Rain delay: Inglewood stadium won’t open until 2020

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The Rams and Chargers are going to have to wait another year to be roommates.

According to Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times, the opening of the shared NFL stadium in Inglewood has been delayed by a year because of rain.

The $2.6 billion stadium was supposed to open for both teams in 2019, but record rainfalls during the excavation for the building pushed back the schedule.

“The continuing rains really knocked us for a loop,” Bob Aylesworth, principal in charge of the project said. “It was a very unforgiving two months for the project. And speaking from a building perspective, it really couldn’t have come at a worse time.”

The area received 15.4 inches of rain from November (when they broke ground) to February, which is double the normal amount.

Rams chief operating officer Kevin Demoff said if only one team were playing there, there’s a chance it could have been ready for at least parts of 2019, but they decided to push the whole timeline back a year.

The Rams will remain at the Coliseum in 2019, as their original lease had an option for that already. The Chargers will play another year in the 30,000-seat StubHub Center in Carson.

The stadium is scheduled to host the Super Bowl in February 2021, and league rules have said a new building can’t host the game in its first year.

57 responses to “Rain delay: Inglewood stadium won’t open until 2020

  1. Meanwhile a few hours up north Levi’s will be rocking on our way to SIX by then and we LOL #Nobodyhasitbetter

  2. 2.6 billion?

    Mark Cuban on line 1 with a big bag of ‘I told you so’

  3. Love that picture because Kroenke looks like Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther.

  4. Do you mean that in his first 100 days in office President Trump ended one of the worst droughts in history? The west has been dry for years….

  5. HA ! Stan cant buy something to make it stop raining. Im sure he is suing and firing someone for not stopping the rain. LA better hope nothing happens to Stan before the stadium is finished.

  6. Yea, I think your league has jumped the shark when you have a team playing in a soccer stadium

  7. Good. Stubhub will be the best viewing experience in the NFL. Not a bad seat in the entire place and super small. A Unique experience for 3 years.

  8. I dont know, but a 30,000 seat stadium sounds kinda cool, more intimate than the 80,000 seat monsters. I am sure the ticket prices will be way jacked. In the meantime, i’ll stick to my comfortable leather couch, wide Samsung HD tv, Bose sound, good friends over, meat on the grill and cold brew in the fridge and my dogs at my feet. Back in the day, I had a ball going to live games but this is so much simpler, relaxed, inexpensive and less time consuming. Too each our own.

  9. So the Chargers “Fight for LA” will continue in front of 30,000 fans for another year. Awesome. Couldn’t happen to a nicer family. A. G. Spanos is actually quoted as having said that the delay was okay because, “[the Chargers] have always been about the fan experience.” Wow. Three million people in metro San Diego might disagree.

  10. The Chargers bad decision to leave San Diego has begun to show bad results.

  11. A delay of this magnitude will have a major impact on the stadium costs. Just as well Stan has deep pockets because the delay will adversely effect all construction suppliers.

  12. B R U H, this is one lame excuse, and believe me, there will be more deadline push backs in the future.

    BTW, it rained that amount last week in south Louisiana

  13. So how fast you think they will get those league rules rewritten? That Superbowl will be where they want it when they want it.

  14. I’m confused as to how the stadium would be done in 2019 for one team, but because of those darned Chargers, it’s 2020?

    You need an entire year to add an extra locker room and 30 cubicle offices?

  15. The Rams will be playing on the road at home.

    The Chargers will be playing on the road at home.

    Who would want to bring their family to Inglewood?

  16. By comparison, Dodgers home games get rained out about once every 10 years. That’s how unusual this year’s amount of rainfall is.

    Oh, and Levi’s Stadium may have completed construction, but their turf is still among the worst in the NFL. It’s right up there with the Bears’ and the Steelers’ horrible turf. The Steelers at least have a real excuse for their poor conditions – they host tons of events and non-NFL games at that field. The 49ers’ excuse is incompetence.


  17. I TOLD YOU SO! Cali is brokee. The rain is a cover story for the strangling California and L-a-L-a-Land building codes and local EPA regulations. This Spanos/Fabriani “re-location” is unraveling. L.A. can’t support 2 NFL teams because there are too many other entertainment options like Disneyland, Universal Studios, L.A. Dodgers, L.A. Angels, USC Football, UCLA Football, L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers, L.A. Rams, L.A. Kings…and the beach with a few Corona Lights. The Spanos/Fabriani mob should reverse course and head back to Qualcomm. The NFL would love it and help Spanos cut his losses. Tell the fans you made a mistake and get on with making the playoffs.

