Vance Joseph: Decision-making will be “biggest factor” in QB competition

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The Broncos aren’t putting a timetable on their quarterback decision and coach Vance Joseph says he’s “not opposed” to the competition running all the way up to the start of the season if that’s what it takes to make the call.

If it doesn’t, it will be because Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch makes the decision an easy one by showing a clear edge in making the right decision.

“I’d say decision-making is going to be a major factor in who wins the job,” Joseph said, via Albert Breer of “That’s the position in the NFL — the guy who makes great decisions with the football, not turning the football over, and the guy who lets his teammates play for him, that’s the guy I want to lead our football team. Obviously, ball placement in the pass game, the ability to get us into the best play, those things are important. But it comes down to decision-making — that’s the biggest factor in this decision I’m going to make.”

Joseph said Siemian has patience, confidence and “throws the ball where it should go most of the time” while his praise of Lynch focused on physical tools. That would seem to point to last year’s starter having an edge in the decision-making arena, but it’s one Lynch will get a chance to overcome in the coming months.

8 responses to “Vance Joseph: Decision-making will be “biggest factor” in QB competition

  1. As a Broncos fan, I’m rooting for the better QB that can get us the most wins. But there’s some part of me that really wants Siemian to continue to grow after watching him sling it for a full season last year.

  2. “I’d say whoever stinks least is going to be a major factor in who wins the job,” Joseph said

  3. Can’t wait. In an OFF season after losing a future HoF QB, the Broncos were still 9-7 and 8 points away from 11-5. They blew the Chiefs game with a lead at 2 minutes, and the Tennessee game they lost 13-10 was the difference. The Great John Elway went to work to fix the teams biggest weakness, the O Line. There will still be growing pains, but it should be improved overall….oh, and they still have the best defense in the NFL and a dominant home field advantage. The Broncos will be just fine.

  4. I like Siemian. Is he fantastic? I don’t think he’s fantastic. But is he good enough? I believe he is. He gets the job done. His stat line isn’t great, but I think if he shows improvement this season, there’s no reason to start Lynch over him.

  5. Fact: Trevor Siemian’s numbers as a first time starter were almost identical to Tom Brady’s first full season, and better than either Derek Carr or Kirk Cousins first seasons. So if it follows that players make a jump between their first and second seasons as starters, Siemian might be very good. Especially if the O Line is improved and they have a resurgence in the running game.

  6. This is crap. Siemian won the job hands down last year over Sanchez and Lynch. He is a solid, serviceable, qb, nothing fancy, but it should be Lynch’s job to win and not suddenly be on equal footing with Siemian, now demoted. Denver is clearly not treating this evenly and is milking the odds for Lynch, a number one draft choice (Trevor was 7th round) to be given the job. That sucks. So much for real competition!

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