Rams think as long as they win, fans won’t care about the stadium

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Are Los Angeles Rams fans frustrated by the news that the team’s new stadium will be a year late in opening? Not as long as they win.

That’s the word from Rams COO Kevin Demoff, who said he thinks the fans just want to see the team turn it around.

“The biggest thing that fans care about is that we play better football,” Demoff said.

The Rams are coming off a 4-12 season in their first year in Los Angeles and they haven’t had a winning record since 2003 in St. Louis, so the fans are certainly eager to see them win. Preferably before the new stadium opens in 2020.

49 responses to “Rams think as long as they win, fans won’t care about the stadium

  1. But to win you need a qb, and from what I saw last year they don’t have one on their roster.

  2. Good now broke and decaying city’s don’t have to fork over millions of dollar and fans be held hostage by greedy owners who tell us they need new stadiums to compete.. All they have to provide us with is a winning football team. Makes sense.

  3. They also thought it was a good idea to move to a city that had lost two teams had been without a NFL team for 20 years and didn’t seem to miss it.

  4. Interesting comment by “the mouth” as they stated they needed a new stadium in St Louis to be competetive and that the people in St Louis wouldn’t turn out to support them. I am sure the lawyers involved in the suit are taking note of this.

  5. Bold statement for one of the worst teams in the league thanks to Jeff Fisher.

    Fisher still doesn’t understand why he was fired.

  6. Kind of like the current administration and the “fans” that voted for it

    “as long as we tender a loud mouth, the sheep won’t care about draining the swamp….”

  7. So I guess what your saying is that the fans are going to be caring about the new stadium……

  8. Demoff is exactly right. If your team wins, all else pales in comparison. Nothing else will really matter. If the Rams should somehow miraculously turn into a winning team, all the stadium talk will quickly fade into the background and become a non-issue. Winning solves everything.

  9. The fans are going to have to be patient. It might take 3 years to become a winning team. The Rams have a good young QB, and Sean McVay is the right coach to turn him into the next Joe Montana. It took Bill Walsh 3 years to get to the super bowl, but he was 2-14 his first season, so be patient. Watch the progress.

  10. Rams–a pathetic franchise continually seeking taxpayers to bilk for new stadiums. Worse, their creativity to screw others for money is not only limited to stadiums. I remember when they moved to St. Louis–first franchise to come up with the novel idea of sticking it to the fans by requiring them to pay twice for a seat by requiring purchase of a “personal seat license” for a seat, and then an actual ticket for the seat. Hope they suck forever.

  11. Unless they have miraculously raised the greatest show on turf from the dead and found the fountain of youth to make them young again I don’t think their chances are very good this year.

  12. Vegas has the over/under at 7 – for ‘days until Roger gets this guy fired for daring to contradict the party line’.
    Everyone (in the owners club) knows fans’ demand for shiny new seats is what justifies blackmailing of local government(s) for billions.

  13. Pretty hard for the Rams to win with that bust QB they drafted last year….

    Goff is Jamarcus V2.0 minus the purple drank…

  14. bayousooner90 says:
    May 20, 2017 7:07 AM
    They also thought it was a good idea to move to a city that had lost two teams had been without a NFL team for 20 years and didn’t seem to miss it.

    Correction; Los Angeles didn’t ‘lose’ two teams, those teams were moved by greedy owners who got paid big money from other cities to move there. Much like what happened to other ‘bad’ football cities like Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, etc.

  15. I need a real seat with back support or there’s no way I could sit through a game. There’s no way I would go see the Packers with how bad their seats are.

  16. Honestly, water is the source of life. Football is just a game. The stadium’s delay is due to rain! In California! Beautiful!

  17. Carsons first game is in Denver at Sports Authority field. They’ll be 70,000 screaming Bronco fans. Carsons next game is “home” at the soccer field in Carson. I’m curious how the team will handle that. If Carson can beat the Broncos at home, they might have a good welcome in Carson City. But with 3 “home games” in a row. This re-location is unraveling.

  18. Good luck with that. It is LA. It is populated by some of the most shallow “me first” people on the planet. The hard core actual football/Rams fans would probably agree. But, those fans are outnumbered by the look-at-me drive-by ‘fans’ that couldn’t name 3 players on the team. Many will go to the games to “be seen” at the games and winning is necessary so those socialites don’t have to be associated with a loser. If the crowd size drops significantly then you can be assured that most of the fans in attendance are actual fans that are there for the Rams game.

  19. Meanwhile, I just saw Stan K. vomiting in a public bar toilet because the delay has caused him a years loss in all revenues from his stadium as well as significant increases in the costs of building his stadium. Have fun, Stanny!

  20. Apparently Demoff has never been to the LA Coliseum. Or he’s mentally ill.

    If this statement were true, why would Stan waste over $2b on a new palace? Just stay in the Coliseum, which has massive seating capacity and a central location. Throw a fraction of that cash at building a quality roster & hiring the right football people to build a winning operation.

    LA is headed for a train wreck. That town will not support 2 NFL teams, and there’s a decent chance they will (again) fail to support even one. Spanos is going to be looking for another home for the Chargers before the palace is even finished.

  21. He’s right. Winning is all the fans care about. The Raiders played in Frank Youell field for years. Great games were played there. Now, the fans and media just need to complain about everything.

  22. Oh right, just win. For the Rams that’s probably harder than building a stadium in time

  23. Ram’s issue isn’t McVay , nor the players, nor the fans. Its ownership. Without the owners passion for the sport and the desire to win it’s a bad situation. This has been played out by the other pro teams Kroenke and company owns. This is about ESK (Enos Stan Kroenke) and the disappointment that is and will continue to be the LA Rams, the Avalanche, the Nuggets, and Arsenal

  24. “Rams think as long as they win, fans won’t care about the stadium”

    [Ron Howard narrator voice]

    “They won’t win.”

  25. If it isn’t TMZ or Glee, nobody cares about the Rams in L.A.

    Just because you saw 30 persons wearing Ram jerseys means nothing, they were paid.

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