Goodell still doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed

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At the league meeting two months ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed. Two months later, nothing has changed: Kaepernick is still unemployed, and Goodell still doesn’t think he’s being blackballed.

“It’s the same thing I said before, which is each team makes individual decisions about how they can improve their team. And if they see an opportunity to improve their team I think they do it. They evaluate players, they evaluate systems and coaches, and they all make those individuals decisions to try to improve their team,” Goodell said.

Goodell said he hasn’t given any thought to having a conversation with Kaepernick.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to speaking to him but I haven’t,” Goodell said. “It’s certainly something that I could do but it’s not something I’ve thought about.”

The NFL has taken a lot of criticism over Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, but Goodell sees no reason that he needs to get involved.

78 responses to “Goodell still doesn’t think Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed

  1. He also did not see the tape of Ray Rice hitting his fiancé until everyone else saw it…

    He also puts player safety ahead of everything else unless it makes the league more money (Thursday night football)….

    He also was unaware of the whole concussion issue until just a few years ago….

    He also destroyed the spygate tapes because that’s what is typically done with evidence….

  2. “It’s certainly something that I could do but it’s not something I’ve thought about.”

    Translation: This is my political answer, but personally I wouldn’t want to help this poor soul one bit.

  3. So what if he getting black balled? Who cares. It’s a franchise’s prerogative to do so. Krapernick is so bad, he got beat out by Blaine Gabbert. Krap should retire out of embarrassment.

  4. If Kap was thought to be a decent player he would be employed. he has made millions need to worry about him now.

  5. You tell me, is not wanting this guys baggage the same as blackballing him. I think not, he is not the first player to carry baggage and no team wants them………

  6. Colin Kaepernick has every right as a free American citizen to kneel during the National Anthem and every NFL team has a right to not sign him because of it of they so decide. If we are to protect the rights of one we must protect the rights of all and if that means Kaepernick is getting “Blackballed” then so be it. One should consider the consequences of their actions before they decide to see them through.

    As for the NFL getting “a lot of continued criticism over Kaepernick’s continued unemployment ” I dont think it has come from anyone that actually matters.

  7. I don’t understand why this is still a story. I think it’s very clear Kap IS being black-balled by owners. I also think it’s very obvious as to WHY they are black balling him. Kap has the skills to contribute to a NFL team but his personal tactics rubbed some fans (and owners) the wrong way. That represents the potential loss of business and money to the owners. They don’t think his potential contribution to winning games outweighs the PR headache.

  8. Define “Alot”…. really the only ones I’ve seen complain are the usual voices that complain about things they feel is not “PC”. It’s nothing out of the lines of daily life of selected members of the community. Really, I only see or hear it from this site more than any other….even Spike Lee gave up.

  9. Hes not being blackballed. The NFL has shown that teams will take a risk on any player that can help them win relative to affordability. He just isnt the player he used to be, his best attribute was his athleticism and he let his condition/physical strength deteriorate. His asking price, Conditioning and the potential distraction are working against him. This isnt Joe Montana in his prime were talking about..

  10. What in the name of football does Goodell have to do with it? It’s not up to him to decide to add him to a football team anyway. And, if it turns out to be true that he is indeed being blackballed, I’m glad!

  11. This is getting old. If he had talent like Aaron Rogers or any of the other Tier 1 Qb he’d be writing his pay check. The truth is for a backup QB like himself he’s not worth the distraction he’ll bring to a team.

  12. You could have just stopped at “Goodell still doesn’t think.”

    And when did “blackballing” someone become synonymous with practicing enlightened self interest? Blackballing denotes a level of collusion for the good of the sport that in this instance the owners could never reach. Don’t kid yourself, whether it was Kaepernick, Hitler or Charles Manson if they played like Rodgers, Brees or Brady there’d be more than one owner willing to be ‘open to different outlooks’ and ‘celebrate a culture of inclusive diversity.’ It’s simple, in Kaepernick’s case the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

  13. Who is asking for Goodell’s opinion?

    Why would he need to get involved anyway? Blackballed or not, if teams don’t want to sign the guy, then that’s their right.

    He’ll probably end up blackmailing a team to sign him, like he had to do to the Rams so they would sign Michael Sam.

  14. The NFL has taken a lot of criticism over Kaepernick’s continued unemployment

    By the leftist media, not the fans. Sort of the same in politics, you represent the minority. Owners know this and don’t care what you think.

  15. Who besides PFT is criticizing the NFL because Kaepernick is unemployed?

    The guy is not on a roster because he is a one trick pony and now even that one pony kind of sucks COMBINED with the fact that he is not worth the headache of the media circus that would follow.

  16. If he was viewed as a franchise quarterback, he would be on a team right now. Stop. Please, just stop.

  17. To imply that Kap has been blackballed would mean that all 32 owners and/or GM’s got together secretly and collectively decided that none of them would sign him. Let that sink in for a minute….

