Alex Smith has been in this situation before, gets it

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Alex Smith knows it can be an awkward dance. The good news is, he’s heard this song before, so he knows the steps.

The Chiefs quarterback admitted it was a little unusual for his team to have traded next year’s first-round pick so they could draft his eventual replacement, but promised to make things as normal as possible with Patrick Mahomes, while fighting to keep his job.

I’m at a different place than the last time I dealt with something like this,” Smith said, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star. “I get it. If any of us were the GMs, this is, maybe the most timportant position in all of sports, and it would be crazy not to be stockpiling talent. You’d be nuts not to. So I get it, right? I’m going into year 13.

“But at the same time, that doesn’t change my focus, right? I feel like I’ve got a lot of years left in me and still feel like I’m getting better.”

Of course, the parallels to his time in San Francisco are natural. The 49ers drafted Colin Kaepernick in the second round in 2011, and Smith held him off until he suffered a concussion in 2013 and never got his job back. Kaepernick led the 49ers to a Super Bowl, and Smith was on his way to Kansas City shortly thereafter.

But Smith’s older (33) and wiser now, and he can also defend his play. While he’s not a dynamic stats machine, the Chiefs are 41-20 under his careful watch, and he fits what coach Andy Reid has always done. But having had it happen to him before, he sees what’s coming, eventually.

“I’ve kind of been asked that a lot, and people kind of try to, like, bring that up,” Smith said. “Obviously, they took a QB early, and that scenario and everything that comes with that is similar. Other than that, this is a completely different coaching staff, a completely different team. I feel like I’m a much different player. So all of those are very different.”

In San Francisco, the coach who pulled the ripcord on him hadn’t drafted him and was ready to play his guy. In Kansas City, the same coach and General Manager who acquired him also acquired the new guy, so there’s a built-in buffer.

The end result might not be any different for Smith, but the way he and the Chiefs will get to that point will at least be easier.

7 responses to “Alex Smith has been in this situation before, gets it

  1. Good teams can man up on the outside and drop the safety’s down to cover underneath, that’s why Smith struggles in the playoffs.

  2. Good enough to beat up the raiders every game doesn’t equal good enough.

    Thanks and get out!

  3. One thing is for sure…Alex is a consummate pro and a great guy. He will do everything he can to help Mahomes (and the Chiefs) succeed.

    Here’s to him stepping up his game and making it difficult for KC to make that eventual decision.

  4. Andy Reid and Alex Smith are kind of in the same boat. The clock is ticking on both of their career’s. I know they need to get a better QB in there, but I’m guessing Smith is going to have his best year yet, if he stays healthy.

  5. KC would be fools to get rid of Reid, even if the Chiefs tank this season. I’d rather have consistent wins and no Super Bowl then to reboot what isn’t broken. Only one team wins every year, I want more but I’m happy with 11+ wins a year.

  6. For sure time to roll Andy out the door. What did Andy Reid ever do in the NFL? Thats right nothing. And dont be bringing up hiw he helped Brett Farve as a coach or the 4 straight NFC Championships and 1 Super Bowl loss to the Pats.

    Ok nevermind.

    Other than William Belly Check in Boston – what current coach would you rather have for your team?

    Again. 4 championships in a row and 1 super bowl loss.
    Maybe the leaguse has “passed Andy up” but i dont think so. If not a top 3- Andy is for sure a top 5 coach.

    Other than Billy Belly Chex there is no other coach id fire Andy for.

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