looked shaken up.

    I hadn’t seen Brady take a hit like that last season.

  87. She said he’s had concussions for years, and yet none of them have showed up on the injury report. Given how seriously the NFL takes brain trauma these days and the fact that the Patriots are serial offenders when it comes to rule-breaking, this should result in a VERY serious penalty… loss of picks and fine if the team knew and failed to report, 16-game suspension for Brady if he didn’t tell the team.

  88. Good excuse to not want to get intimate with your mouthy, controlling wife. No wonder he likes the nanny.

  89. So a wife didn’t get her way through talking with her husband and now tries to get her way by sabotaging him. Any guy here who has been married knows what really happened.

    She may make $50MIL a year and be a model, but it is no lie to say that Brady can actually do better.

  90. Gotta love this – first time in US history that anyone has give a flying $£% about anything that came out of the mouth of t a Super Model!

  91. I’m not a Pats fan, but I am a TB fan. He’s got more drive than any other QB I’ve ever seen (and I grew up during the Favre era as a Packers fan). I have no doubt this is all on Tom and his relentless drive to succeed.

  92. She is confusing the dizziness caused by cleaning rings and trophies with concussions…simple mistake…can you imagine the fumes caused by cleaning agents???Not to mention the glare afterwards…probably like staring into the sun..just imagine…simple mistake.Imagining what Brady goes through is not the same as actually cleaning all them diamonds,shiny trophies and gold…wish all the haters had to suffer like that….but that will never happen…So sad.

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