Trainer says Colin Kaepernick preparing like he’s still a starting quarterback

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Colin Kaepernick almost certainly will not be starting NFL games this fall unless an injury somewhere along the way forces him into the lineup. However, Kaepernick – despite rumors that he isn’t that interested in football anymore and wants to pursue more social justice work instead – is still preparing like he’s going to be a starting quarterback.

In a letter to Peter King of, Kaepernick’s trainer, Josh Hidalgo, dispelled the notion that Kaepernick isn’t committed to football and said he’s been training hard with him in New York City.

Colin has been there since January, training with me five days a week,” Hidalgo wrote. “We have been getting ready for football as if he was a starting quarterback for an NFL team. When I read that people don’t know if Colin wants to play football … this guy’s been doing it five hours a day, five days a week, like he has a starting NFL job. And we don’t take days off.”

Kaepernick remain unsigned after opting out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers earlier this year. However, the Seahawks have expressed interest in Kaepernick as a backup option behind Russell Wilson and even reportedly reached out to his agent last week.

Hidalgo said any team interested should visit Kaepernick and see for themselves the work he’s put in.

“We knew he was going to be dissected,” Hidalgo said.” We knew any chink in the armor was going to be dissected, so there are no chinks in the armor. We knew this was the be-all, end-all for us. Colin came in around 220 pounds; he lost all that weight last year because he was recovering from three surgeries. And now he’s 230, a solid 230, and he’s eating perfectly.

“I would just ask any team wondering anything about Colin: Come and see him. Come to the gym. Talk to him. They’ll see he’s in as good shape as a quarterback can be in. He’s ready to lead a team.”

The Seahawks would certainly make sense on many levels. They saw him frequently when he was at his best with the 49ers. Current backup Trevone Boykin has had continued legal issues this offseason as well.

If Hidalgo’s picture of Kaepernick’s current situation is accurate, then whatever team he signs with could be getting a solid quarterback on their roster. Given how few and far between good quarterbacks are in the league currently, the team that decides to sign him could get a steal.

53 responses to “Trainer says Colin Kaepernick preparing like he’s still a starting quarterback

  1. You guys just can’t accept nobody wants him.

    Too risky from an ownership perspective. Nobody wants the risk and liability on this clown.

    NOBODY to blame but himself

  2. You all need to stop picking on Trevon Boykin and his ‘legal’ issues. The ‘issue’ is a couple years old, should be resolved like 99% of them, with a plea bargain and the second issue was related to the first and didn’t do anything.

    Now, on a football level, The Seahawks don’t have a real b/u QB right now on the roster, so maybe they should look at Kaep, but then again it’s not like Russell is injury prone. He hasn’t missed a relevant snap in his career, even with the high school OLine the team gives him the last couple of years.

  3. Being a starting QB is not only about gym time.

    It’s the hours and hours of film and other study that is done when everybody else on the roster is already at home.

    This was never exactly Kaeps strong suit.

    Some are able to do OK in the league for a while based on natural talent alone-Kaep, Vick, etc but eventually it catches up with them. Defenses adjust quickly in the NFL.

  4. How much money is Kaepernick paying you to write 3-6 articles about him every day? Nobody but you cares about this kid. No matter how much you try to spin it, he just doesn’t have the talent to play in the league anymore. Same with Tebow. Same with Manziel.

  5. No one cares anymore about Kaep … for God’s sake he doesn’t need to be regurgitated into the sports page daily. No team wants him; he is not “entitled” to a job in NFL any more than I am!

  6. He’s got the kneel down perfect, now he is practicing running out of bounds and interception throws…

  7. How many Kaep articles a day do we really need? We know he’s still unemploy(ed/able), the constant reminders are unnecessary.

  8. is the physical training going to help him put touch on his passes or recognize defenses? how about looking for multiple reads, instead of one and run?

  9. If only Kap’s agent was doing as good of a job working with teams as the media is shoving this down our throats

  10. this guy’s been doing it five hours a day, five days a week, like he has a starting NFL job. And we don’t take days off.”

    I wish there was only five days in a week, then I’d only have to work three.

  11. Stay focused Kaep!
    What you are going through is but temporary!

    Fear, Racism and lies only last so long before they crumble down on weak foundations.

    Best of luck to you!

  12. He’s got to keep that knee it tip top shape…

    Krap has had one…single…average season. That’s it.

    Krap has bragged several times that he doesn’t need to study game film. So, he’s not a good QB AND he’s loaded down with baggage. A phony through and through.

  13. How do you prepare like a starting QB without opponents to be studying, starting WRs to be working with, schemes to be memorizing, and everything else involved with starting? Oh… he’s just training, like ALL QBs do? Gotcha.

    Glad he’ll never play again.

  14. ‘Trainer says Colin Kaepernick preparing like he’s still a starting quarterback”

    Too bad he doesn’t play like one.

  15. “this guy’s been doing it five hours a day, five days a week, like he has a starting NFL job. And we don’t take days off.”

    –apparently he does not know there are 7 days in a week

  16. One thing is certain: a person of color will be the victim of police brutality way before Kaep gets signed to an NFL team again.

    I’d love to see that never happen again. Also, thanks and respect to the many police officers who do the right thing, every day.

  17. kaepernick cam train all he wants as a starter.
    He’s still an idiot and nothing will change that.

  18. Let’s clear up one thing for the reading challenged commenters. The article says that Kaep trains five hours a day, five days a week. Nowhere in the article does it state how many hours a day Kaep trains the other two days a week. In grade school math class it’s called a word problem. The value for the other two days exists in a range that spans from 0 to 24 hours. Tomorrow we’ll delve into some science. (We’ll go slow so nobody falls too far behind.)

  19. I was worried that I wouldn’t get my daily Colin update today. Maybe tomorrow you can report on his preferences for training shoes…

    What are all the other out of work QBs up to today?

  20. Wow…another article on Kaep but not by Florio? He must be enlisting the other writers to ‘ghost-post’ for him.

    Who cares about him? It’s supposed to be about football. Everyone grew tired of him last year. Why don’t you cover real football stories.

  21. Just once, I’d like to see a trainer release a statement that says: “This guy’s completely out of control, he’s drinking 20 beers a day, eating fast food, and watching Law & Order reruns all day”.

  22. Training 5 hours a day in the GM. Kaepernick plays QB but trains like a wide receiver or running back. Its like he can’t get over that 2012 game vs Green Bay and seems to believe that if he can be a little faster and a little stronger he could do that to everyone and his remedial level passing skills won’t matter.

  23. Training the same way he was as a starter. I can buy that. A lot of weight room work and no film training, just like when he was a starter. Part of the reason he is no longer in the NFL.

  24. bannedfromchoirpractice says:
    May 17, 2017 10:07 AM
    One thing is certain: a person of color will be the victim of police brutality way before Kaep gets signed to an NFL team again
    More likely a cop will be killed in the line of duty before that, most likely protecting people regardless of color.

    The bad apples need weeded out, just like everywhere else, but we send these people into war zones and tell them don’t dare use your weapon unless you absolutely, positively know for certain your perp is armed, and even then we’ll run you through the wringer. After Nam all the hippies called our soldiers baby killers. Well now that’s frowned upon so they turn their ire onto cops. Just once I’d like to see these guys like Kaep go through a use of force seminar to see just how quickly things go from normal to code red. It ain’t like the movies.

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