  18. Who specifically has criticized the NFL for Kap being unemployed?????

    Did the 32 owners have a meeting and all decided not to hire Kap???? That would be blackballing.

  19. Just watch pats will lose draft picks over this. Lmao
    pats fan was going to post this, thought I would get it out of the way.

  20. Is that what we’re supposed to think?

    Seriously, if you bring non-football attention to yourself and don’t have game breaking ability at a position where only 1 person is on the field in that position at all times it really shouldn’t be considered being “blackballed” when you aren’t signed.

  21. Any word on all the other ‘blackballed’ players that were let go? How about all the players being ‘blackballed’ when they start making cuts? Can we have daily updates on them?

  22. Kaepernick’s skills do not outweigh his baggage.

    End of story. Stop crying for this guy, he opted out a multi million dollar contract option with the 49ers! He is where he is because of his own decisions. Enough.

  23. What team would want to hire a guy that keeps people out of the seats? Honestly why would they want to hire a guy that cares about his activism more than what’s best for the team?

    I’m pretty sure he was warned before he started all the crap he did last year to bring attention to himself. It’s a team game, and he decided to blow that off to promote himself.

  24. Of course he’s being blackballed. He sucks and needs 2 porters to carry all of his baggage. Teams decided they don’t need all Krap’s krap.

  25. Neither does anyone else except for you, Kaepernick himself, and the handful of people that still hang onto the belief that his kneeling had more to do with protesting social injustice than it did sulking from having lost his starting job.

    Bottom line: if even only one GMs or owner thought he could get their team to the playoffs, he’d be on that team’s payroll right now.

  26. It is hard to tell one way or the other. We may have a better answer past early June, when the release of Tony Romo becomes official. If Romo stays retired, then we may well see more interest in Kap. Right now I think some teams that may be interested in Kap may want to wait until June 1.

  27. I see both sides. Are there worse QBs on teams right now? Yes.

    Is Kaepernick anything more than a backup? He could start on a bad team thats about it. Any decent team hes a backup

  28. If I was part of a team’s management, the reason why I’d not want Kap on my team ISN’T necessarily that he kneeled for the anthem and caused a furor, (it helps, but isn’t the end-all-be-all) I’d be worried about;

    1) His praise of Che’ Guevera, Cuba (Communism), and wearing pig-police socks (offensive antics), as well as the people he’s hanging with, including his girlfriend, as a whole, would lead me to question whether or not football is the most important thing for him anymore, and whether he’s become pretty radicalized in his beliefs.

    2) People talk about what interests them, what’s important to them, and I wouldn’t want Kap talking his ideas to my starting QB, or any other players.

    3) There would be a fear of “what if something happened in the news and he started doing his protests again?” The fans would be divided, and those who would want Kap released would be angry if he wasn’t, and might boycott the team, and those who wouldn’t want him to be released would be angry if he was released. You couldn’t win either way.

    So in a nutshell, there is potential for a great distraction to the team that is not worth the risk.

    4) Players who’ve signed, such as Ryan Fitzpatrick and Blaine Gabbert, are slotted according to their value – they are paid as either backups or third stringers, and you know they are going to be focused on football and won’t bring any distractions.

    5) Tom Brady transformed his diet in order to provide optimal nutrition, and it appears to have paid off, while Kap changed his diet for personal beliefs, and his body went from looking like Superman, and essentially being an intriguing physique for a QB, to looking weak and gaunt in comparison – and his play regressed. His physicality just doesn’t intrigue teams anymore. Essentially his greatest asset is gone.

  29. Didn’t he voluntarily opt out of his contract? This is like abandoning ship in the middle of the ocean and then complaining that nobody else will alter course to come pick you up.

  30. If he played better teams would be lining up to have him. But he’s probably 30 pounds of muscle lighter than when he was good and hasn’t played better than replacement level in a couple seasons.

    If he wants a job he’d better start releasing some video showing himself working out like a beast and then teams might be willing to take a look. But it’s very telling that beyond his trainer claiming he’s in great shape there’s been nothing to actually prove that assertion.

  31. OK, let’s shift the conversation a bit. For Kaepernick to play, there has to be a team willing to sign him.

    Which team will that be?

    Let’s hear from fans of each team the pros and cons of signing Kapernick to play for your team.

    I am a fan of the Eagles (yes, yes, I know). Here is my take on his possible fit with Philly. Other Birds fans are welcome to add your comments.

    1. Eagles gave up a ton to move up to draft and sign Wentz.
    2. decent rookie year, but the receivers provided little help
    3. they spent for Jeffery and Smith
    4. They drafted another WR and a Sproles-in-training with Pumphrey
    5. They signed Foles and McGloin as backups
    6. They signed Blount as a power back (we’ve heard that term in Philly, but have not seen one wearing green in decades).