  18. No respect for Spanos, but I have a feeling the Chargers’ temporary setup is closer to the long-term future of the NFL than is the new L.A. stadium.

  19. I bet kroenke is talking to himself sating damn it dean spanos is already dragging us down.I bet he has regrets dealing with spanos.

  20. This is a smokescreen to get more time to evaluate chargers in LA and the rams to get competitive.I bet the chargers nimbers of psl’s is well below what they want in the new stadium.scalpers wont pay for psl’s.this proves scalpers were the ones buying the season tickets at stubhub.

  21. It’s interesting that the Vikings stadium was built for half the cost (still a boatload) in half the time and through two subzero winters. Are construction workers in LA afraid of the weather?

  22. Chargers will either have crawled back to San Diego or moved to some other city by then. NFW that LA is going to support 2 teams – they’ll have a hard enough time finding support for one team. At least the Rams finally got rid of Fisher, that’s a start towards rebuilding a local Rams fan base. But there’s ZERO love for the Chargers in LA, and with the Rams back in town now, little hope that they’ll gain any. Especially if they keep sucking like they’ve been doing for as long as anyone can remember.

  23. The awesome new stadium will be worth the wait. The Vegas stadium and Los Angleles stadium may be opening around the same time. Los Angeles should have a first class NFL stadium, and they will. The new stadium will be sold out to see the two teams that represent Los Angeles.

  24. Will Los Angeles even be part of the United States by 2020? I guess rodger will get his wish to move as many games out of the U.S. as possible.

  25. 15.4 inches of rain over 4 months? It’s a wonder stadiums ever got built in MN, Seattle, NY, or anywhere else. Even so, they can’t work longer days and/or weekends to catch up for the delays enough to push them back an entire year? Seems ridiculous.

  26. Wow, most of you are not aware that the majority of Cali went from years of extreme drought to a series of 10 year peak rainfall wvents infour months. given the soil in most places in the LA basinare predonimantly sandy composition, that means soil failure, landslides, and a general mess. it’s happened all over the state. roads washed out to erosion or steep slopes failing out onto the pavement. google pfieffer canyon bridge. its columns buckled from the rains and sediment. it’s really real.

  27. kevpft says:
    May 18, 2017 4:14 PM
    No respect for Spanos, but I have a feeling the Chargers’ temporary setup is closer to the long-term future of the NFL than is the new L.A. stadium.


    Works out for san diego.fs investors is trying to build soccer city at qualcomm stadium site with stadium for mls expansion team.they also plan to put acreage aside for a possible nfl stadium

  28. scrimshawturtle says:
    May 18, 2017 2:03 PM
    So the Chargers “Fight for LA” will continue in front of 30,000 fans for another year. Awesome. Couldn’t happen to a nicer family. A. G. Spanos is actually quoted as having said that the delay was okay because, “[the Chargers] have always been about the fan experience.” Wow. Three million people in metro San Diego might disagree.


    Exactly ,but san diego county metro is closer to 4 million than 3-million.

  29. Im calling it now!History is gonna repeat itself.In next 5-7 years chargers will end up back in san diego.Nobody wants them in LA otherwise more than 150 people out of a metro area of 20 million people would have showed up at their pep rally in inglewood when they moved there ro welcome them.dean spanos is delusional if he really thinks he is wanted up there.he and chargers players were booed at staples center for a clippers lakers game.there in NO BUZZ.

    The only reason they sold out stub hub which doesnt even hold half of what qualcomm stadium holds is because scalpers Invested in season tickets to re-sell them.I know of several agencies that did so.stub hub center will be full of visitng fans teams fans and it will prob be a raider homegame even qorse than in san diego being in raiders fanbase backyard in LA.plus raiders being so close in vegas is gonna hurt too.rams will outdraw them with ram fanbase being happy fisher is gone as well.get your popcorn because its gonna be entertaining watching spanos reaction.

  30. Silent Stan the country bumpkin from Missoura
    looks like he got that trench coat, tie, and sunglasses
    at the local Columbia, MO Walmart. What a tool.

  31. Well the foundation for the stadium is nearly 3 million square feet. I’m not sure how deep they are digging it but I think most of the first level of the stadium is essentially in a pretty deep hole, that doubles as a lake at times.

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