Juju Smith-Schuster went from fan to teammate of Antonio Brown


A year and a half ago, Juju Smith-Schuster was a big Antonio Brown fan. He still is, and he’s now also a teammate.

Smith-Schuster, the Steelers’ second-round draft pick, posted on Twitter today a screenshot of a message he sent to Brown in November of 2015, asking Brown if he could have any tips to improve his game.

“What’s up AB? I’m a receiver at the University of Southern California,” Smith-Schuster wrote. “I appreciate all your work. You’re a great man on and off the field. Do you have any tips that can help take my game to the next level? Thanks man.”

Smith-Schuster then posted a picture of himself and Brown working together recently at the Steelers’ practice facility. Smith-Schuster did not say whether Brown responded to the message a year and a half ago, but they’ll have plenty of time to work together now.