    That’s an awful lot of cap space, leaving questions about defensive depth. And with little cap space, there is little “Kaep space”.

    At the first sign of struggle by Wentz, I expect the “play Nick (effing 27-2) Foles” chorus to begin. Was that wason ‘real’ or just part of the Chip Kelly circus?

    Lurie took a chance in signing Mike Vick; created a firestorm. He played decent early, but durability and ball security were his undoing (where have we heard THAT recently???).

    Lurie also gambled when he signed TO. Again, that worked out early, and became a headache later.

    Lurie probably took his biggest gamble with Chip Kelly. Perhaps you have heard of him, and that runaway success he brought to the team.

    In short, the Eagles are trying really hard to move on from an era of chaos. Adding a HOF-level media circus just to add a 3rd-string QB is simply not consistent with that drive toward stability.

    Eagle fans, did I get that right? Thumbs up if yes, thumbs down if no.

    That’s one team. Let’s hear from fans of the other 31.

  32. CBS grabbed Romo. FOX grabbed Cutler. Why hasn’t NBC and PFT put together a sweet package to hire this amazing football analyst? Because, like most other bleeding heart yuppies, they’d prefer to shame others (the NFL owners) into opening their checkbooks.

  33. I don’t understand why this site thinks Kaepernick just automatically deserves a job in the NFL because he made a misguided social stand. Nobody’s going to give him a job just because some SJW’s think he deserves it.

    If teams thought that his talent made up for the baggage and distractions that come with him, he’d have a job in the NFL. That’s been proven time and time again. And even if for once, every team in the NFL was blackballing a certain player, who cares? That’s the benefit of being an employer. You get to choose who you hire and who will represent your company. If they don’t want to hire a certain person, they don’t have to.

  34. blah..blah…blah….
    yea we know wingers…..kneeling….pig socks….Che’…..disrespect…..cancer…

    meanwhile you strike a ballot to drain the swamp…How’s that going??


  35. Why don’t people think Nick Mangold is being blackballed? A great player that currently is a free agent. Why is that??

  36. There is a time and place for everything. Kap picked the wrong time and most certainly the wrong place. I was never n my late teens in the 60s. Had long hair, a beard and those like me were considered outcasts. I never openly protested but I did call cops pigs when with friends. Love knew what would happen if I called them pigs to their face. I also understood why people viewed us as different. I accepted that and had a great time ( until I was drafted LOL )

    Nothing personal against the kid but no owner wants to take a chance of his team being separated along racial lines. The majority of players stay silent but you have to know this turned into a pick sides white or black thing. Nobody is going to risk empty seats with no fannies in them. After all , football is a sport and entertainment. When the paying customers don’t like the entertainment they stay away. Sounds naive but it’s pretty simple

  37. Kaepernick opted to use his platform to share his opinion and share a message.

    Not everyone agrees.

    The nature of his job means many will judge him by his ability on the field and the potential issues off of it, before they decide to sign him.

    We’ll see if he is still out of a job after the first wave of QB injuries.

    It is amazing that political speech, in this case a very unpopular opinion for NFL fans, may be a bigger negative than a criminal record.

    And remember, the Department of defense had to PAY NFL teams to take part in celebrations of the armed forces and our veterans. That is not something any NFL owner should be proud of.

  38. He is not being black balled, that would imply collusion, the fact is no one wants him because signing him will piss off half of their fan base. Simple as that, off to Canada with you SJW boy!

  39. I’ll ask yet again… Florio, PLEASE stop this stupid crusade. He’s not being blackballed. Does his political activity effect his marketability? Yes. Are there less accomplished QBs on rosters? Yes. I don’t think any of them are starting, and none of them have as much baggage that could offend fans as he does. If Cam Newton were fired from Carolina because of HIS political activism (very similar in many ways), he WOULD get snapped up in a New York minute. But, the possible fan fallout for Kaep only makes sense if he’s going to perform on the field. And for the majority of his short career, he hasn’t. this is a league in which Tony Romo couldn’t find a job as a starter. And he has accomplished SO much more than Kaep did at his best. If he couldn’t find a job, why on earth would Kaepernick have a chance? And why would anyone suggest his problems are the result of blackballing?

  40. The only crticism of the NFL over Kaepernick’s continued unemployment is coming from this website.

    CK made his choice, and now he’s living with the consequences. Newsflash to PFT and Kaepernick: that’s life. Don’t blame others for Kaepernick’s poor decisions.

  41. In his last sentence, the writer of this article seems to suggest that Goodell should do something. What, exactly?

  42. Kaepernick actually played pretty well behind that atrocious line in SF. All these commenters saying he sucks have probably never seen him play outside of the Super Bowl or the NFCCG, and he obviously played well in those games.

