Reggie McKenzie: We’ll do everything to get Derek Carr signed

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A report this week said that Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is frustrated that talks about a new contract have not moved along as quickly as he hoped and that there’s been “no significant communication” with the team to this point.

Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie was asked about contract talks with Carr during an appearance with J.T. The Brick on 95.7 The Game on Thursday and said he didn’t feel any strain from Carr regarding the way things are unfolding.

“I see Derek every day. We have a great relationship and communicate very well,” McKenzie said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “That’s not going to be an issue at all. As far as the contracts go, I don’t like discussing contracts outside these walls. I kind of keep that as my mantra, to keep that in house. But the bottom line is that we love Derek and we want to keep him. We’re going to [do] everything to make sure this contract gets done.”

None of that means that Carr isn’t eager to see things speed up at the negotiating table, but it’s only May and that leaves plenty of time for everyone to strike a deal that keeps smiles on all faces heading into the season.

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  1. As a close friend of the organization it strikes me that this is the year for them to win now. Derek is not quite yet an Aaron Rodgers-type where you can tie the cap to him and still have success. He may very well be down the line, but as of right now it is important to load that team up to compete in the event that Tom Brady suffers another “concussion”

  2. Carr = $27.5M/yr, 5 year deal.

    Mack = $21M/yr, 5 year deal.

    Welcome to cap hell. Your brief dynasty (no playoff wins or division titles in 15 years) is ovah!

  3. Carr is in very a grey area with his recent use of Forteo. When is the league going to decide whether to suspend him? – this would affect his contract negotiations.

    Forteo can only be legally prescribed for elderly female-osteoporosis patients. Sharapova was suspended for off-label Mildronate – a heart drug for the elderly. Theoretically, Forteo-abuse is not that different. Both are PEDs but just work on different timescales – whereas Mildronate boosts heart performance and thus immediate blood-oxygen, Forteo is an anabolic hormone that boosts thyroid performance and helps the body not just to repair bones but to strengthen them.

    You might argue that it’s ok in Carr’s case – but if his use is acceptable, how long before many players start artificially boosting their thyroids for any claimed microfracture? You must be made aware that Forteo is considered dangerous for both kids and young adults alike, and tinkering with thyroids can have mega-serious long-term consequences, hence Forteo is only legal for oldsters.

  4. Carr has his hand out. Mack is right behind him, with both hands out. Have fun with that.

  5. Does anyone actually believe that this deal won’t get done? It is a complicated negotiation and the agreement certainly has a large number of issues to iron out. It gets done as soon as possible, but it’s going to take some time.

  6. oh, so Silver, and his sources (who common sense says is not David Carr, who would in now way throw his brother under the bus) are 100% wrong……bottom line it’s just going to be just a matter of fact, and business as usual.

    Highest paid guy is Luck, and a few others (Palmer, Flacco, Cousins )who don’t have rings make on avg 23 to 24 million per…..most guys with rings avg around 22 per season, guys like Rodgers, Eli, Big Ben, Wilson, Brady, etc…. Carr is going to avg 5 years at let say 23 million = 115 million, and in good faith if you want to up him from his 1.7 cap number this year and give him an atta boy 5 million next year, he should sign a 6 year deal for $120……if you want to be real generous you can give him $130 max……or you let him play for his 1.7 this year, tag him next year for 23, get two years for 25, and then all the above guys along with Matt Ryan, Rivers, Winston, Marriotta, Bridgewater, Bortles, Brees, etc…where all these guys will have been, or will be UFA.

    2020 is shaping up to be the greatest UFA QB class ever. You can wait and see what all these QB’s get paid in that free agency period , but I prefer to take care of him now on a 6 yr for 120 to 130 but nothing more.

  7. The discussion STARTS with Andrew Luck money—he should hold out for 30 mil/yr (going into a new stadium at some point the Raiders cannot afford to lose this guy)

  8. “Everything”?

    They are in vegas now, where the oldest profession is legal. Sounds like a visit to a certain ranch is in order

  9. Reggie McKenzie came from the Packers school of signing players. He will get Carr signed, and they will not be in cap hell. Reggie just got them out of that, remember?

  10. @Joe Toronto

    When Carr gets his new deal, he will require a contract that projects 5 or 6 years down the road. Carr will not be playing for $21M a year as some of you suggest.

    Likewise, Mack will want Von Miller money plus.

    The Raiders have two players with exceptionally high ceilings. Either pay them or cut them lose.

  11. Carr and Mack are the faces of the Raiders. They will get paid what they deserve. Reggie ain’t letting them get away

  12. The Raiders are the “poorest” team in the league; It’s possible they don’t have the cash reserves on hand to meet the guarantees of a new contract for DC, let alone KM.

  13. I’m a big Carr fan but honestly, he wants Luck money and he is not quite at that level. Reggie and Carr both know that.

  14. It’s business, so any contract Carr signs requires smart strategic enforceable language that the Raiders (or any team) can use improve the team with a salary cap (it’s $167 million this coming season). Carr is 25th on the team in pay. He’s made literally less money in the first three years of his contract (combined) than the salary of every NFL starting QB last year. Yeah, he needs to get paid asap. When I think of the best QBs in football, one name I never put in the top 5 (or rarely in the top 10), I never consider their pay. Knowing that Eli Manning has made more money than Brady and Brees makes me know Carr needs to get paid big.

  15. arctantheta says:
    May 18, 2017 10:04 PM

    The Raiders are the “poorest” team in the league; It’s possible they don’t have the cash reserves on hand to meet the guarantees of a new contract for DC, let alone KM.


    There’s something to that. Guaranteed money must be placed in escrow once it becomes guaranteed. Which means the team will need to have a significant amount of cash available to sign Carr and Gabe Jackson, and then Mack the following year.

    MMQB predicted $70 mm guaranteed with a $40mm signing bonus for Carr. Add at least another $20+mm guar for Jackson and that means red headed Moe might need to have $100mm cash on hand to do those two deals…and then another $70 guar for Mack the next year. For a guy worth less than a billion, who’s also building a stadium, that’s a good chunk of change.I

    This could be why it’s taking so long…stalling the bill collector.

  16. I’m a big Carr fan but honestly, he wants Luck money and he is not quite at that level. Reggie and Carr both know that.
    Raider Nation doesnt know that. Carr is the GOAT, right?

  17. Maybe lil Tebow Jr. can pray and he will be rewarded with a new contract.

    Derek Carr might be the most overrated QB in the league. His big brother sucked as well.

    I can’t wait to watch this team play a 1st place schedule. They will absolutely suck and miss the playoffs.

    Book it.

  18. It’s fascinating how Carr has now replaced GOO REGGIE (who replaced Al Davis) as the Nayshun’s new daddy figure. I am glad that I know who my real father is.

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