Browns owner “highly confident” the turnaround starts now

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The Browns have been rebuilding since the moment they were rebuilt in Cleveland, but owner Jimmy Haslam thinks this time, for real, the winning is about to begin.

Via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, Haslam thinks things are going to be much better this season (and they can’t really get worse after going 1-15).

“The difference between this year and last year in terms of feeling in the building is noticeably different,” Haslam said. “We were able to obviously to bring in some top-flight talent during the offseason, have what we believe to be a very successful draft and I’m highly confident that this will be the year when the Browns begin to turn around and perform at the level they should.

“I’m highly, highly confident we got the right guy to lead the ship, and that’s head coach Hue Jackson.”

The Browns sticking by Jackson is admirable, since they stuck him with a roster largely devoid of professional players last season. But Haslam said he’s been impressed with the way his coach has kept things positive, and Jackson didn’t have any interest in dwelling in the past.

“I don’t even want to talk about last year, what [foundation] was set, because a lot of stuff wasn’t set,” Jackson said. “I do feel better about [this year]. Our draft shows that we’ve put more quality talent on our team. I think it showed last year that our guys understood our process, and they worked hard. We just couldn’t seem to win because of it.

“Now, hopefully we have enough talent to where we can finish games and finish games better and finishing hopefully leads to winning. But at the end of day, all of this is about winning. It’s not about anything else. We need to see tangible wins in order for this organization to be moving forward.”

At least they have the confidence of ownership, because it’s likely to be a process that extends beyond the coming season.

26 responses to “Browns owner “highly confident” the turnaround starts now

  1. I hope he is right. The community and their fans deserve it. So do players Joe Thomas.

  2. The Browns are proof that when you turn it around for long enough the path follows a circle.

  3. I can see Jimmy H in his meetings with the front office folks every May, post draft. “We are not gonna be a losing franchise anymore… starting now… This time I mean it…”

  4. I also think they’re doing the right things. I still don’t think they win more than 5-6 games tops but another year of talent acquisition and maturing for a still very very young team and they could very well be playoff material in the 2018 season. But who knows, they have the softest schedule this year they’ve had in over a decade (which isn’t saying much as they’ve had pretty consistently top 10 rated season difficulty since being back in the league). They might be in play late in the season if Cincinnati and Baltimore struggle again. I’m excited.

  5. The Browns and Kessler shocking us all with a season opener win against the Steelers would be a nice start to the turnaround!

    Go Browns!

  6. Darin, this Steeler fan thinks you are wrong in your assessment. This is the year for significant improvement.

  7. I don’t think Hue Jackson is head coaching material but at this point what choice do the Browns have. If Cleveland doesnt make it to 8-8 this year I think they should find a seasoned ex-HC. Jim Swartz and Mike Smith come to mind.

  8. This guys a fool, but it would be nice if it was the case. The Browns are an old school team, that should be a hell of a lot better then what they’ve been.

  9. POS. He ripped off some of the hardest working Americans and small companies.

  10. We have heard this from this man since the day he bought the team. It was supposed to start years ago and we are still waiting……… how are we going to win with no QB by the way?

  11. The Browns have made significant improvements on paper. Last season, Kessler had a 92.3 QB rating, with 65.6% completions, 6TDs, 2INTs and 1380 yards in 9 games on a really crappy team. I’m not saying he’s the savior, but those aren’t bad numbers considering the complete lack of OL, run defense, and just about everything else a QB would need to be successful. I do have some hope.

    I think they need to stay the course and not have another house cleaning any time soon. They’ve cleaned house so often in the past 16 seasons, that it’s time to try a new system of consistency and stay with the coaches and players they’ve got.

  12. These poor Browns fans to have to be put through this.

    First the guy destroys the franchise with his greed and arrogance, and then he changes their uniforms and makes them very ugly, where before they were cool.

  13. It depends on how much production they get from QB. If their QB is bad, they will be bad. If their QB is ok, they can win 6-10 games.

  14. Anyone who believes a word this con man has to say I have a bridge to sell you.

    50 million under the cap last year. Since his PilotFlyingJ scam got busted he needed a new one, and that’s the Browns.

    In Roger Goodell’s National Integrity League its ok for an owner to use stolen millions as part of the funds to buy the team.

    Haslam should be in jail, not owning an NFL team.

  15. What about the starting QB last year that Hue thought had great potential and the Browns paid him $7-9 million(RGIII). Those Browns have never been able to judge talent and never will as long as they keep that front office and coaching staff: I feel sorry for you, Browns fans.

  16. Im very confident u will suck again. 1-15 and 0-16 coming up.

    Holy crap. Worst WRs and offensive talent in the history of the NFL.

    They will be lucky to average 14 points per game

  17. “The difference between this year and last year in terms of feeling in the building is noticeably different,”

    “The Browns sticking by Jackson is admirable, since they stuck him with a roster largely devoid of professional players last season.”

    “Throwing the season” is the term that is being hinted at. The Cleveland Browns released most of their veteran players then collected what seemed like half a billion 2017 draft picks prior to the 2016 season to position themselves to rebuild an entire roster in two seasons with high level draft picks. How many 1-15 teams get 3 1st round picks the following season. That’s not ineptitude or a poorly run franchise getting lucky, that’s by design.

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