    But most of these Boomers commenting just listen to what they want to hear through their echo chambers and can’t form an independent thought for themselves. It is what it is though, same for Kaep.

  43. Kaep is a backup talent. Not many teams want a backup to be such a distraction.

    Pretty simple.

    Why is there some pressure to accept a backup attention monger who also happens to trash America in the most public way possible? Good for the ole US That no one is kowtowing to stupid pressure.

  44. qbarrel says:
    May 23, 2017 6:59 PM
    Neither does anyone else except for you, Kaepernick himself, and the handful of people that still hang onto the belief that his kneeling had more to do with protesting social injustice than it did sulking from having lost his starting job.
    No one thinks Krap was kneeling for social injustice. We all know he was just sulking. He had one, single, average season. Why does anyone think he was any good?

    Krap stinks!

  45. I think the question really is if he wants to play football. Kaepernick has demonstrated little to say he wants a job. And if he’s 190 lbs. again, that speaks volumes. I don’t blame teams for not pursuing a guy who seems to have lukewarm desire for the game.

  46. I say this as a free-speech loving lefty who didn’t really mind what Kaepernick did: suggesting that he is being “blackballed” is a huge problem.

    We’re not talking about finding a shift at the corner store for the neighbor’s kid as a favor. This is a quarterback spot on an NFL roster. What would you have Goodell do — pick a team out of a hat and demand they give one of their three QB spots to a guy they don’t think belongs on their team? There is this tendency to talk about “the league” with personnel decisions, but it’s not the league, it’s the individual teams making their own decisions about what’s right for them. This league is so competitive. Each team needs to be able to field exactly the roster it wants.

    I’m sure Kaep’s protests aren’t helping him, but if he were good enough, someone would take him, and, what’s more, if he were throwing three touchdowns a game, his team’s fans would overlook his politics. Tom Brady is friends with Donald Trump, yet he’s absolutely beloved by the most liberal state in America, because he brings them championships. That’s the way it’s always been, and the way it’s always gonna be.

  47. He should have been suspended without pay after first time he did it and there would not have been any more foolishness out of him

  48. Duder…. get a clue. Kaep did NOT play well behind that line. He misread the Ds constantly, zeroed in on his primary reciever every time, had terrible accuracy on balls over 10 yards and managed most of his “stats” in garbage time when teams just crowded the line and dropped everyone else intondeepnzones that he stillnhad a hard time finding guys open in. Every pass he threw was as hard as he could theow it leading to more drops that should have been and his scrambling was atrocious considering he pulled it down any time his primary was covered since he cant progress thru the progressions at all.
    Other than that, yeah….. he did well

  49. Kaepernick has the right to disrespect our nation. Owners have the right to employ or not employ who they want.

  50. I love this comment:
    The NFL has taken a lot of criticism over Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, but Goodell sees no reason that he needs to get involved.

    They have only taken criticism from a few journalists (mostly ones on this site). The fans are, for the most part , fine with it. We understand that it’s the Team Owners, GM and Coaches decision to hire or not hire who they want based on talent, attitude and other intangibles. If teams feel he would be a cancer to their organization then that is their decision to make. I wouldn’t expect one of my old bosses to start asking other companies why they haven’t hired me if I were out of work. This is just getting sad. People need to move on. If a team feels he can improve their team they will sign him. If not, he will need to look for a new career. Pretty simple.

  51. I have several comments.

    1) To those who say Kap just lacks talent, you aren’t accounting for the fact that he is being looked at as a backup in Seattle, not a starter, with the main backup, Boykin, being in legal trouble. Both of the current backups are undrafted guys, and while the Seahawks as a whole are a case study in why that doesn’t have to mean anything, Kapernick has the resume item of having actually taken a team to the Super Bowl. Talent and fit-wise he would be a very good player for what the Seahawks are auditioning him for, if only other issues aren’t deal-breakers.

    2) There absolutely are those who will boycott over it. In the past year every vet I’ve tried to talk football with has been turned off to the NFL as a whole because of Kapernick, with 2 of them boycotting football completely, and the third less interested in becoming a fan because of it. I didn’t even bring up Kapernick with the boycotters, I only brought up football. These are men of real honor, we are talking about here, not just a culturally prescribed assumption of honor to all military personnel, and especially not just some overly emotional whiners.

    3) I am not familiar enough with some of the players to have come out with issues that still got signed, but at least to me, repentance is more important than severity of infraction. People make mistakes. So far Kapernick has only said things to suggest that for PR reasons he might cease his protest. That said, I’m not sure what to think about my team possibly signing him. I don’t know if the immature antics of a backup I hope never to have to see on the field are enough to alienate me from my favorite team.

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